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Mac League Rules

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Mac League Rules

Spring Babe Ruth Division

MacIntosh Youth Baseball League

Serving the Towns of

Ayer – Bolton – Dunstable – Groton – Harvard – Littleton – Shirley

Minor/Major League Rules

This program is affiliated with Cal Ripken Baseball and is governed by the latest issue of the Cal Ripken Rule Book. In addition, the following local rules have been also adopted.

Recent changes are shown in bold text.[1]

Minor League Baseball Rules

All Minor League Rules will be the same as the Major League Rules (see below) with the following exceptions.

1) No more than 6 runs per team per inning. After the 6th run crosses the plate the team batting will then take the field. This rule does not apply to the 6th inning of the game.

2) No protests are allowed. All problems will be worked out on the field.

3) Base stealing is allowed and will follow the same rules as at the Major League Level, except for the following.

a) On a passed or dropped ball by the catcher or a wild pitched ball, a runner on third base will not be allowed to steal home plate.

b) If a catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher and the pitcher miss-plays the throw, a runner on third base will not be allowed to steal home plate.

c) Exceptions only occur when, in the judgment of the umpire, the catcher’s intent is to throw to another base to throw out another runner. At that time only, is a runner on third base allowed to steal home plate.

4) Two adult base coaches are permitted. They must be rostered coaches. Rostered players are also allowed to coach but there should be at least 1 adult base coach at all times.

5) If, in the Umpire’s opinion, the game is unlikely to be completed due to darkness, weather, etc., full authority lies with the Umpire to make such decision. The umpire should make every effort to notify both teams of his/her intention prior to the start of the final inning to be played.

Major League Baseball Rules
1) Team rosters will have a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 15 players.

2) Every team member will be in the batting order and bat.

3) All players must be in the game for 6 consecutive defensive outs. This rules applies to regulation 6 inning games. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an automatic forfeit by the team not complying. However in a shortened game (darkness, weather, etc.) failure to comply will not result in an automatic forfeit.

4) Free substitution shall be permitted between innings. (pitcher exception MacIntosh league rule 12) When making player substitutions, each Manager MUST ANNOUNCE the changes to the other Manager. Every team member will be in the batting order and bat.

5) Weekday games will start at 6:00 PM. If a team cannot field 9 players by 6:15 PM, the game will count as a forfeit for that team (loss). Ending time will be determined and at the discretion of the Umpire based on safety considerations.

6) Both teams will be able to have the playing field for a 15-minute warm up before the game begins. Visiting teams should allow for travel time and arrive 30 minutes before game time for their warm ups. The home team will warm up first and the visiting team will begin their warm up 15 minutes before the start of the game. NO PRE-GAME, ON FIELD BATTING PRACTICE IS ALLOWED.

7) The home team will supply 2 new League Approved game balls for every scheduled home game.

8) Any player intentionally throwing the bat will be out and the ball dead. Play stops and the runners will return to their original occupied bases and the player will be removed from the game.

9) There shall be no slashing. Slashing is defined as: The pitcher is on the pitching rubber and the batter fakes a bunt to draw the infielders in and then the batter swings away. The pitcher does not need to be in his windup, the ball does not need to be struck. This is a safety issue, with the batter showing bunt, the charging third baseman does not stand a chance of protecting himself against a line drive off an aluminum bat. Penalty: Batter is out and ball is dead. A second offense will result in the batter being ejected.

10) There is a no-contact rule in effect on a tag play. The runner must slide, the defensive player can not block the base/plate if they do not possess the ball.

11) Regular season pitching rules will follow “Pitching Limitation” regulations 0.06 in the CalRipken rule book. In Summary:

6 innings per week, 1 pitch constitutes an inning

Week is Monday thru and including Sunday

2 calendar days rest when pitching more than 2 innings

12) Pitching substitution may be done during an inning, the substitution must be a 1 for 1 swap. In other words, if the incoming pitcher was on the bench, the existing pitcher must go to the bench. Free substitutions of positions can resume in between innings.

13) Playoff pitching rules will follow “Tournament Regulations” 11.05.4 in the Cal Ripken rule book. Specifically stated for MacIntosh League play: No pitcher in the Macintosh League playoffs shall be allowed to pitch in more than six innings in any two successive playoff games. All players have full eligibility at the start of league playoffs. (Pitcher eligibility is not re-set again after playoffs begin. League playoffs are considered a single level when interpreting rule 11.05.4)

14) Only coaches, assistants or team members (team members must wear a catcher's mask) will be allowed to warm up the pitcher.

15) Each team will be responsible for cleaning the trash out of the bench area after each game.

16) Protest

a) Must notify umpire of the protest prior to play resuming.

b) Must be made in writing and turned into the Town Director or the Umpire in Chief within 24 hours of the protest.

c) Only the team manager can file a protest.

d) The Town Director/Umpire in Chief will then notify the League Board of Directors of the protest. The Umpire in Chief will either make a ruling on the protest or request a meeting to review the protest with the League Board of Directors. Please try to work out all problems on the field.

17) Game Scores

a) The coach of the winning team must submit the game scores to TBD, immediately following the game.

b) Scores that are not sent in within 48 hours (72 hours for Friday night games) will count as a loss for both teams.

18) In the event of inclement weather the Home team coach is responsible for calling both the umpire and visiting team coach, at least 2 hours prior to the start of the game.

19) The Home team is responsible for paying the umpires.

20) Games not played.

a) All games that are not played at the end of the season will count as a loss for both teams.

b) If a game is canceled, both coaches need to arrange a make-up date within 10 days of the original scheduled game.

c) The Home team shall have the opportunity to arrange a home field first. If the Home team cannot schedule a field with the 10-day time frame, the Visiting team will try to schedule the game on their field (with the original Home team still being the Home team).

d) If neither team can schedule the make-up game with the 10-day time period, the Home team must notify the League Director who will schedule the game.

e) In any event, the League Director must be notified with 48 hours of the cancellation.

f) Games not played and unreported will be counted as a loss for both teams.

21) If after (4) innings, 3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead, one team has a lead of ten (10) runs or more, the victory may be conceded to the winning team at the discretion of the manager of the losing team. Once conceded the game will continue to its natural end (i.e. 6th inning) and free substitution will be allowed for both teams. In the event the team trailing by 10 runs declines to concede, such decline should be reported to the Mac League Board.

22) If, in the Umpire’s opinion, the game is unlikely to be completed due to darkness, weather, etc., full authority lies with the Umpire to make such decision. The umpire should make every effort to notify both teams of his/her intention prior to the start of the final inning to be played.


[1] 2004 season issue #2 date 4/7/04