What does my registration fee pay for?
Okemos Youth Football inc. is a self-funded, all-volunteer organization. Expenses include: field paint and field lining services, purchasing/reconditioning player equipment (helmets, helmet decals, chin straps, shoulder pads, etc.),  purchasing/maintaining practice and training equipment (footballs, blocking dummies, etc.), certain facility costs, program insurance, officials for home games, a certified athletic trainer for all home games (and 7th/8th grade away games when possible), and more.

Why do we need to fund raise, aren't registration fees enough to support the program?
One of our primary missions is to keep our registration fees affordable for families. In order to accomplish this, OYF uses several revenue strategies including concessions, apparel sales, and one fundraising project per season.

Is there assistance available for registration fees?
Yes, such requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. All requests are handled with strict confidentiality. We ask those families participating to pay the registration fee at half-rate.

Does my player have to attend Okemos Public Schools in order to participate?
Yes, league rules mandate that players must attend the school district for which they play. For example, in the case of 'school of choice', if a player attends Okemos yet lives in Holt, that player must play for Okemos. If your player is homeschooled, but would naturally go to Okemos Public Schools, your player must play for Okemos.

What paperwork is required prior to my player being allowed to participate?
Registration and payment
MHSAA approved Sports Physical


What will my player need for the first week of practice?
According to MHSAA/League rules all players must complete a specific number of hours of conditioning before they are allowed to participate in any contact practices. Grades 4 through 7 must have a total of 8 hours, for Grade 8 it is 6 hours. Players should wear a tee shirt, shorts, and cleats. Also, it is mandatory that each player bring a large jug of water.

When are practices?
Practice times are from 6-8 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Coaches may choose to reduce times or days if they wish.

Where are practices held?
All practices are held at Chippewa Middle School, north of the tennis courts.


What equipment does OYF supply and what will our family need to purchase?
Okemos Youth Football provides helmets (including chin strap), shoulder pads, and a game jersey for the season. Players need to have their own football pants, practice jersey, mouth guard which attaches to the helmet (colored, not clear), and cleats.

Is there equipment available to borrow?
Yes (maybe), we have a limited selection of football pants and cleats available to loan. We are always looking for equipment donation as well.

Do you have practice jerseys for purchase?
We do sell practice jerseys for $10 on equipment issue day. Game jersey cannot be worn in practice!

Can players wear their jersey to school?
We encourage all players to wear their jersey to school on the Friday before a game weekend. A reminder to all players, whether you are wearing your jersey or not, you are an Okemos Chieftain football player. With that, you are expected to carry yourself in a manner that represents your family, your school, and your team in the best way you can. That includes doing your absolute best in school!

Can my player select his own number?

What Style Of Cleats Should I Purchase?
Either rubber molded or ½” screw in styles are acceptable. While soccer/lacrosse cleats may be used, we encourage families to stick with cleats that are made for football. Baseball cleats with metal spikes are not permitted.

Can My Player Use His Own Helmet/Shoulder Pads?
Yes, as long as the equipment meets the NOCSAE standard. To insure the safety of our players, players are required to bring any privately purchased equipment to our equipment night for inspection and to insure a proper fit. Helmet decals are provided at no additional charge.

Who do I contact if my player has a problem with their equipment?
Begin with your Coach. If it is a simple repair, all of our Coaches are provided with kits to resolve most minor issues. If there is serious damage, or it is a fit issue, your Coach will direct you to an OYF Official to address the problem. Coaches are not allowed individual access to our equipment room. Players requiring a visit to our equipment room must be accompanied by two adults, an OYF Official and a Coach or parent. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.


What times/days are games played?
Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays.  Okemos plays home games on Sunday.

Games can begin as early as 9 a.m. Generally, the younger levels play earlier in the day, progressing through the older levels. The latest games are played is usually 4 p.m. Game times are affected by the availability of venues in each community.

How many games are played in a season?

  • 8th Grade generally play 8 games
  • 7th Grade generally play 7 games
  • 4th/5th/6th Grade generally play 6 games

When does the schedule come out?
The League does its best to have the schedule available seven to ten days before the first game. The first game for 7th & 8th grade will be on the weekend prior to Labor Day. 4th/5th/6th grade will begin the weekend after Labor Day. There are no games Labor Day weekend.

Our league performs all scheduling; no community has specific influence concerning the finalized schedule. Every effort is made by the league to accommodate the convenience and situations of our families, this includes avoiding the scheduling of games during MSU Football home contests.  While communities do make requests, such requests are only honored in consideration of the league's best interests as a whole.

Where can I find the schedule?
The official schedule used by Okemos Youth Football Inc. will be posted on the program website at and also with the league.. This is the only official source for schedules for OYF. Any changes to schedules will be posted here only. Each team has their own page, which shows times and also provides links to maps for facilities at other communities for away games. Use any other reference at your own risk.

What teams/communities do we play?
The Capital Area Youth Football League consists on the following communities:  DeWitt, East Lansing, Grand Ledge, Haslett, Holt, Lansing Catholic, Lansing Quakers, St. Johns, Waverly.

Why do we play certain communities multiple times during the season?
Several communities field multiple teams at the various age levels. While your team may play a community more than once, you will not play against the same team more than once.

Where are games played?
Home games are played at Chippewa Middle School, Chippewa Stadium. Maps to all league communities can be found on the website.


Who should I contact if we have a problem concerning our player (playing time, player's position, etc.)?
The first place to start with any issues concerning practice attendance, playing time, etc., is with your Coach. Many times problems or misunderstandings can be resolved with a short conversation with your Coach. We urge our families to recognize that all of our Coaches are volunteers. They provide countless hours of their own time and do their best to provide a positive experience for our players and families. If you do have a criticism or concern it is best to avoid addressing your Coach directly before or after a game. If you are not satisfied with the results, you may contact any OYF Official/Board Member. However, the first question you will be asked is if you have spoken to your Coach about the problem.

Who should we contact if we have a problem/question about non-team related issues (fundraising, photos, apparel, etc.)?
You may contact any OYF Official/Board Member. If they unable to answer your question, they will direct you to a person who can.

Are players allow to ‘play up' (to play in an older age level) rather than their actual level?
The simple answer is NO!

Players are not allowed to ‘play up’ based solely upon athletic performance. If it is determined that a player may pose a safety risk to other players in their designated age group, OYF may determine to move that player up to the next older level. League rules prohibit players ‘playing down’ to a younger grade.

What happens if there is inclement weather during practice/games?
The CAYFL follows the guidelines laid out by the MHSAA. Specifically, if thunder or lightening is noted, practice or games will be suspended for 30 minutes from the last instance experienced. 

How do I volunteer?
Once our schedule is posted on, ‘Home’ games will include links for you to volunteer for gameday positions. Among the role we need help with are: Concessions, Chain Gang, Scorekeeper, and Public Address. OYF Official are there to help with any questions gameday volunteers may have.

Where can I find a copy of the league rules?
A copy of the most current rules can be found in the Parents corner Section of this website

For Compliments/Complaints contact the Okemos Youth Football Board Chair

Player Safety


OYF Commitment to Player Safety


Our program is dedicated to protecting your athlete. We know that safety comes first — both for the players on the field and their parents on the sidelines. Our coaches are trained in the Heads Up Football injury prevention program and first aid that results in an injury rate either equal or below other youth sports. On home game days, a certified athletic trainer is on our sidelines to take care of your athlete. It's important to us that you as parents feel that youth football is being taught the right way and that you feel confident about your athletes safety.