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January 28, 2018
Western Little League is continuously in need of sponsors to help prosper the league. A sponsorship can be done towards a specific team or to the league itself. Your company's information will be displayed throughout the entire season in a few different ways as noted in the packages.
We are proud to continue our successful "free gear to the coach" program for 2017 with sponsor's donations. The level of sponsorship will determine the amount of training equipment the coach can choose from.  See bottom of page for further details.  
There are four primary ways to sponsor:

 Package Details: (Spring Season is March-June and Fall Season is September-November)

Website Ad: Advertisement of your company on Western Little League’s website

Uniform Ad: Your Company name (no logo due to limited space) on the back of the players’ jerseys of the team(s) you sponsor for the season

Field Banner: 4’ by 8’ banner of your name, logo, phone number and/or web address on the outfield fence on Field 1 or Field 2 for one season

Team Banner: Banner displayed on team dugout for each game that includes team name, player names, and company logo

Team Plaque: Plaque with Team picture, Company Name, name of team sponsored, and year of sponsorship 

 How To Sign Up:

  1. Fill out the form and return it to the league, with your payment.  Mail to Western Little League, 2251 N Rampart Blvd #254, Las Vegas, NV 89128 - or - Hand it to the manager of the team you are sponsoring - or - Hand it to a league official.
  2. Email your graphics to the league at westernll@ymail.com. PLEASE make sure they are full sized.  Business cards make horrible banners since they don't enlarge clearly.  The bigger the better.
  3. Once everything is confirmed, we will have the sponsor posted online within two weeks. Field banners are set depending upon when graphics are received, but also within two weeks.  We try to have prior to Opening Day for each season.  
  4. A receipt will be given to you (in person or by mail when requested) with our Tax ID, which you need for your tax write-off.

Sample Banners:

Online banners are all about 468 x 60 pixels in size.  These banners will appear in three places on our website:

  1. Random when any page of the web site is opened 
  2. The main sponsor page (active once the season gets going)
  3. The page of the team that was sponsored (if applicable) 

Here is a sample online banner:


Managers Receive Free Gear With A Sponsor

A team sponsorship provides a great opportunity for coaches to receive free practice gear. Teams may bring in multiple sponsors if they desire to obtain additional gear. Any team that brings in a $1000+ sponsorship or two $300 sponsors for their team will get a choice of one the following items:
  • $1000 = 1 Dozen Practice Baseballs and Pick 2 
  • $750 = 1 Dozen Practice Baseballs and Pick 1
  • $500-$600 = 1 Dozen Practice Baseballs

Managers can pick from the following: Line Up Board, Baseball Bucket, Coaches Bucket Bag or Hitting Tee

Any questions regarding sponsorship details please contact our sponsor coordinator, Katherine Uecker at 702-682-6685 or kubaseball6@gmail.com 

2018 Sponsor Letter - CLICK HERE

2018 Sponsor Enrollment Form - CLICK HERE


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