Players Conduct


As a player I agree to:


Respect my manager and coaches.


The managers and coaches are volunteers who donate their time to our organization and my appreciation of their help should be reflected in all my actions on the playing field. It is my duty to listen to and follow the directions of my manager and coaches and to obey the rules set forth by the manager and coaches of the teams.


Respect my team members and other players.


I will not insult, criticise or verbally abuse any other player. Such behaviour does not promote but destroys team spirit and will not be tolerated.


Never resort to physical threats or actions to rectify a situation.


Physical outbursts are unacceptable and will be dealt with using a zero-tolerance policy.


Display good sportsmanship at all times.


It is my duty to reflect the characteristics of fair play at all times. I will display to others that competition is healthy and I will not lower the standards by engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct. I will always give 100% to my team by doing the best job that I can.


Be proud to be a player and have FUN doing it!

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