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Gael Center (St. Maria Goretti High School)

From Northern VA / Washington, DC area
1. Capital Beltway/I-495 N toward Maryland (Crossing into Maryland).

2. Merge onto I-270 Spur N via EXIT 38 on the left toward Rockville/Frederick.

3. I-270 Spur N becomes I-270 N.

4. Keep left to take I-270 (EXPRESS) N.

5. I-270 (EXPRESS) N becomes I-270 N.

6. Merge onto I-70 W via EXIT 32 toward Hagerstown.

7. Merge onto Dual Hwy/US-40 W via EXIT 32B toward Hagerstown.

8. Turn right onto Eastern Blvd.

9. Eastern Blvd becomes Northern Ave.

10. Turn right onto Oak Hill Ave. (Oak Hill Ave is just past Hamilton Blvd;
If you reach The Terrace you've gone a little too far)

1535 Oak Hill Ave, Hagerstown, MD 21742