2018 Women's Softball League Rules and Regulations


2018 Women's Softball League Rules and Regulations

1. Player’s eligibility.

A. Must be 16 years of age are born prior to/or in the year 2002 and not eligible to a to participate in the Jesse Collyer youth sports league.

B. A roster limit of 25 players will be allowed. Once a roster has reached 25 players, a roster is closed. (I.e., a player cannot be deleted, two and a new player, once the maximum number of players has been reached on the roster). Each roster must have a minimum of five Ossining residents. You may add a player to the team at any time. Out of town teams are eligible but must pay the out of town fee.

C. The penalty for use of an ineligible player shall be forfeiture of any game the player had participated in.

D. If the players name appears on two or more rosters, she will be committed for the entire season, to the team she first played with.

E. To be eligible for the playoffs, a player must play in 5 of the total regular-season games played.

F. If a team is dropped from the league during the season, players on the team shall be subject to draft by other teams, in reverse league standing at the time of dismissal.

2. Entry fee.

A. This will be $375, made payable to the Ossining Recreation and Parks Department. Out of town league fee will be $475. All fees are to be paid in full before the start of the season.

3. Games.

A. Seven players are needed for the game to begin. A minimum of seven players is required to finish a game. If seven players are present, the game must be started. When the eighth, ninth or 10 players arise, they must be immediately placed at the end of the lineup in the order of their arrival. The second game on the lighted field will be scheduled for 8:30 p.m. If the first game runs past 825pm, the second game will begin. 10 minutes after the end of the first game. There will be no grace Period.

4. Playing regulations.

Games will be played in accordance with ASA rules. The following exceptions to the rulebook are:

A. Crash rule: when a defensive player has the ball, and is waiting for the runner, and the runner remains on her feet and crashes into the defensive player, the runner is declared out. The runner has the option to slide into the base or stop running to avoid collision or retreat in the opposite direction. To avoid collision. The runner is out, the ball was dead, and all other runners must return to the last base touched at the time of the collision. If the act is considered flagrant, the offender shall be ejected.

Example: the catcher has received the ball, and is waiting to tag the runner attempting to score. The runner deliberately runs into the catcher with great force, causing her to drop the ball.

Ruling: the runner is out; she is ejected if the act is flagrant.

The ultimate decision as to whether the player has possession of the ball or the runner attempted to slide, ECT. Lies solely with the umpire making the call.

B. 13 run rule: after the losing team has batted in the fifth inning, it then becomes an official game. The team leading by 13 or more runs is declared the winner. (Teams must have an equal amount of at-bats). There is no 13 run rule in the playoffs.

C. Bunting: Bunting will not be allowed. A bunt is a topped ball, not swung at the intentionally met with the bat and topped slowly within the infield. The ultimate decision as to whether the player bunted or not lies with the umpire.

Penalty: the batter is out, and all runners on base must return to the base the last occupied at the time of the page.

D. Base-running: stealing will not be allowed. Stealing is the act of the base runner attempting to advance during a pitch to the batter.

Advancing a base on a passed ball will not be allowed. Passed ball is a legally delivered all that should have been held all controlled by the catcher with ordinary effort. 

A player will be allowed to leave the base when the Ball is pitched. The base runner is in jeopardy of being forced out. Prior to re-taking the base. On an overthrow the base runner must re-tag the base.


There are three major parts to a modified fast pitch delivery: the starting position, the back swing up to the top of the windup, and the forward swing down to and through the release.

The pitcher MUST:

Must start with both feet on the rubber.
Have their hips and shoulders fully square to home plate.
Pause while holding the ball in front of the body. (The ASA requires a 1-to-10 second pause before the pitch. However precedent is for only a brief but distinct pause. The intent of rule is to prevent the pitcher from gaining unfair momentum for the pitch, or "quick-pitching" a batter.)

The pitcher MAY:

Hold the ball in either the glove or the pitching hand.

The pitcher MUST:

Start the back swing directly out of the paused position.
Move the pitching hand backwards to start the delivery.

The pitcher MAY:

Take the ball behind the back, outwards (within reason), or over the head during the back swing.
Bring the arm above the shoulder line.
Lift their front foot high off the ground.
Slide or drag the pivot foot, so long as it remains in constant contact with the pitching rubber.

The pitcher MAY NOT:

Step backwards or sideways off the rubber.
Use a "rocker" motion to start the windup.
Use a :windmill" motion. (In a windmill motion, the back swing and delivery are in one continuous circular motion.)
Use an obvious "slingshot" motion - bending the elbow AND rotating the body significantly towards first or third base.  (The intent of the rule is to prevent a pitcher from using significant forward motion of the hands to gain momentum for the back swing. Many pitchers have a small forward hitch in their hands prior to the backward motion. This is OK) All pitchers bend their elbows and turn their bodies to some extent. In an illegal slingshot, these movements are very pronounced so as to allow the pitcher to "whip" the ball around. 
There is no limit to the height of the back swing.
Pitching hand cannot go further than 6' from the thigh.


The pitcher MUST:

Deliver the ball in a full underhand motion. (Sidearm pitches are illegal.)
Release the pitch on the first forward movement past the hip.
Roughly square the shoulders to home plate at the point of release. (No pitcher squares the shoulders fully at the time of release, owing to the effects of the stride. The intent of rule is to eliminate cross-body slingshot deliveries.)
The pitcher MAY:

Take one forward step. The foot must come down within the 24" width of the pitching rubber.
Throw any legal softball pitch such as a curve ball, drop ball, slider, knuckle ball, etc. (Needless to say, spitballs, foreign substances, 'scuffballs', and the like are illegal.)
Point the palm downward upon release.
The pitcher MAY NOT:

Have the ball significantly outside the wrist during the downswing and release. (Sidearm pitches are illegal.)
Use a crow-hop delivery. A "crow hop" is defined by the ASA as jumping off the pitching rubber and re-planting the back foot before releasing the ball. It effectively shortens the distance to home plate and is illegal in all forms of fastpitch.
However, it is legal to "leap" off the rubber during the delivery so long as the pitch is released while in the air and the pitcher does not re-plant the pivot foot.)


If pitcher is removed, the new pitcher must complete pitching to at least one batter

F. Courtesy runners: each team will be allowed three (3) courtesy runners per game, which must be designated prior to the start of the game. A courtesy runner must be used each time they reach base throughout the game. The last out shall be designated runner, each time the courtesy runners used.

G. All lighted field games are official after 5 innings, have been played. 

H. The intentional walk rule has been modified. You no longer need to pitch to the batter you intend to walk. The pitcher just needs to inform the umpire and the batter is given first base.

5. Insurance.
A. All players participating in the softball league do so at their own risk. Each player is required to fill out a form releasing Ossining and its recreation Department from any responsibility for injuries incurred in the game.

6. Protests.

A. Protests are made on the eligibility of a player or on the umpire's interpretations is a rule only, not on an umpire's judgment. The opposing manager before the end of the game must make protests on the eligibility of a player. All other protests must be made at the time of the question and before the next pitch is delivered. If the game ends on a play or ruling and is protested, the protest must be made before the umpire leaves the field. The scorekeeper shall record, all pertinent data at the time of the protest: inning, team at bat, number of balls, strikes and outs, players on base, score at the time, names of all umpires and date of the game. Protests will be made by team manager/captain and must be filed in writing with the recreation Department within 48 hours after the protested game, accompanied by a protest fee of $25,to be returned if the protest is upheld. Burden of proof lies with the protesting manager.

B. Protest committee will be made if necessary

7. Forfeits; game time is forfeit time.

A. The team that forfeits will incur the $60 umpire fee. The fee must be paid to the umpire on the night the forfeit occurred.

8. Umpire's Responsibilities and Authority.

A. Umpires assigned have been approved by the recreation Department.

B. The umpires shall have complete control of the game with the right to eject players, managers, and any other persons associated with 18. Ejected person has one minute to leave the field of play; the field of play is defined as the bleachers, playing area adjacent to the playing field.

C. Failure to hear to this rule will result in forfeiture of the game.

D. Ejected player (S) shall sit out the next scheduled game.

9. Ejection and suspension.

A. No jewelry shall be worn by any player, participating in a game. No post earings, watches, friendship bracelets, 

"Medic alert" bracelets are the only acceptable form of jewelry, and they must be taped down to the body.

B. No bat weights (doughnuts), weighted bats, sledgehammers, lead pipes, ECT. Are not allowed anywhere in the playing area for use in warming up.

C. No metal spikes will be allowed. Any player wearing metal spikes will not be allowed to play. Players must wear all-purpose, rubber or molded bottom athletic shoes.

D. Catchers must wear a protective mask with a throat protector. Chest protectors and shin guards are recommended by the Ossining recreation and Parks Department. The game will not begin, unless there is a catcher with an approved mask and throat protector.

E. A player that demonstrates mischievous acts, such as acts of violence, on the playing field, maybe ejected from the game by the umpire. If the player involved is also in any play situation, the umpire will automatically call her out.

F. No foul, and abusive language will be tolerated.

G. There will be a $30 fee for each team, per game, to be paid to the umpire. Prior to the start of the game.

10. Rain outs.

A. If a game or games are postponed due to rain, the team representative will be called or e-mailed to, prior to four clock PM. 

11. Suspended Games

A. Games that are not considered regulation shall resume at the exact point of where they were stopped.

12. Rule interpretation.

A. The Ossining recreation and Parks Department, reserves the right to make final interpretations of any local rule. The recreation and Parks Department also reserves the right to change a rule, deemed in the best interest of the league and its participants at any time.

13. Game schedule/playoffs.

A. League start date is tentatively set for late April early May, as field conditions allow.

B. All games will be played at Veterans Park (lighted) field and Gerlach Park (Tuesdays and Thursdays).

C. The Ossining, recreation and Parks Department, reserves the right to shorten the length of the regular-season and/or shorten or eliminate playoffs. If the season is extended due to inclement weather.

D.  The first games at either field must be over by 8:30, no new innings shall start after 8;25 or at Umpires discretion.

14. Bats.

A. The use of titanium or double-walled bats will not be allowed. The umpire on the field, and the Ossining recreation and Parks Department also reserves the right to ban any bat, which it considers a hazard to the safety of the players.

15. Game cancellations and Forfeits

For all managers and coaches:

Please be advised....All teams that need to cancel a game must do so at least 48 hours prior to the next game.

The cancellation deadlines are as follows;

Tuesday game: Call no later than 6 PM Sunday.

Thursday game: Call no later than 6 PM Tuesday.

16.Sportsmanship : all managers and players must be good sportsmen 
sportsmanship, a great tradition in sports and competition that means playing clean and handling both victory and defeat with grace, style, and dignity.
What Is Sportsmanship?
Sportsmanship is defined as:
- playing fair following the rules of the game
- respecting the judgment of referees and officials
- treating opponents with respect
Some people define good sportsmanship as the "golden rule" of sports — in other words, treating the people you play with and against as you'd like to be treated yourself. You demonstrate good sportsmanship when you show respect for yourself, your teammates, and your opponents, for the coaches on both sides, and for the referees, judges, and other officials.

But sportsmanship isn't just reserved for the people on the field.  Fans and Family also need to be aware of how they behave during the game. It is the job of the 
managers to control players and spectators!! Sportsmanship is a style and an attitude, and it can have a positive influence on everyone around you.


***Anyone violating the above will be told to leave the park and other consequences will follow *** - an out will be taken if there is player to replace the ejected player.

: Game cancellations and Forfeits

For all managers and coaches:

Please be advised....All teams that need to cancel a game must do so at least 48 hours prior to the next game.

The cancellation deadlines are as follows;

Tuesday game: Call no later than 6pm Sunday.

Thursday game: Call no later than 6pm Tuesday.