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Cleveland HS

Click for map
Click for Map

Cleveland High School
8140 Vanalden Ave
Reseda, CA 91335
(818) 727-0964

Restroom location: In the building near the football field just behind the first base side.

IMPORTANT NEW PARKING INSTRUCTIONS: Suggestion to all: Before reading the following, take a look at the map on our website.

Park in the lot off Vanalden by the pool. Then walk through the gate and pass the gym to get to the baseball field. BTW ... the Wilbur gate is under construction and Strathern gate is supposed to stay locked.

Cleveland Guest Rules

1. All warm-up activities, prior to the game, must be conducted in the outfield area. NO INFIELD ALLOWED.
2. All pitchers should warm-up in the bullpen.
3. All practice swings should be done in the dirt area, on deck circle or the outfield.
4. Absolutely no soft toss against any part of the fence.
5. During game play, please refrain from throwing any bats in the grass area.
6. No dogs allowed anywhere on school property.
7. Absolutely no tobacco products or alcohol anywhere on the premises.
8. No sunflower seeds in the dugout or on the field.
9. Please do not interfere with ground crew during field prep time.
10. No kids under 10 years of age allowed in the dugout. Kids ages 10+ must wear a double flapped helmet if in the dugout.
10. At conclusion of game, please pick up any trash in your dug out area.

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