Frequently Asked Questions

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Financial Assistance


Q: I would really like my child to play, but we cannot afford it. Is there any help?


A: Yes. NEUSC is a community club and we believe that anyone who wants to play soccer should have the opportunity. NEUSC has flexible payment options for those who need to pay in smaller, more affordable installments. If this is not an option, then the NEUSC has partner organizations ( links below ) who can offer financial assistance. This can be done confidentially through the Club, so please do not hesitate to contact us, you can email us at to discuss our various options.



Weather Cancellation Policy

   If there is a cancellation due to the weather, there will be an announcement made via email and Facebook. This announcement will be posted by 4PM.

Cancellations due to thunder and lightning can be made at any time.

Note: We will follow the Canada Soccer Associations (CSA) lightning safety policy.