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Seoul Sahmyook High School

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First you need to go to Guri station and if you take a cab, you can
come within 10min.I have attached seoul samhyook(????????) high school map
one more time. The B signal is seoul samhyook high school.
This sunday pitch is seoul samhyook high school in Guri city.
If you take a cab, you should say to go seoul samhyook high school in Guri.
Sometimes cab driver go to korea samhyook high(????????) school in seoul.
Seoul and guri city is very near so sometimes cab driver also confuse
this place.

??? ??? ???? 487?? 70(??? ?90??)????????

Okay - Korean isn't working on here, so here is romanized address

Gyeongi-do, Guri-si, Achasan-ro, 487-70 (Gyomun-dong 90) Seoul Sahmyook High School

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