Maximum of 5 runs / inning per team.  If 5 runs are scored, the inning is over.  Last inning from any game is open.

15 players / team.  All players go to bat, 10 players in the outfield.

All players must be 30 years of age to play in the league.

The registration fee is $70.00 / player.

 Infield fly rule is in effect.  If they are runners on first & second base and an infield fly is hit with less than 2 outs, the batter is automatically out.

Absolutely no base leading allowed.  Runners can not step off the bag until the bat makes contact with the ball.

No tag up is allowed from third base.  A runner on third base can only score from a base hit made by the batter.

No bunting allowed.

Forfeit is not permitted.  If a team is short of players, the opposing team will lend players (if extra players are available) for both teams to have a game.  If no extra players are available, players from other 2 teams (if any available) can join.  No players not registered in the league are allowed to play at any time. 

Respect for the umpires is a MUST at all times.

Minimum games to be played by each player is 10, regardless if you work or not.  Only valid excuse has to be health issues.  If the minimum is not played, the player is not eligible to play the “Championship night” and will be replaced by a new player the following season.  NO EXCEPTIONS

No extra innings during the regular season, ends with a tie.  Extra innings will only be played on championship night.

A pinch runner must be the last batter out.  If nobody out in the game, the last batter on the lineup must be the pinch runner.

If a pitcher uses the “steel cage” as protection and the batter hits the cage, it’s a dead ball (no pitch) and the batter returns to bat.  Should there be any runners on any base, they must return to their respective base.

In case of cancellation because of weather, the game will be re-scheduled the following week and a double header will take place.

Players can not take a “summer off” and return the following season.  Only exceptions are health issues or injury.

Players are allowed to play in multiple leagues, including the Grand Falls Cataracts.

When playing a double header, the line up from game one must continue for the second game.  By doing this, every player gets an equal chance batting once both games have been played.

If a player misses a double header night, it will only count as 1 missed game towards the “game count” and not 2.