Concession Stand

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Concession Stand

Concession Stand Work Schedule

If you came here from Online Registration;
           Please finish the registration first, then come back here.

Each family will sign up for 1 (one) game slot at Registration. One person from your family should be ready to
work ½ hour before game time, until all clean up is done after the game.

Expect your total time to be 2 - 2½ hours. You may choose a time when your child is playing, or not playing, or during RFA games, or during weekend tournaments.

Be sure to sign-in (AFTER you work) so you can get your refund.


1. View the calendar below.

2. Change the date to one you are interested in working.
3. Look to see what games are open. If the time slot is full, it will say "Full".

The information you see in the calendar is the time of the game & the age group as follows;
  • V=Varsity
  • JV=Junior Varsity
  • M o=Modified Orange
  • M b=Modified Black
  • 10u=10&under AND Kost Kids
  • 12u=12&under
  • 14/16u=14/16&under
  • 19u=Monday or Wednesday

If you are signing up for the Spring Season, Please choose a date before June 22.
If you are signing up for the Summer Season, Please choose a date after June 22.

Google has a problem displaying the calendar below on some computers.
If you can't see the calendar, you need to enable 3rd party cookies


4. Pick a date & time and then fill out the form...

5. Come back to this page in a few days and verify that your name is in your requested date.
Please email with any problems.

If the season has started, this can all be done in person at the fields by seeing Tim or Russ in the stand.

Thank you for all your support!