About the Chippewa Valley Girls Hockey Association (ECA Junior Stars)

The Chippewa Valley Girls Hockey Association, Ltd (CVGHA). was organized as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation in April 2006. CVGHA’s original purpose was to advocate for a WIAA girls high school hockey team.  With the assistance of CVGHA and the successful promotion of girls hockey within the community, the Eau Claire and Altoona school boards agreed upon a cooperative high school team, now known as the ECA Stars.

CVGHA is currently a Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA) registered girls hockey association, which is independent of the Eau Claire and Altoona Youth Hockey Associations.  Our goal is not only to offer the opportunity for girls to play hockey, but also to encourage the development of confidence, leadership, community, wellness, and other lifelong skills on and off the ice.