2018 Committees

Field Committee: Chairman - Tony Carr
1 Rep from ABD & MANSFIELD must be present

Appeals Committee: Chairman - Fred Robinson
Edwing "G"  & Nicey Hall

Draft Committee: Chairman - Anthony Chance
Scooby and Fred

Schedule Committee: Chairman - Verenice Hall & Corey Ellis
1 Rep from TCU & DHNS must be present

Weigh-in Committee: Bumpy Thomas
Scooby & Edwin "G"

Coaches certification Committee: Chairman -  Anthony Chance
Fred & Skinner

Elections Committee: Chairman - Bumby
Corey & Como Director

NTYFA Camp: Chairman - Anthony Chance
Tony Carr, Riverside Dir, ABD Dir

Playoffs/Trophies Committee: Chairman - Richard Pippins 
RS Director & Northside (Lakeworth) Director

7 on 7 Committee: Chairman -Anthony Chance
Richard Pippins, Corey, Mansfield Director, & TCU Dir

Bylaw Committee: Not a bylaw year