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Granada Hills LL Senior Field

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On Rinaldi, just west of the 405 Fwy (east of Woodley). Senior field is towards the right rear of property.

Granada Hills LL Senior Field
16035 Rinaldi Street
Granada Hills, CA 91344

The gated entrance to the GHLL complex is pretty inconspicuous and easy to miss, so please read on:

The gate is 9/10 of a mile West of the 405. If you get to Woodley, you've gone too far.

Details: From the 405, driving west on Rinaldi, you will pass on the right a huge LA DWP installation. The gate to GHLL is 1/10 of a mile past the end of the DWP, also on the right (immediately past gardens).

If you are approaching the field from the west, driving east on Rinaldi, the gated entrance is 1/10 of a mile East of Woodley, on the Left.

Once you've entered the GHLL complex, go straight, then veer to the right (small sign, which you might miss) and continue straight to the last diamond towards the back right in the complex (Senior Field) -- it's not marked, but it's obviously the biggest field in the complex.

Plenty of parking in the lot, some a lot closer than you will want to be. Remember, you park at your own risk!

Restrooms: "Andy Gump" portable at the edge of the parking lot, about 100 feet behind home plate.

To get directions click on 'Click for Map'. When the Google map comes up, simply put in the location you are coming from in the 'From' box on the left side. A map and driving instuctions should come up. Use the sliders on the left side of the map to "zoom in" and to change directions. Maps are shown in 'Hybrid' (satellite photos), if you prefer a regular map just click on the 'Map' tab.

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