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This is a two step process. First determine your child's age on July 31st prior to the start of the school year, or seasonal year, for which you wish to register. This is used to determine the age group your child should be playing in. The cost to play, by age group, then comes from the following:

Players 7 & Under for 1 season $110
Players 7 & Under for Fall & Spring seasons $125
Players 8 & Older for 1 season $125
Players 8 & Older for Fall & Spring seasons $150

Select Team players or players returning to the Spring season from the previous Fall season should contact the registrar. ALL SPRING PLAYERS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SPRING FUNDRAISER. There are no refunds once a child is placed on a team. Make checks payable to: Redford Soccer Club.
WHAT DOES MY CHILD RECEIVE FOR REGISTERING? The club will provide a uniform for every player consisting of a shirt, shorts, and socks. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis; space permitting. All recreational players are guaranteed 50% playing time, with the understanding that they attend practices.

WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO GET? - You must purchase SHIN GUARDS for your child. These are MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS. They can be found in most sporting goods departments. A WATER BOTTLE IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to help prevent dehydration. A player may wear multi-purpose sports shoes or purchase optional soccer shoes with rubber-molded cleats. A soccer ball is an optional piece of player equipment. Coaches will have some balls available, but it is helpful in your child's development if he/she has their own. Under 8's use a size 3 ball. Under 9's to under 12's use a size 4 ball. Under 13's and older use a size 5 ball.
IT'S MY CHILD'S FIRST TIME PLAYING SOCCER. WILL THEY BE ON A TRAVEL TEAM? If your child is in the Under 9 or older age group, they will be on a recreational travel team with other players having little or no experience. They will be playing other teams having a similar range of experience.

Two weeks prior to the start of the first game the coach should be contacting you. Please check the web site calendar or call the registrar to find out when this will be. If on the following Monday of that weekend you have not heard from the coach, then call the registrar to check your child's status.
WHEN & WHERE IS PRACTICE? There are generally two practices a week in the evening, typicaly after 6:00 pm. The coach will choose practice times,days and location in Redford.
WHEN & WHERE ARE GAMES? Players on Under 8 teams or younger will play in Redford, usually on Saturdays. Players on Under 9 to Under 12 teams will play usually on Saturdays, with half their games in Redford. Players on Under 13 or older teams will play usually on Sunday afternoons, with half their games in Redford. The older players will travel to other communities to play half their games. They may play in Ann Arbor, Brighton, Canton, Chelsea, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Garden City, Hamburg, Hartland, Howell, Livonia, Milford, Monroe, Saline, Taylor, Trenton, Van Buren, or Westland. **All teams could play 2-4 midweek games in the evening due to scheduling problems or weather conditions.**
WHAT IS THE SPRING FUNDRAISER? The Spring Fundraiser held each year is usually a sale of candy bars to offset Club expenses. It works out that 20-25% of Club expenses are NOT covered by registration fees. A successful Spring Fundraiser provides additional money for field improvements like adding dirt to level fields, installing new goalposts as needed, grass seed and fertilizer. The profit to the Club on one box of candy is $20. Therefore, each Spring player is expected to sell one box of candy. If the player does not want to participate, they are charged $20 at the time of the candy sale. There are incentives to sell more than one box of candy for the players and for their teams.

A team parent is one whose child is a member of a team in the Redford Soccer Club. A team parent may be asked to bring a snack for the team to one game during the season, or help transport a teammate to a game. One team parent may be asked to organize the snack list or handle the fundraiser for the team. We are all team parents, in some way.
HOW DO I VOLUNTEER? Volunteers are always welcome. Talk to your coach if you wish to help him/her in some way. Remember this is an all volunteer club. All coaches are typicaly parents of a player. If you are interested in getting more involved, contact the President of the Club.