Casey Cup Award Winners

2017-2018 High School Award Winners

Congratulations to the following 2018 High School award winners:

  • Best Rookie: Jacob Decker
  • Unsung Hero: Jacob Van Every
  • Most Valuable Player: Jamison McLain
  • Most Improved: Brady Lorenz
  • Mark Walker Award (Leadership): Jacob Van Every
  • Morrie Anderson Scholarship: Taylor Houtz


All helmets used on the ice during USAH sanctioned events must be in good working order and HECC certified. Each certified helmet must have a current certification sticker affixed in plain view to the back of the helmet. Each sticker will have and expiration date on them. Helmets with expired stickers will not be allowed on the ice.

This includes all USA Hockey members--player helmets, referee helmets, and goalie helmets as well. Please check your equipment prior to the season starting to make sure you are in compliance.

Below is an excerpt from the regulations and photos of the HECC stickers that should be located on each helmet.

   "... (c) It is mandatory that all players (except Adults) wear a HECC approved helmet (including ear protection) with chin strap properly fastened.

       *(Note) HECC certification includes an expiration date on the sticker and a helmet that has an expiration date that has expired is no longer considered certified. The player may not wear a helmet that does not have a valid and current certification sticker. Players in the Adult classification must wear a hockey helmet (including non-HECC approved) with chin strap properly fastened. "


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