WBLW Basketball Board Meetings Summary

September 28, 2016


WBLW Basketball Board Meeting Notes. Sep 25, 2016


  • ·         Introductions/ In attendance:


o   Doug Horning - President


o   Amber Horning - Secretary, and Interim Treasurer


o   Bruce Belt - Vice President*


o   Matt Lippiatt - Advisor


o   Michelle Randlett - Advisor


o   Dave Ice - Advisor


o   Adam Dennison - Observer, Parent


o   Clayton Jones - Observer, Former Coach, Parent


o   Francie Yarwood - Observer, Guest


  • ·         *Bruce Belt Resigned as Vice President, he will go forward as an Advisor at this time.
  • ·         Guest Francie Yardwood presented West Branch Little Warriors Basketball Association with a donation in the form of a check. She is making the donation on behalf of her son, Ian Yarwood. The donation is to be used to help parents and players who cannot afford registration costs.
  • ·         Financial Report - From Amber Horning stating League Finances.
  • ·         Sign Ups/Registrations:


o   As of meeting time we had 84 player registered.


  • ·         Doug Horning brought to the Board's attention the situation of a West Branch Parent's third grader. The parent  would like to have the child "play up" as a fourth grader. The child apparently has always "played up" with the group that is coming in as fourth graders this season. They would also like to avoid another year of "politics" in her current league. Doug also explained that there was a request for the parent to be an assistant coach to Bob Shepherd, who hopes to coach a fourth grade girls team. The Board voted "No" unanimously on two votes pertaining to this subject. "No" to allowing a third grader to "play up" in the spirit of following League Rules. "No" to allowing the player to be on the list for a roster spot if needed due to numbers.
  • ·         Date and time for the final sign up day was announced to the Board. Monday, Sep 26 from 5pm to 7pm, at West Branch Middle School. Deadline for player registration is Sep 28 @midnight.
  • ·         Suggestions were made to change player registration protocol for next year. We will hand out flyers to schools and parents can register online or in person. We will no longer give forms to schools for handing out. Boarded vote "Yes" unanimously to change the protocol for registration for the 2017-2018 season.
  • ·         The date to begin Outside Team Registration was announced. Oct 1st is the date set to begin invitations and accept registrations. Deadline will be Nov 7th unless an extension is needed to fill slots.
  • ·         Doug Horning informed the Board about being contacted by Josh Morgan from Alliance High School. Morgan is looking to bring one 5th grade girl team, one 6th grade girls team, and possibly one 4th grade girls team. All Board Members discussed the issues and voted "Yes" to invite Mr. Morgan and his teams to participate unanimously.
  • ·         Board agrees on having a mandatory meeting with coaches, directors, or representatives from each outside team. Doug will get it scheduled as soon as teams have registered.
  • ·         The Board discussed the new Rule Books and unanimously decided to amend the halftime length to 3 minutes. Scorekeepers will adjust this on the clock. Refs and coaches will be notified of the change. Amendment will be posted on the League Website.
  • ·         The Board discussed several ways to change the way teams line up to enter or exit the gyms between games. Doug Horning and Amber Horning are to have ideas and/or a plan for this to be discussed at the next meeting.
  • ·         Jerseys:


o   Board discussed styles set for Travel and In House Teams. Board accepted proposed choices.


o   Guests and Board members voiced concerns about the current choice of merchant. Several suggestions were made in light of current concerns.


§  Sports Express


§  Positive Images


§  Hall Star Sports


  • ·          Discussed upcoming dates:


o   Tryouts:


§  Girls' - Oct 5, from 5-7 @WBMS Small Gym


§  Boys' - Oct 7, from 4-5:30 @WBMS Small Gym


o   Coaches' Meeting - Oct 15, (time TBA) @WBMS (Cafe?)


o   Skills Camp w/Montgomery and DeShields - Oct 22, from 9:30-noon @WBMS Big Gym


o   Practices will start Nov 1st.


o   Games will start Dec 3rd.


  • ·         Doug Horning brought to the attention some of the concerns parents are having about the current Photo company. Concerns were also heard from Michelle Randlett and Amber Horning. The Board Members agreed to contact the photographer about other price options. Likely to handled by Amber Horning.
  • ·         Picture Day Scheduling will be on hold until the Board has a more clear date set for uniform arrival.
  • ·         Doug Horning will be dispersing information pertaining to the Canton Charge to all Board Members for perusal, to be discussed at the next meeting.
  • ·         The Board voted "Yes" unanimously to hire a Goshen Township Officer again for security purposes.
  • ·         The Board discussed admissions options to help offset the cost of the Police Officer. Possible options or changes include:


o   Raising prices


o   Setting a limit of people accepted in family prices.


o   Selling either family or senior passes.


To be decided at next meeting.


  • ·         Board Members and Guests discussed current School Board events.
  • ·         The Board discussed the open Board Positions. No nominations were made at this time.




 October 23, 2016 


WBLW Basketball Board Meeting Notes. Sep 23, 2016                                                                                                                 Oct 23, 2016


  • ·         Introductions/In attendance:
    • ·         Doug Horning - President
    • ·         Amber Horning - Secretary, and Interim Treasurer
    • ·         Matt Lippiatt - Advisor
    • ·         Michelle Randlett - Advisor
    • ·         Adam Dennison - Observer, Parent*
    • ·         Mark Muckleroy - Coach
    • ·         Jacob Cutchall - Coach
  • ·         Previous meeting minutes approved by Michelle Randlett.
  • ·         Financial Report - From Amber Horning stating League Finances.
  • ·         *Adam Dennison was nominated by Doug Horning for the position of Vice President.
    • ·         Vote was unanimous for Mr. Dennison to become the Vice President.
  • ·         Doug Horning asked if there was any other nominations for Board Positions.
    • ·         Matt Lippiatt nominated Clayton Jones (not present).
  • ·         Doug Horning shared final West Branch player registration numbers:
    • ·         138 kids total
    • ·         Team Count (WB) 4Gx2, 4Bx4, 5Gx2, 5Bx1, 6Gx1, 6Bx2
    • ·         4 Travel Teams
  • ·         Doug Horning shared Outside Teams numbers:
    • ·         Deadline for Outside Team Registration - Nov. 7th (could be extended)
  • ·         Amber Horning shared Jerseys Purchased through Hardy Design.
    • ·         All Jerseys have been ordered for both travel and in-league teams.
    • ·         Travel Jerseys are being printed now.
    • ·         4 in-league teams will be sent to print Monday morning.
    • ·         Will continue to send in-league team orders to print as sponsors are locked in for each team.
  • ·         Doug Horning reiterated that practices start Nov. 1st
  • ·         Doug Horning reiterated that games begin Dec. 3rd
  • ·         Planning on staying with SYK Photography pending price inquiries.
    • ·         Nov. 19th is unofficial date for Picture Day
  • ·         Doug Horning made a proposal to use Fancloth as a form of fundraising.
    • ·         Board voted unanimously not to proceed further with Fancloth.
  • ·         Doug Horning made a proposal for Shoot Out as a fundraiser.
    • ·         Board voted unanimously to implement Shoot Out as a fundraiser.
  • ·         Doug Horning proposed that we look into the youth opportunities with the Canton Charge.
    • ·         Board all agree to procure more information (to be done by Amber Horning).
  • ·         Doug Horning announced that the league is still looking for League and Team Sponsors
  • ·         The Board set the date of Nov. 12th for a meeting with Outside Team Representatives and the Next WBLW Basketball Board Meeting.
  • ·         Doug Horning shared his plans to have Greg Garlock do WBLW Basketball Sticker(s) for us as a form of fundraiser.
    • ·         Board agreed to proceed.
  • ·         Adam Dennison proposed looking into "Chipotle" Day fundraiser.
    • ·         Board agreed to look further into it.
  • ·         Michelle Randlett proposed a rule change in regards to requesting coaches on sign up forms.
    • ·         Seconded by Adam Dennison.
    • ·         Board voted to no longer allow coach request on registration forms for the 2017-2018 season.  Teams will be picked in a draft format with the exception of coaches kids. Rules to be better defined at next meeting.
  • ·         Michelle Randlett proposed a game rule change in regards to the "1pt and 1 shot" free throw rule for the 4th grade level.
    • ·         Seconded by Matt Lippiatt.
    • ·         Board voted to extend the "1pt and 1 shot" free throw rule to all grade levels.   Amendment to the rule book will be posted on the website and brought to the attentionof all coaches, refs, and scorekeepers.



January 8, 2017


WBLW Basketball Meeting Notes                                                                                                             Jan 8, 2017


·         Introductions/ In attendance:

o   Doug Horning - President

o   Adam Dennison - Vice President

o   Amber Horning - Secretary, and Interim Treasurer

o   Matt Lippiatt - Advisor

o   Michelle Randlett - Advisor and Coach

o   Dave Ice - Advisor and Ref

o   Shane Davis - Coach

·         Financial Report - From Amber Horning Stating League Finances.

o   Stated current balance in the League's Checking account.

o   Door and concessions intake at both locations for weeks 1, 2, and 3.

o   Weekly payouts for weeks 1 and 2.

o   Shared current debts/bills to be paid by the League.

·         Fundraisers:

o   Chipotle Fundraiser Day:

§  Date approved and set for Jan 30,2017 due to date change.

o   Shoot Out:

§  Dates, prizes, and dead line set.

§  Info to be dispersed to In-house teams.

·         Amber Horning shared a "thank you" card from Damascus Elementary for the League's donations to Damascus Elementary and Knox Elementary Thanksgiving Food Baskets ($300.00 each).

·         Amber Horning announced that we will be shrinking the amount of options available at the concession stands to simplify it and help increase sales.

o   Board agreed unanimously.

·         Amber requested that everyone try to push and promote the window decals available at the concessions stand.

o   Board agreed unanimously.

·         Rules:

o   Doug Horning proposed we change the "1 point - 1 shot" rule for next year. Leave it for 4th grade, but not for 5th and 6th. Stop clock on foul shots for 5th and 6th grade.

§  Michelle Randlett commented that the extra time between games may be giving teams too much time to warm up.

§  Board agreed unanimously to revisit the "1 point - 1 shot", rule as well as others at the end of the season.

o   Adam Dennison brought to the attention of the Board a situation involving an age/grade discrepancy.

§  Doug Horning stated that a parent made him aware of the situation shortly before the meeting began.

§  Doug Horning proposed to add a "date of birth" section to the current Roster and Release Forms. Doug stated that if for nothing else it could be used for reference.

§  Board decided unanimously that a child's age when compared to others in their grade is not relevant. As a league we set our divisions by grade. A child should not be penalized for being incrementally older than the others in their grade, as it is most likely out of their hands.

§  Board did not make a decision on editing the Roster and Release Forms.

o   Doug Horning shared that he plans to reiterate to all coaches and directors that we need to continue to enforce the rule against teams/players from bringing their own basketballs on Saturdays.

§  Board supported this decision.

o   Dave Ice requested we try to inform coaches that they need to speed up their substitutions and transition their subs on and off the floor.

§  It was suggested that the refs could call a timeout if they notice it is taking too long.

§  Doug Horning announced that he would inform coaches of the concern.

§  Board agreed unanimously to both suggestions to help remedy the issue.

o   Doug Horning brought a situation to the attention of the Board regarding the outcome of a game from Saturday, January 7.

§  Please see the Post Meeting Notes section below.

·         Doug Horning requested the opinions of the Board on how the training of refs has been going.

o   Board agreed on how to precede with the refs in training. Doug Horning will be contacting the refs in the following week.

·         Doug Horning asked for permission to share Dave Ice's contact info with an in-house coach. Doug Horning is requesting that Dave Ice assist the coach with his team. Dave Ice accepted and agreed to have the coach contact him.

·         Doug Horning announced to the Board that there may be a new school district added to the League next year.

·         Doug Horning proposed that the League offers the opportunity to all in-house teams to participate in the Newton Falls Tournament.

o   The Board agreed unanimously to offer the opportunity to all in-house teams.

·         Doug Horning shared the dates and times for "Little Warrior Days" at West Branch High School.

o   Doug Horning reminded the Board of the rules pertaining to "Little Warrior Days":

§  It is for West Branch Students only.

§  Little Warrior Players must wear their jerseys to get into the below stated games for free.

§  Parents or Adults must attend with their children for supervision.

§  This event is scheduled only for the dates below.

§  Dates are as follows:

·         Girls - Feb 1, 2017. JV or Varsity games.

·         Boys - Jan 24, 2017. Varsity only.

·         Shane Davis inquired about a Mentor Program for the High School Basketball players. He feels it would be a good experience for the High School players and the Little Warriors players.

o   Board agreed to look further into how to implement a mentor program.

·         Doug Horning state his intent to begin the "Year End" tourney immediately following the season. The dates would be 2/25/2017 and 3/4/2017.

·         Michelle Randlett made the Board aware of the 10 player time sheet sample on the League's website being incorrect.

o   Doug Horning stated that he would edit it and fix any mistakes.

·         End Meeting.


Post Meeting Notes 1/11/2017:

WBLW Board Members conducted a vote with text messages in regards to some of the scores from the previous weeks games. As a result of that vote, WBLW Basketball has added the following rule/amendment to the current League Rule Book:

To help promote good sportsmanship and an enjoyable experience, any team with a lead of twenty (20) points or more must run a five (5) pass minimum offense. This is to slow the game down and help to promote good ball movement as well. If a team is not in compliance with this rule they will be issued a warning. If the team breaks the rule again during the same game, the coach will be issued a technical foul. Coaches who break this rule chronically or egregiously may be issued a one (1) game suspension. Coaches may also disregard the equal playing time rule in order to sub out their primary ball-handler.