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What are the physical benefits of ball hockey?

Ball hockey is fast becoming a popular sport, particularly in regions where weather conditions are not conducive to playing ice hockey. Ball hockey is fun, exciting, and fast-paced, and the physical benefits of playing the game are enormous. The concept of ball hockey is not new; rather, it is the venue in which it is played that has changed. A type of ball hockey has existed for many years, in the form of street hockey.


The main difference between street hockey and ball hockey, however, is that ball hockey can be played anywhere there is a playing surface suitable for running with protective screening to keep players and spectators safe. Because many of these types of playing surfaces are indoors, the excuse of unsuitable weather is no longer a factor in reaping the physical benefits of this game.

Ball hockey utilizes some of the same equipment as ice hockey. You don’t need to buy anything special to get the physical benefits of ball hockey. Because ball hockey is played by running, your legs and thighs get the benefits of a powerful workout as you keep yourself moving around the surface. All aspects of playing ball hockey require physical movement of all parts of the body. In addition to your lower body getting a workout from the running, your abdomen, upper body, and arms become toned from maneuvering the hockey stick. Ball hockey is a way for your whole family to get the physical benefits of exercise while having fun. Invite other ladies to join you for some friendly competition.