Majors' History

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Mississauga Majors (White) Team History

In 2005, the baseball associations Cawthra and Bloor amalgamated to form the Mississauga Majors Baseball Association. The Majors (White) are made up primarily of players who have played most of their career with Cawthra. The team has 9 players returning from last year's Cawthra A's Junior AA' Team.

These players are:

Nathan Burgess
Simon Lahay
J.P. Anderson
Willy Davis
Bobby Chapman
Ryan McNeil
Kyle Gerrard
Will Inkley
Matt Maclaren

The team finished the regular season with an 8-11-2 record. This may have been considered a disappointment had it not been for the fact that the team started the season 0-6-1 and then proceeded to finish the season with an 8-5-1 record. After a disappointing play-offs which saw the Cawthra A's get knocked out in 2 games, the team managed to secure a spot in the provincials where they stunned the baseball world by reaching the championship game. Although they would be blown-out by a strong Mississauga North Bengals offense, the effects of the incredible ride to the championship could not be erased. The Cawthra A's remained a proud unit as they had proven what they were capable of as a team. Going into the 2005 season, the team hopes to resume the surge they went on at the 2004 provincials, only this time as the Mississauga Majors (White).

After a year off, Andrew Dutra, who had a long, impressive career with Cawthra, joins the Majors (White) for the 2005 season. Also joining the Majors (White) this year are Adam Sawoszczuk, Josh Pileggi, and Paul Roth, all members of a powerful 2004 Cawthra Colts Junior AA' Team.

With the solid core of the team returning from last year, and their significant off-season acquisitions, the Mississauga Majors (White) will undoubtedly be serious contenders for the championship in 2005.


1997: Cawthra A's AA - Andrew Dutra
1998: Forest Glen Giants AA - Nathan Burgess
2001: Mississauga Southwest Twins AA - Will Inkley
2002: Cawthra A's AA - Nathan Burgess, Simon Lahay, Ryan McNeil, Bobby Chapman, Willy Davis, Andrew Dutra