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Pote Field

Click for map
Click for Map

Pote Field (Crystal Springs in Griffith Park)
4659 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Off Crystal Springs Drive near the Crystal Springs Picnic Area

Restroom location: In the building beyond the left field fence. Also, during construction they have porta-potties behind the left field fence.

Parking: It is best to park in the lot below the street on the 3rd base side. You can park on the 1st base side, but cars get hit with foul balls, so park at your own risk.

IMPORTANT:To see where you enter the facility, park, enter the field and find restrooms, click HERE. The map will show where everything is, and if you click on any tab of any item on the left hand side, or any icon, MORE SPECIFIC INFO will be shown if available.

To get directions click HERE. When the Google map comes up, simply put in the location you are coming from in the upper left hand side of the direction box. A map and driving instructions should come up. Use the sliders on the right side of the map to "zoom in" and to change directions. Maps are shown in 'Earth' (satellite photos), if you prefer a regular map just click on the 'Map' tab.

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