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Tampa Training

USF in Tampa

Tampa has a new training location - practice is at the University of South Florida every Thursday at 6:00pm.

Here's the directions to the USF fields. In the event that there might be students already playing on the field, that I am going to give directions for, we will just relocate to another field on campus after eveyone has arrived.

Whether you are coming from north or south Tampa, take I-275 to Fowler Avenue. As you come off the exit go towards East Fowler, it will be a right turn from the northbound exit and a left turn from the southbound exit. Travel down Fowler Avenue until you reach the University of South Florida's main entrance (it is about 5 miles from the 275 exit). Take a left at this intersection (Leory Collins Blvd). Then take a right at the next set of traffic lights (Alumni Drive). Take a right turn into the parking lot when you get to the intersection of Maple Drive and Alumni Drive. From here you will have a clear view of the fields, so it should be obvious to know that you have made it!

The administrator of this League has not provided an address for this venue.

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