11-12 All Star team

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The following players have been selected for Western's  "Little League Division" aka 11-12yo/Majors All Star team, to be managed by Cliff McMachen. 

  • Chassin Rule
  • Alex Bohlander
  • Jacob Rodriguez
  • Damien Delgado
  • Ryan Campbell
  • Braylon Kolish
  • Adan Melendrez
  • Owen Anderson
  • Blaise McMachen
  • Aidan Ominga
  • Chase Hurley
  • Clem Strumillo
  • Jabril Jones

If players decline, alternates will be contacted.

First practice is Wednesday June 5, 7:30pm, Doc Romeo Field 2. Your Manager will contact you in the meantime.

Note to 11 year olds: If you are on this list, you do not try out on June 3. All other 11 year olds can try out for the 9-11yo All Star team on June 3. See site for details.