Tyneside United S.C.

United Soccer Club
is an American soccer team, based
in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, and is arguably the
most successful soccer club in Nevada. Tyneside
first got its start competing in
the Las Vegas Premier Soccer League and were the reigning champions,
winning the Premier League Title six (6) consecutive years in
a row. In 2002, they became the first Nevada club
to win the USASA Region IV National Cup Championship,
and they represented the state at the National Finals in
Oakford, Pennsylvania. In 2003, its members established a
semi-professional team, the
Las Vegas Strikers,
who competed in the

National Premier Soccer League
in 2003, 2004, 2005,
and 2006.

Tyneside United is now a member of
the Las Vegas Major Soccer League (LVMSL), which is affiliated
with the United States Amateur Soccer Association (USASA).
The LVMSL is a non-profit sports organization created in
1963 under the supervision of the Nevada State Soccer
Association and the United States Soccer Federation.
Besides being the oldest league in Southern Nevada and
the most prestigious soccer league in the state of
Nevada, it is the only soccer league whose members vote
in the Board of Directors at the end of every calendar
year. Five teams from the LVMSL won 5 of the past
8 championships during the Copa Univision Competition.
In addition, 2 of the last 3 State Cup champions, plus a
runner up, had been teams of the LVMSL (Inter United,
Cruz Azul, and Deportivo Citala). Also, in the 27
editions of the International Silver Mug Tournament (Bud
Cup), LVMSL has the only two local champions (Torinos
1979 and Caesars Palace FC 1983).

Tyneside United participates at
the highest division level available. The team is
comprised of former collegiate All-Americans, players
with previous professional experience, players with
international experience, as well as up and coming
players who are recent college graduates.

After only one year in existence,
Tyneside United captured the State Championship title
and proceeded to capture the USASA Region IV
Championship title in Salt Lake City, Utah. The squad
earned the privilege of representing the Western States
in the U.S. National Finals in Oakford, PA in 2002.

The goal of the organization is to
provide the Las Vegas area with a display of quality
soccer at the highest level, while at the same time
showcasing their local talent and providing an
opportunity for that talent to advance through the U.S.
soccer system. This past year the club received radio
coverage on the local AM Station affiliates, plus
newspaper coverage both at home and on the road.
Tyneside United hopes to continue its success and
establish a reputation for the club.

Phillip Detmer and Jeff Canarelli
have been co-managers of the club since 2001, when they
took over the then Las Vegas Arsenal soccer team.

Las Vegas Arsenal Days

Tyneside United started its existence as Las Vegas
Arsenal in 1996, founded by former Cal State Northridge
standout Steve Lazarus and some local UNLV college
grads. Arsenal competed in the Las Vegas Premier
Soccer League.

The team won the Las Vegas Premier Soccer
League in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000 before
folding the team mid-season during the 2001 season. Arsenal's first kits were red jersey tops, with
black shorts and white socks. Their alternate kits
were green jersey tops. Arsenal also won several
out-of-state tournaments during this period, including
the Arizona Copper Cup tournament (defeating Banat
Arsenal 5-0 in the final) and their best run in the
Silver Mug Invitational Tournament was the Quarterfinals
in 1998, losing to San Diego Surf 1-0.

Phillip Detmer and Jeff Canarelli
were members of the squad during that time and made the
decision to continue the team under a new name and
management structure. Canarelli and Detmer agreed
on the name "Tyneside United," which attributes its
origin from Canarelli's favorite English Premier League
team Newcastle United. Newcastle is located along
the Tyne River and the professional team is often
referred to as Tyneside.


View Tyneside United's
Accomplishments and Statistical History Since 2001

Tyneside United Soccer Club

Full name
Tyneside United Soccer Club
Los Blancos
Founded 2001 (fka Las Vegas Arsenal)
Record 294-64-35 (W-L-T) As of 12/31/08
Ground McCarran Marketplace Park

Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Capacity N/A

Flag of England

Phillip Detmer

Flag of the Netherlands

Jeff Canarelli

LV Major Soccer League
2008-09 LV Major Soccer
League, 1st
2007-08 LV Major Soccer
League, 1st
2007-08 LV Major Soccer
League, 1st
2006-07 NV Soccer League, 2nd
2006–07 LV Premier League,
2005-06 LV Premier League, 1st
2004-05 LV Premier League, 1st
2003-04 LV Premier League, 1st
2002-03 LV Premier League, 1st
2001-02 USASA Region IV Cup, 1st
2001-02 LV Premier League, 1st

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