Interviews, Try outs and Team Selection

June 22, 2010
The Canes will begin interviewing families for the 2011 season. We are looking for rising 10U players. Our entire program is based on the teaching of the game. Proper fundamentals whether it is the first baseman making proper pivots on pick offs, relay men in position for the plays or pitchers covering first base on balls hit to the right side. We believe that once our players learn and understand the game of baseball, the wins will take care of themselves.

We are not looking for 10 year old prodigy’s or finished products. In this age group, there are plenty of teams that win because they have better athletes. In a few short years, teams will win because either they know how to play the game or they do not. We have a proven track record of developing players.

Two of our staff members have college coaching experience. We also have coached in the United States Junior Olympics as well as instructed at multiple Division 1 programs. The majority of the coaching staff has been together for over 14 years. Parental influence will be kept at a minimum

Once the selection process is completed; the team will meet once a week for fundamental work in all areas of the game. However the focus will be on developing arm strength, foot speed, agility and confidence. Because we encourage our athletes to be well rounded, we work around other sporting events / commitments as well as academic issues. The players will be provided exercises to perform during the week with a parent or sibling. We also have very strict school conduct standards and stress academics over athletics in all cases.

Our home field is located in the North Alpharetta / South Forsyth area.