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The support of local, national and international companies throughout any organization must always be recognized no matter how large or small the contribution.

This page is dedicated to those companies that have helped us grow to what we have become today. Without their generous support, we would quite simply fail to exist at a level that we feel is competitive with other USAFL clubs.

Please take the time to visit our sponsors page, and help support the companies that help to support us.

If you think that you or your company would be interested in becoming involved with sponsorship of Australian Rules not only in Florida, but the United States, please don't hesitate to contact the club via email with a little information on how you would like to get involved with the Florida Redbacks.

A representative from our club would be happy to contact you and provide you with information and answers to any questions you may have. We are always happy to have all companies, large or small, offer their support. If you are interested in a larger league sponsorship role, we can also direct you to an appropriate member of the USAFL board for more information.