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The Naperville Yankees were formed in the fall of 2001. Members of the Cary Yankees 18+ team joined with the Naperville Cubs to play in the Naperville Fall League. Anthony Diamondis (1st year member of the Yankees in 2001) was manager of the Cubs, and continued as Yankee manager for fall 2001.

Once again, the Yankees entered a team in the Naperville Fall League for the 2002 season. Doug Richards (6-year member of the Cary Yankees) took over as manager.

Beginning the 2003 Spring/Summer Season, the Yankees entered the Chicago Central MSBL with a 28+ team. A few team members still played with the 18+ Cary Yankees - and have remained affiliated with them through the 2008 season. The Yankees did not enter a team in the Naperville Fall league.

After the 2004 MSBL season, the Yankees entered a team in the Glen Ellyn Fall League.

The 2005 MSBL season found the Yankees taking a year off from fielding a 28+ team, and entering their first team in the 38+ division. Many players from the 28+ Naperville Yankees went on to play with the 18+ Cary Yankees. This would also be the final year in the Glen Ellyn Fall League.

In 2006 - The Naperville Yankees once again entered a 28+ team in the Chicago Central MSBL along with thier 38+ team.....where they have played to date. Also, the Yankees have returned to the Naperville Fall League where they have played to date.

The 2009 Season finds the Yankees once again breaking new ground entering a team in the 48+ Division (which lost in the Champinship to the Lugnuts). Giving the Naperville Yankees teams in the 28+, 38+ and 48+ Division of the Chicago Central MSBL.

2010 season marks the re-alignment of CCMSBL Divisions to conform to the National age restrictions. Now Division will be 25+, 35+ and 45+. For the 2010 season the Yankees have dropped the 25+ team and will field teams in just the 35+ and 45+ Divisions.

Along the way, the Yankees have played in the Windy City Blowout Tournament (2004 and 2009) and the Fourth of July Tournament (2005).

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