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Schafer Field

Click for map
Click for Map

Schafer Field in Ralph Foy Park
3211 W. Victory Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

For weather and field conditions call the Burbank hotline at 818-238-1970

Ralph Foy Park’s parking lot is on north side of Victory @ Lima St. Walk north out of parking lot to field.

Rest Rooms are just beyond right field corner.

To get closer to field to drop off gear: Continue East on Victory, past Ralph Foy Park, and turn Left onto Ontario. Proceed north on Ontario to Monterey, turn left into driveway which lead to a parking lot along the Left Field line. Not advised to park here due to obvious exposure to foul balls. Ok for drop off.

To get directions click on 'Click for Map'. When the Google map comes up, simply put in the location you are coming from in the 'From' box on the left side. A map and driving instructions should come up. Use the sliders on the left side of the map to "zoom in" and to change directions. Maps are shown in 'Hybrid' (satellite photos), if you prefer a regular map just click on the 'Map' tab.

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