The rules for all interleague games will be the 2019 edition of the Official Regulations and Playing Rules (ORPR) published by Little League Baseball with the following clarifications:

Time Limits: There will be a two hour time limit for all interleague games. This means that no new inning may begin after two hours has elapsed from the official start time. If a game ends prior to completing a regulation game per the Little League rules, the game will still be considered official and the game will not be continued at a later date. There is no drop dead time.

Batting Order: The team batting order will consist of the entire team roster. When all players are in the batting order rule 7.14 will not apply. When the entire roster is in the batting order and a player initially in the batting order must be skipped, that batter is declared out unless he/she has an umpire verified injury or illness.

Pitch Count: The home team scorebook will be the official pitch count. However, both teams are encouraged to communicate the current pitch count at the end of each half inning. If a team requests the other teams pitch count they must provide it. If a team refuses to share their pitch count the manager will be subject to suspension.

Defensive Play: Players must play defensively every other inning. Players cannot sit two innings in a row. Not playing players in accordance with these minimum play rules will result in the manager being subject to disciplinary actions as defined in the Little League rule book. If a player is declared injured or sick by the umpire there will be no penalty for the manager.

10 Run Rule:  After 4 innings, the 10 run mercy rule will be in effect

50-70 Safety Standards will follow Green Book: Bats may be USA or BBCOR; Metal cleats are permitted.

Reporting of Scores and Pitch Counts: CHANGE: The HOME TEAM manager will report scores and pitch counts within 12 hours, by emailing scores to Western Board Member James at