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Burns Park - Majors Field

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Located in John Burns Park

Majors Field is the fenced in field with the scoreboard in the back of the park.

The MCLL has donated 2 batting cages, overhead safety netting for the bleachers, bat racks, L-screens & flat screens for the cages, mats for the cages, fence capping, backstop padding and foul poles to this field. In addition, we have donated the new scoreboard

The AED for this field is located in the storage bin that we have positioned next to our snack stand. The managers have a key for it.

Warning: Please park in designated parking areas. Parking tickets have been issued on a regular basis for cars parked on grass areas or on roadway by local authorities.

The administrator of this League has not provided an address for this venue.

Use the Contact Form to contact the League Administrator.