Willows Swim Club Bonded, Empty Nest, Senior & Single Member Online Bill Payment

Please click the PayPal "Buy Now" button next to the membership type shown on your bill. The amount charged includes any applicable late fees.

Paypal is the service provider and charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction which has already been added to the payment amount. Please note that this service is provided for the convenience of our members and the Willows Swim Club is not responsible for any security issues, technical or other problems encountered using this service. If you have trouble please contact PayPal or mail a check to the address on your bill.

All payments are due by April 1. Payments received after April 15 are subject to a late fee.

Bonded Member
2018 Maintenance Fee $695.00
Late fee $50.00
Paypal fees $22.57
Total: $767.57
Empty Nest Member
2018 Maintenance Fee $535.00
Paypal fees $16.30
Total: $551.30
Senior/Single Member
2018 Maintenance Fee $340.00
Paypal fees $10.47
Total: $350.47