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Philip Barbour High School

Suggested Routes:
52 mins / 33.04 miles View Elevation

I-79 S
52 mins / 41.00 miles View Elevation

1. Start out going southwest on Airport Rd toward Kingmont Rd/Haymond Camp Rd.

2. Turn left onto Kingmont Rd.
D J's 50'S & 60'S Diner is on the left

3. Merge onto I-79 S.
If you reach Pleasant Valley Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far

4. Take the US-250 exit, EXIT 132, toward South Fairmont.

5. Turn slight left to take the ramp toward Grafton.

6. Turn left onto US-250/Fairmont Ave/White Hall Blvd. Continue to follow US-250.

7. Turn slight left to take the US-250 S/US-50 W ramp.

8. Turn slight left onto US-50/US-250.

9. Turn slight right onto US-250.

10. Turn right onto US-250/US-119.
12.4 mi

11. Turn left onto US-250/Junior-Philippi-Grafton Rd/Main St. Continue to follow US-250/Junior-Philippi-Grafton Rd.
US-250 is 0.6 miles past College Hill Rd

***If you are on US-119 and reach Pike St you've gone about 0.5 miles too far ***

12. Turn left onto Horseshoe Dr.
Horseshoe Dr is 0.2 miles past Bear Run Rd

***If you reach Lake Rd you've gone about 0.2 miles too far

13. 99 HORSESHOE DR is on the left.
If you reach 4-H Cp you've gone a little too far

99 Horseshoe Dr
, Philippi, WV26416 United States
39.107503, -79.992629

99 Horseshoe Drive, Philippi, WV 26416