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About the Team/Community Service

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About The Team

The 2013 season begins with great anticipation as we strive to return to the Championship form to which we have been accustomed to playing at over the 13 year history of the team.

Vermont will once again be playing in the Empire Football League. The EFL continues to be (after more than 40 years of operation) one of the most prestigious and challenging leagues in the country. The league consists of teams from Syracuse, Glens Falls, Watertown, Plattsburgh, Amsterdam, Monroe County, Scranton, PA. and Montreal.

The Ice Storm adhere to the old saying that warriors must go into battle filled with both fear and audacity. If they have no fear, then they will be careless and make mistakes that would not happen if the adrenaline is flowing. On the other hand, if they are not audacious, proud, and cocky, they will not survive due to lapses that come from being too timid, and so it is with football.

In this, the team's eleventh season of play, the Vermont Ice Storm certainly possesses both fear and audacity going for it when it takes the field. Since we will be competing in a league that regularly offers up nationally top ranked teams, there is the fear of the unknown. The fear of “failure,” that should always haunt the true competitor.

Equally though, the team is cocky and confident because of the wealth of experience. The bulk of the team roster is made up of men who have played semi-pro football before. These players have always been successful. In our twelve year history, the team has made the playoffs all but one time, winning multiple division title's and league Championship's in 2002 and 2007. Each and every player knows what it takes to win and is confident their teammates will do “whatever it takes” to get the job done.

Along with the veteran's returning for 2013, the team has recruited a number of new players who, while new to semi-pro football, have played at the college level and or been standouts in their local high school programs. Together, this experience should help the team prepare for the challenges which lie ahead.

In summation, fans will enjoy great football in 2013. See you at the games!!!!

Community Service
Penguin Plunge for Special Olympics

The Vermont Ice Storm is a community oriented organization, committed to "giving back" to our Vermont community, a community that has been completely supportive of all of our endeavors.

Our philosophy includes doing whatever we can to help out those whose lives may not have been as blessed as ours have. Furthermore, we seek to help expand and enhance the athletic opportunities that are made available to the youth of the greater Vermont area.

The Ice Storm has, throughout the years, held regular football clinics and its athletes and coaches give motivational speeches to youth football camps in the area.

The team has also been involved with Special Olympics Vermont, The Children's Miracle Network, and the Vermont Children's Hospital at Fletcher Allen, and several other organizations here in Vermont. This has been one of our greatest accomplishments, and we are proud to give back!

Christmas 2007 Children's Wing Visit



Jeff Miller, and Russell Humphrey, backstage
at the Champlain Valley Fair
with American Idol and Country music Star Carrie Underwood.