Mission Statement

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Welcome to the home of Turn 2 Baseball. A baseball program based in Fremont, CA.


Our mission is to help Turn kids in 2 well balanced committed student athletes and responsible young adults.

Turn 2 Baseball promotes character and personal responsibilty thru baseball team activities.

We do this by instiling the core values of hard work, dedication and perserverence as being the only ways to acheive your goals on the field, in the classroom and in life!

We teach both the fundamentals of the game as well as an approach towards acheiving success through repetition and routines 2 help with the tremendous amount of pressure and failures that come along with playing the great game of baseball. 

Athletes can then Turn these lessons learned on the field 2 ways of handling adversity off the field with poise and confidence.

We will work hard to help all our members reach their full potential on the field and in life!

Thanks for visiting our page and please feel free to contact us with any questions or for an opportunity to be involved with the program.


Turn 2 Baseball

Frank Durand