Info for each level

Senior level - play 11vs11 full field.

Level 1 - play 11vs11 full field. There is playoffs and championship at end of season.

Level 2 - play 9vs9 3/4 size field. There is playoffs and championship at end of season.

Level 3 - play 9vs9 3/4 size field. No score kept.

Level 4 - play 7vs7 modified field size. No scores kept.

Level 5 - play 5vs5 modified field. no scores kept.

Level 6 -  They play fun soccer games so every player is being active. May take part in a Small sided game if the coaches wish.

Registration fee includes jersey except for ages 4 to6. You keep the jersey at season end. Ages 4 to 6 must hand in jerseys at season end. There will be a $25 late fee to any registrations after the last in person registration. Players will only be placed on a team after this date if there is room. 

Season length- season starts first weekin May and ends 3rd week in June.

Funding options- there are funding options available for those that need it. Contact PYSA at for more information.

Refund policy- There will be a $25 administration fee charged on ALL refunds given to players up to May 1st of the current season. Between May1st and May 15th a refund of $35 only will be given. After May 15th there will be no refund given.

Nights of play-there will be 2 games per week, practices are at coaches discretion. Game times start at 6:30

There will be some travel involved. Teams that participate in PYSA are Oakville, Portage, St. Claude and Macgregor.