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Premier Events Texas strives to provide each team/participant with a fair tournament/event. All who register for a PET event should read through the appropriate rules pages below AND the rules of the sanctioning body in order to gain a full understanding of all rules and procedures prior to the start of the tournament. If you have any questions, please contact us or locate your park director prior to the start of the game.

All PET tournaments will be 3 or 4 GAME GUARENTEE (weather permitting) unless posted on the schedule as another format.   Whenever possible, the tournament will consist of two pool games and a single elimination bracket. Pool games may begin on Friday night or Saturday Morning with the bracket games scheduled for Sunday.  Schedules will be made public on the Thursday afternoon prior to each scheduled tournament after 5:00pm.                                

On occasion a tournament will exceed the number of fields/courts at the "listed venue."  In this case, we will do our best to seek alternate fields so everyone that wants to play can.  In doing so, please understand, those fields may be some distance from the originally listed venue.   Some travel is part of "playing tournament baseball" and a we do not consider travel within the 30 miles a hardship.  Most facilities can handle 32-40 teams, with only a handful of facilities having the capacity to handle 80+ teams; therefore, if ANY tournament exceeds 40-60 teams, you need to be prepared to play in an alternate facility.  Our only other option is to cut registration and not allow a significant number of teams to play.  Unless undo hardship can be demonstrated (travel time is not considered a "undo hardship"), our refund policy WILL REMAIN IN EFFECT.

We reserves the right to change any or all of the these rules at any time.  Please review the tournament rules posted at each tournament for any additions, deletion or changes.


Pre-Tournament Check List

Premier Events Texas has dedicate a lot of resources in automating as much of the registration and payment process as possible.  Every team must register online through Registration and payments can be made through the PET website to include all Tournament Gate Fees. 

Teams that are PAID IN FULL will appear on Who's Coming list with a (c) for confirmed. Only CONFIRMED teams will be scheduled.  Therefore, if you think you have paid and your team is still listed without (c), you need to contact us as soon as possible.  As a general rule, we prefer credit card payments because those transactions are IMMEDIATELY credited to the teams account and CONFIRMATION is immediate.  Due to processing time, checks typically take several days to credit and post.  If divisions are filling up, DO NOT RELY on the USPS and checks, pay with a CC.

Unless otherwise stated, all registration fees must be paid in full 3 days (Wednesday) before the tournament begins.

Please review the refund policy before withdrawing from any tournament. 

Tournament Check-In Check List

Each team must check in at the designated area 1 hour prior to their first pool game.  Unless otherwise stated on the age brackets, team check in will occur at or near the concession area.  Teams must provide an electronic or hard copy of their "official roster" and "certificate of insurance.  Without these, teams will NOT be allow to take the field.

  • Official Team Roster
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Recommended: Keep a copy of player birth certificates with you in the event of a protest of a player 


Please read our general venue rules before coming to the venue.  We HIGHLY SUGGEST looking online to see if the individual park has specific rules particular to that facility or city.

NO DOGS (no matter the size) should be brought to any venue.  In addition, many parks do not allow such thing as, cooler, totes, outside food or beverages, noise makers, etc.  Again, please check prior to bringing such items to any specific facility.



Violation of these policies are ground for sanction including immediate disqualification of the coach and/or entire team.

Although we have listed the most common venue rules, many city owned facilities have other local rules.  It is the sole responsibility of each team, coach, player and fan to familiarize themselves all park rules.

Please abide by the following policies, which are for your safety and the safety of others.

  • NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are allowed at any facility or park.
  • FIREARMS are strictly prohibited from all facilities and parks.
  • NO PETS are allowed at any facility or park.
  • TOBACCO is may be allowed in Designated Areas Only dependent on the facility rules.
  • ABUSIVE or VULGAR language is not allowed at any facility or park.
  • NO Skateboards, Bicycles, Scooters, Roller Blades or Roller Skates are allowed.


  • NO ONE will be allowed to take live batting practice, pick-up games or home run derby's on unoccupied fields. If any team or player is caught, the team will be subject to disqualification from playing in the tournament and forfeiture of their entry fee.
  • NO ONE will be allowed to throw, bounce, kick or hit a ball of any kind against exterior walls.
  • Metal Cleats are NOT allowed on portable mounds. 


  • Coaches ARE responsible for the actions of their team, assistant coaches, players and fans.
  • DO NOT ALLOW YOUR PLAYERS to use an unoccupied field for warm-up, batting practice, pick-up games or home run derby games.
  • FOR FIELD SAFETY, all coaches, equipment and players are expected to be in the dugout during games.
  • One coach may occupy the third base coachs box and one coach may occupy the first base coachs box when his team is hitting.  Two players are allowed out of the dugout when their team is hitting, the hitter and the hitter on deck.
  • When the team is in the field, no one is allowed out of the dugout except a coach who will be allow just outside the dugout against the fence or sitting to give the pitching signs to the catcher.


  • Keep all equipment inside the dugout
  • NO INFIELD practice before the game
  • NO BATTING practice before a game except with the use of wiffle or rubber hitting balls
  • Never soft-toss into the fence.  Bring a portable net to hit into or hit wiffle balls into the outfield.
  • Do not allow your players to dig holes into the turf.
  • Never leave trash on the field or in the dugout.



Unless outlined in our "Playing Rules", we will follow the sanctioning body rules:

Baseball- USSSA Rules

* REFUNDS: NO REFUND AFTER GAME TIMES ARE POSTED!! Any gate fees will not be refunded after the tournament starts. All refunds are determined as follows (Fee minus the gate divided by game guarantee) any game started counts as a game played.

Football- PrimeTime, NCAA, TAAF, UIL

Below are rules links for each sports governing body:

Baseball Rules:

USSSA BaseballClick Here


Basketball Rules:

Prime Time Sports BasketballClick Here


Football Rules: 

Tackle - Click Here

4 on 4 Flag - Click Here

5 on 5 Flag- Click Here

7 on 7 Passing - Click Here

8 on 8 TAAF Flag - Click Here


From time to time PET may have to modify rules due to playing weather, playing condition or to accommodate certain local park rules.


Premier Events Texas Refund Policy

It is the objective of Premier Events Texas to play each tournament to its conclusion.  We reserve the right to modify the tournament in order to reach a conclusion.  Modification may include, but not limited to, reducing the total number of games, an alternate seeding method if pool play did not finish, reduce time limits, playing a partial bracket and awarding final placing from the highest seeds remaining, etc.

However, due to circumstance beyond our control, either man-made or act of God, a tournament may have to be shortened, postponed or cancelled.

Before any tournament is officially cancelled every opportunity will be made to reschedule or resume play at the first opportunity, as dictated by management, local government, and local league play and/or sanctioning body.  We will post all tournament updates on our website, including any cancellation or modifications.

In the event a tournament must be cancelled or rescheduled and a team cannot attend, we will follow the refund policy of the sanctioning body unless otherwise stated in the tournament rules.

In the event a tournament is rescheduled and your team can not participate, please notify our staff as soon as possible to request the appropriate refund.  Any team withdrawing from a tournament will not be eligible for any rewards such a tournament berths, trophies, etc.

Premier Player Sports approved refund policy is as follows:

Baseball & Football

  1. If 1 game has STARTED - 1/2 refund of team registration fees only (No winner will be awarded)
  2. If 2 games have STARTED - No refunds will be given, (A winner will be awarded)

Fast Pitch Softball

NO REFUND AFTER GAME TIMES ARE POSTED!! The $125 gate fee will not be refunded after the tournament starts. All refunds are determined as follows (Fee minus the gate divided by game guarantee) any game started counts as a game played.

No refund will be issued for any team that withdraws from the tournament after the Monday preceding the tournament, unless the division did not make.

No refund will be issued for any team WE have to withdraw due to MISS-CLASSIFICATION.  It is the sole responsibility of the coach and or manger to notify Premier Player Sports of any classification change.

We understand from time-to-time, a governing body may reclassify a team after the drop date; however, it is the coach's responsibility to notify Premier Player Sports of the reclassification.  If your team is reclassified and you notify us prior to the event, we will work with you to refund or transfer your registration fee(s).  However, if we are NOT notified by the team and find out through other means, no refund will be issued.

Because teams frequently simply transfer their fees to other events, Premier Events Texas, LLC DOES NOT automatically refund team fees.  We found this only creates more confusion; therefore, we asked that teams "REQUEST a REFUND" through our website (see instruction below).   Refunds are processed as soon as reasonably possible.

Partial refunds may take up to 2 weeks to process if the fees were paid by team check or e-check.  Those transactions must be deposited and cleared before any refund will be issued.

It is our policy to destroy checks for full refunds.

All credit card refunds will be returned to the original card.

Teams paying through USSSA may also expect a delay due to processing time.  Premier Player Sports does not have direct control over their processes. 

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact me at

To Request a Refund or Transfer:

  1. E-Mail with the below information:
  • Team Name

  • Team Contact

  • Tournament Date

  • Last 4 numbers of CC

  • Statement of Request, ie: (Refund) or (Move my team)

Unless other arrangements have been made in writing, teams must request all applicable refunds no later than December 31 of the year they are earned.  Otherwise, the fees will be forfeited.   Example, if an event rains out in May 2019, teams have until December 2019 to either 1) request a refund or 2) "transfer" those fees to another event.


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