Ball Park Addresses & Directions

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Georgetown Fairgrounds D2

This map actually lists several parks, including the Fairgrounds, Hornby, Glen Williams, Georgetown South & Limehouse Park.)

Directions to Fairgrounds: north on Trafalgar off the 401 (or Steeles Ave), right on Princess Anne, right either to park at Hyde Park Dr. (limited parking there) or right at Charles Street and right again at Park Ave. into official parking lot.

From the Park Ave. entrance, diamonds go in the following order: B7, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 beyond the playground at Hyde Park, and B6 is just to the left of the Barn, north of B2 and B3.

Take highway 7 towards Guelph, turn left at Main Street, and right at Park Avenue into main Parking lot.

1 Park Avenue, Georgetown, ON L7G 3H9