Clarence Travel league will be functioning under Little League Baseball Regulations and Playing Rules under the 9-10 Year Old Division Rules with the following exceptions:




1.       Players can use any 2 1/4" bat or any USA stamped 2 5/8th" bat.

2.       Both the home and opposing teams Head Coach will meet 5 minutes prior to game time for Ground Rules.

3.       Games will be six (6) innings in length with a 2 hour time limit.  No new inning will start after 2 hours. 

4.       If a game is tied after the completion of 6 innings, a 7th inning will be played assuming the time limit has not been reached. 

5.       Teams must have a minimum of 8 players at the start of the official game time or the game will be considered a forfeit.

6.       Any protests or rules in question must be addressed immediately during the game with the official.

7.       There is a six (6) run per inning rule with the exception of the last inning. (Example, home team is down 8 runs in the bottom of the last inning. That team can play the inning out without the cap in place.)

8.       There will be “continuation rule” and only 6 runs should be credited after the play is complete in an inning.

9.       A twelve-run mercy rule is in effect after 3 ½ innings if the home team is winning and every complete inning after that.

10.   Home teams are responsible for umpires. Standard is two umps per game. Teams will SPLIT the cost of the umpires.

11.   The home team will be responsible for keeping the official scorebook.

12.   There are no limits as to the maximum number of players allowed on a roster. However, each player must be listed on the roster/waiver form submitted to the league.

13.   No Alcohol or Tobacco Products- No alcohol or tobacco products will be permitted within the field or stands.  Failure to comply with this regulation will result in removal from the field.

14.   Additionally, if your game is played on the Clarence High School turf surface- NO food, chewing gum, sunflower seeds drinks (colored drinks, sodas, etc.) is allowed on the turf- only water is permitted on the turf fields. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in removal from the field.



1.       All teams will bat all uniformed players during the course of the game. Players that arrive after the game begins will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.  If a player is injured and cannot continue to play, the player’s position in the batting order will be skipped without penalty.  However, that player cannot re-enter the game.

2.       Bunting is allowed at any time during the game. Foul bunts with 2 strikes will be considered an out.

3.       Stealing is allowed when the ball crosses the plate. Any player who is deemed to have left the base early by the umpire is given a warning.  The pitch is considered a no pitch and all runners must return to their original bases.  If at anytime thereafter, the same player or another player from the same team is deemed to have left the base early, the runner is automatically out.  The pitch is considered to be a no pitch and all other runners must return to their bases.  If multiple players leave the bases early after a warning has been issued, all runners who have been deemed to have left early will be out. 

4.       There can only be one coach in each of the coach boxes, and up to two coaches in the vicinity of the dugout when that team is up to bat.

5.       Players must slide to avoid contact at any base.

6.       A runner MUST SLIDE when a play is being made on them at HOME PLATE.  PENALTY: Runner will be called out and all runners will return to their bases occupied at time of violation.

7.       Players may NOT slide head first going into any base.  Any player deemed to have slid head first will automatically be called out.  Players ARE allowed to dive headfirst when going back to a bag.

8.       Players can use any 2 1/4" bat or any USA stamped 2 5/8th" bat.  If a batter is found to use an illegible bat ("used" defined as held the bat in the batter's box for at least one pitch), the batter will be declared out, and the runners will not advance. If the bat is discovered after the player hits, the batter will be declared out, and the runners will return to the positions they were at the beginning of the batter's appearance. If the bat is not discovered until after the next play (i.e., next pitch), play continues with no penalty.

9.       Batters may not advance as a result of a dropped ball third strike.

10.   If a base runner steals third and then attempts to run to home during the same play, because of an over thrown ball he is fair game to be tagged out until he reaches home safely. If he reaches home safely, he will be sent back to third base. He is fair game once he leaves third base to advance.

11.   There is no stealing of home.  Players cannot score from third on a passed ball or wild pitch.  The only way to score from third is on an actual play (Bases loaded walk, bases loaded hit by pitch, sacrifice fly, fielder’s choice, actual hit, error(s) on a hit ball, etc…). 

12.   Runners on first and third.  If the runner from first goes to steal second, the runner at third cannot advance to home even if the catcher throws the ball into center field.  Also, with a runner on third, it is a free throw for the catcher to try and pick off the runner at third.  Even if the catcher throws the ball into the stands, the runner at third may not advance. The runner from third may ONLY score if he is walked in or if he is hit in.



1.       Defensive Positioning.  Teams may field ten players on defense.  Four outfielders, four infielders, a pitcher, and a catcher. 

2.       At no time should an outfielder be placed in the infield as an overshift. Minimum 10ft off infield grass.

3.       Defensive substitutions may be made freely.

4.       Catchers must be in full protective equipment.

5.       “Speed Up” rule allowed for catchers.

6.       Infield fly rule does NOT apply.

7.       All plays end when playing action ends with control by an infielder.  Players must request and be granted time by the umpire for a dead ball to occur.  Coaches may not call time for their players when a player is getting up from sliding into a base.



1.       A player is allowed to pitch no more than (6 outs) PER GAME – (12 outs) PER DAY. Most importantly, we request that you respect the safety and well being of your players as you coordinate this rule and monitor their pitch counts.

2.       Once a pitcher is removed from the mound for any reason, he/she may not return to the mound during that game.

        If a pitcher hits two batters in the same inning, the pitcher will receive a warning. If the pitcher hits a third batter, the pitcher must be removed from the game.

3.       Balk rule is not applied.

4.       There are no intentional walks.

5.       Pitchers must wear protective helmets while warming up.

6.       Between Innings - Players are expected to hustle on and off the field at all times. Pitchers are permitted to throw 8 warm-up pitches in their first inning of work and 5 in each inning there-after. If a catcher is putting his gear on it is expected that another player (wearing mask) will warm-up the pitcher. Coaches are also permitted to warm up the pitcher, it is not mandatory that coaches wear a mask for warm-ups. Pitchers that enter game due to an injury will receive unlimited warm-up pitches.



1)      Minimum 6 league games played. Highest winning percentage determines positional ranking in the standings. Tie Breaker will be the following:

a.       Head to Head

b.      Lowest Runs against

c.       Run Differential

2)      The league will be divided into two divisions (American/National).

3)      If there are at least 12 teams, the top three teams in each division will compete in a one day playoff at the end of the season – either June 30/July 1.

a.       If there are 11 or less, the top two teams in each division will compete in a one day playoff.

b.      Quarterfinals will be removed.

4)      Here is the format of the playoff (high seeds are home team):

a.       Game 1 – Quarterfinals

                                                               i.      Team 3 vs. Team 6

                                                             ii.      Team 4 vs. Team 5

                                                           iii.      Team 1 and Team 2 – BYE

b.      Game 2 – Semi-Finals

                                                               i.      Winner of Team 3/Team 6 vs. Team 1

                                                             ii.      Winner of Team 4/Team 5 vs. Team 2

c.       Game 3 - Championship

                                                               i.      Winner of Semi-Final Games

5)      Winners will receive team trophies and individual t-shirts for champions and runner-ups.



1.      All parents, coaches, and spectators are required to behave themselves in an adult-like manner and with the highest level of sportsmanship.

2.      Coaches may NOT argue judgment calls.  All umpires judgment calls are final.  An umpire may ask for help from his/her partner umpire in the case of an obstructed view, however, coaches may NOT ask for an umpire to appeal to a second umpire on a “Bad Call”.

3.      The Manager of the team is in charge of his entire team, including but not limited to his coaching staff, players, parents and spectators.

4.      Any player, coach, or spectator ejected from a game is also ejected from the park for the remainder of the game.  If an ejected party refuses to leave the site, the game will be considered forfeit.

5.      All protests must be handled by onsite umpire, if no resolution is agreed upon the protestor needs to notify your Clarence Travel League contact (information provided in header) within 24 hours when dealing with Baseball Rules.



1.       In the event of lightning is visible THE GAME must be stopped. Play may continue after a 20-minute wait. If there is a second lightning incident (within  the first delay) another 20-minute wait will incur. If the delay exceeds 50 minutes or a 3rd lightning strike occurs, the umpire and two coaches will make a decision as to suspend or terminate the game. All games are considered complete after four complete innings (3 ½ if home team is winning).

2.       In the event of a rain delay, no game may be delayed more than one hour until the game is called and either rescheduled or terminated. All rainouts need to be rescheduled between the two teams.

3.       If a game is suspended for any reason prior to reaching complete game status, the game will continue in the situation (score, outs, count, etc.) where it stopped.  It will not revert back to a new game.  HOWEVER: If a suspended game DOES NOT complete one (1) full inning, that particular game will be re-played in its entirety.

4.       Make ups are the responsibility of the two coaches involved in the game.