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2012 All Star Season

Follow the Goodlettsville Family as they make their way through the All-Star season!
2012 All Star Season

Goodlettsville falls to Japan in International World Series Game
Settles for 2nd best Little League team in the world
Holy moly!

Goodlettsville Little League advances to U.S. Championship


Thoughts from Williamsport, PA
August 21, 2012 Williamsport, PA


What a great start to a day! After breakfast, most of the guys went to the game room. I was asked to come up to play a kid from another team in ping pong so I strolled up to the game room also. I didn’t get to play the player but I did witness one of the best moments of our stay here. ESPN came in with Nomar Garciaparra to film him playing ping pong versus a player from Africa. All the kids gathered around while the game was in action. The coolest thing was after the cameras left the building Nomar stayed around and played pretty much every player in the room who wanted to play. I was able to get several pictures of Nomar versus our players. Jonathan Seals got to play a doubles match with Nomar versus the team from the Great Lakes. The smiles on these kid’s faces said it all in my opinion. They will remember the day they played Nomar in ping pong long after these games have ended. I let him know how much it meant to the kids for him to take the extra time out of his schedule and he was gracious as ever. I will never forget myself. Go Red Sox! J


Practice at 11:30
The team practiced at 11:30 and pitched after that. The rest of the day was spent with their parents seeing the sights.

This evening I received an email from Coach Corbin from Vanderbilt which had a video attachment from the Vanderbilt University Baseball team. The message wished the guys good luck against Texas telling the guys to take Texas down and represent Tennessee. They were pumped to know the Vanderbilt guys were rooting them on.

Tomorrow is game day so we will hang out and relax until BP at 6:00est. The players will enter the stadium at 6:45est and begin to warm up at 7:20est. If the team wins tomorrow they will advance to the US championship game on Saturday.

Monday August, 20 Williamsport, PA


Today was a day for the players to get away from it all. The team went with their parents for the day before returning to the grove for a trip to see the Williamsport Cross Cutters “A” minor league baseball team play. Japan and Latin America also attended the game with us. The moment of the night was when we were all leaving and one of the Japan coaches accidentally went into the women’s bathroom to use the bathroom. The Japan kids went nuts with laughter. The players seem to have a good relationship with the team from Tokyo as they all interact well when they are together. The phone apps really help the guys communicate. What a wonderful time to be a kid!


Sunday August 19, 2012 Williamsport, PA


Today was game day after two days off. We had our usual breakfast in the lunch hall followed by batting practice before the game with California. Coach Tim Corbin from Vanderbilt made it up this morning to watch the kids take BP and the game which was a thrill for us all. He told us of the crazy support we are getting back home which is so appreciated by the kids and coaches as well. The game was the most stressful to date as California hit the ball better against us than any team to date. Luckily the guys were more efficient on offense as we pulled out another one 9-6. I was a little disappointed in the California coaches who told us they would see us again Thursday as we crossed to shake hands implying we would lose to Texas on Wednesday. We will use that little bit of information as motivation leading up to that game. Tomorrow Little League is busing our team along with Japan and Latin America to see the Crosscutters minor league game at 7:00pm. I think they are a “A” minor league team but the game should be a nice diversion for a few hours.

That’s all we have for now. Thanks again for all of the support as the kids are having the time of their lives!

Day 6 Williamsport, PA


Day 6 was all about getting away and enjoying the sites. The team practiced at 10:00 and was free to hang out with their parents the rest of the day. Brock Myers and Collin O’Berry were filmed by ESPN with a few Japanese players using their phones to speak to each other. They also had a mean game of doubles ping pong as well which looked pretty even. Later that evening, Collin O’Berry was interviewed by George Plaster of 102.5 which I have to say went pretty well. Collin isn’t one to shy away from a conversation. The players spent the rest of the day getting noticed in the crowd by the ladies which they all just hated. Yeah right!


Tomorrow will be another day of relaxation after practice and then it’s on to our second game versus California on Sunday.

Day 5 Williamsport, PA


From this point forward, all that is going on up here are the games. The team spent most of the day watching the other teams playing their games until it was time for pre-game BP. The Japan and Asia Pacific teams looked awesome as expected.


It has been fun to see the girls noticing the players in the crowd. They are definitely eating it all up. Small rock stars for a week.


The next two days will be pretty much be spent with the parents seeing the sights. I believe some are heading off to an amusement park after practice this morning while the rest will stay and watch games.


Brock Myers and Collin O’Berry are scheduled to meet with ESPN today at 12:30 to do a segment about communicating with the Japanese team through their translation apps on their phones. I tried it myself with the kid from Japan who was throwing the heaters telling him he pitched very well and he immediately responded with a bow and a smile saying thanks. It was so cool! That’s all for now; keep us in your prayers.

Day Four Williamsport, PA


Wow! What a day it was. The kids started off the day the same as every day, in the lunch room eating breakfast. From there the team met with ESPN for one on one interviews and pictures. The team then moved out to the hill under the scoreboard of Lamade Stadium for game intro video shots. That was really cool with all of the different things ESPN asked the team to do. Justin Smith and Seth Marlin were stars in the soul train line as both went through several times doing different things. The video shoot lasted a good amount of time so we ended up being late for lunch and missed our scheduled practice time on the lower fields so we ended up pitching instead.


Luke and Collin with Nomar
The teams all left for the team picnic at 4:00 at Penn College where they had the opportunity to meet Former Red Sox and Hall Of Famer Wade Boggs.


Wade Boggs with some of the guys
From there the team proceeded to the World Series parade. The parade lasted at least an hour and was attended by some 30,000 people who braved the rain and lined the route on both sides of the street. The parade was an incredible experience that the kids enjoyed thoroughly. We do have some heart throbs on the team from my observations during the parade. Good luck parents. J


Thousands lined the streets to see the World Series Competitors

Tomorrow the games begin along with the opening ceremonies and parent meeting. It’s been a great ride and we are hoping to continue that ride for a while longer. Go Southeast!!

Day Three Williamsport, PA


Today has been a little slower for the guys as they have done almost everything needed before the games begin aside from the ESPN lineup where Justin Smith decided to speak in his British accent. Luke Brown and Collin O’Berry were selected by ESPN to do the building blocks segment which will be recorded tonight around 7:00 at Lamade Stadium. Unfortunately for me and the coaches we have another meeting with Little League officials at the same time so we will miss it. I’m pretty bummed about that. I believe Nomar Garciaparra is doing the segment.


I had a chance to watch Chinese Taipei practice today and they are good as I expected. I watched several launch some bombs an estimated 280 feet in batting practice. If they win Thursday and Japan wins Thursday those two will meet Sunday in the prime time game. That one will be epic. The kids got to speak to the Chinese team through their phone translators and the big kid for Japan said he throws 80 and their lefty throws 78. The big kid also said he had 60 homeruns this season to date. They are a really respectful bunch and a pleasure to be around.


The kids are presently in the swimming pool with the other teams and we have a meeting to attend so I’ll this now. Until tomorrow….


Williamsport, PA Day 2


Today the team met with Baseball Factory, a company that evaluates your swing, fielding, throwing and pitching through the use of video. The time with Baseball factory was also used to determine which Easton bat would be the best fit for them. Of course a few were recommended the Black and gold which is a -12 drop instead of a -10 and wanted to switch to the “Big hitter bat” the -10. Chihuahuas wanting to be Rottweiler’s….lol. The batting evaluation was first and we were told our team graded the highest among the teams that had been evaluated to date and that they were impressed with the player’s skill set with the bat. The team moved over to Lamade Stadium for the fielding and pitching portion of the evaluation which was an opportunity for me to get some really nice ground level pictures of the guys in action. The guys performed well in the defensive drills as well and looked comfortable inside the stadium.


Lunch was next followed by a 1 ½ hour practice where the guys got to try out their new bats. They were really impressed with the bats and I expect every player will be using them in the opening game. Today was also the first day the pool was open so the guys spent the rest of the day swimming and causing havoc as usual.


The coaches had their first formal meeting with Little League officials at 7:00 where the video challenge was covered. We were told what could and could not be challenged and were also offered advice not to listen to the fans on challenges since the video feeds they look at are not the same as what is shown on TV. After an hour of watching the paint dry we were let go to finish the evening with the kids. Brock Myers was interviewed by the Tennessean tonight for tomorrow’s edition and we were told that they have hired a photographer and writer to follow us through our journey through the tournament.

That’s about all for today. The kids are making friends and can’t wait to get going in three days.

Day One

I was told by Jen Colvin, the southeast region director that Warner Robins was big but compared to the fields at Williamsport, was very tiny. At the time I couldn’t wrap my brain around that thought considering that the southeast region complex is a sight to behold but as soon as we arrived around 9:30pm eastern time last night I understood every word. To see this place on TV is not doing it any justice because Lamade Stadium is Christmas on steroids for any twelve year old lucky enough to walk into the complex. The stadium is massive and the hill the kids slide down is twice the size of the southeast region site and much steeper. The volunteers that are basically guarding the “grove” 24 hours a day where we sleep say the kids pour cups and cups of water on the hill to add some speed to their decent. I am tempted to take the plunge myself because this hill looks really inviting.



The Grove….Home Sweet Home


Our kids are staying next to the Mexican champions. Mexico is equally excited to be here as I had reports from the players that they kept them up all night making noise next door. But the kids are really friendly as several came by the room to request trading league pins which none of the kids have unfortunately. Hopefully we will have some when the parents arrive Wednesday.
Japan has already given the boys pins which are really cool. Just to see the teams from Taiwan and Japan is as amazing as anything I have seen over the last 24 hours. Japan practiced after us today and when they approached they were in double file marching toward the practice field. We had some loss of concentration when those guys arrived which was understandable because after all they are from halfway around the world. Like I said amazing! Taiwan has been my biggest thrill, since I grew up in the heyday of Taiwan’s Little League dominance and they are just as disciplined as the Japanese. Looking at those two teams I would have to say they may be the teams to advance to the international finals. Mexico looks pretty stout also and is similar to Columbia in size. I can’t wait to see these teams play!


Why Go Directly to Williamsport?


I was asked why we were sent straight to Williamsport after the regional game. There is so much going on every day preparing for the tournament that it would be impossible to start it on time if the teams were not brought in early. Today, the team was fitted with the southeast uniform; they were given Russell athletic sweat bands and other gear. They had to meet with Easton to get new cleats that will not be on the market as well as two sets of catchers gear for our two catchers, Easton helmets and of course the new Easton bats which are black and gold “go Vandy” and gold and black which they will test out tomorrow before selecting which one they want. These bats will hit the market in November. The team also had a combined 15 Louisville Slugger Attack bats and Demarini CF5 bats as well that are being used as team bats. These guys are being pampered like no other and are enjoying every minute!


There is another full day of events tomorrow and again on Wednesday as we approach our game Thursday night. I was told last night to expect 30,000 fans for our game versus Nebraska since we are the prime time game. That’s another one of those numbers I can’t wrap my brain around after playing in front of 10,000 against Georgia. Imagining a crowd three times larger than the southeast region championship game is mind boggling!


I will try to give a daily account each evening of what the team is doing if I have the time. The team appreciates all the outpouring of support from around middle Tennessee. We haven’t been home in almost two weeks now but are enjoying the ride. It brings tears to my eyes watching the TV news casts from back home on the internet. Thanks again for the support and Go Big Blue!!!


Way to go boys!


Twelve Year Old Southeast Region Warner Robins, GA


Goodlettsville 12’s Loose and Relaxed Leading up to Game Day


The Goodlettsville 12’s all-stars got their first look at the Southeast Regional field today during registration and were immediately impressed. Kids and parents alike were in complete wonder of the field, stadium and surrounding facilities making the tournament all the more exciting for all in attendance. Reporters from the local CBS television station interviewed Collin O’Berry and Cole Carter along with Manager Joey Hale and parent Brandee Lyle for the evening 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 news broadcasts which drew cat calls from the rest of the Goodlettsville team during the interview process. In all, the first day leading up to the first game tomorrow was lighthearted and full of anticipation. Goodlettsville opens tournament pool play versus great Falls, VA tomorrow at 4:00 EST.

2012 Twelve Year Old State Champs

2012 Eleven Year Old State Champs
2012 7 Year old State Champs
2012 8 year old State Champs

Twelve year Old Southeast region Warner Robins, GA

August 8, 2012


Goodlettsville Team One Win From Little League World Series


Brock Myers homered in the first inning and allowed just one hit in 3 1/3 innings of work to help Goodlettsville beat Greenville, NC, 9-3 in the semifinals of the Little League Baseball Southeast Regional Tournament.
The Goodlettsville team, which won the Tennessee state championship, will play the winner of Wednesday’s Great Falls, VA-Warner Robins, GA game in Friday’s regional championship. The winner will advance to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.
Myers’ home run was part of a four-run first inning for Goodlettsville. Jake Rucker led off the inning by reaching on a fielding error. Rucker scored on a double by Jayson Brown.
Brown scored on a passed ball before Myers’ home run gave the Tennessee champs a 3-0 lead.
Ryan Lyle drove in the final run of the inning with a single, scoring Lorenzo Butler.
On the mound, Myers allowed one hit and struck out five over 3 1/3 innings. He also allowed no runs.
Greenville scored two runs in the fourth inning to cut Goodlettsville’s lead to 5-2.

Goodlettsville answered with a single run in the fourth and three runs in the fifth to secure the win.

August 6,2012



Tennessee’s Luke Brown slides into home to score the team’s first run Monday against South Carolina.


WARNER ROBINS -- For the second straight game, South Carolina dug itself into an early hole.
This time, it was able to climb back out.
But not for long.

Tennessee watched South Carolina tie the game in the top of the third, but answered an inning later with 10 runs to take a 14-4 win Monday in the Little League Baseball Southeastern Regional Tournament.

Tennessee improved 2-1 in Pool A play and advanced to Wednesday’s semifinals. South Carolina dropped to 1-2 and into a consolation game Tuesday.

After two innings, a 10-run game didn’t seem improbable.

“We thought we had it at 4-0,” Tennessee manager Joey Hale said. “Man, they just got on a roll.”
South Carolina reeled off four hits in a row en route to tying it up at 4.

“They really weren’t down,” South Carolina manager John Ecton said of his team. “We were fine, we felt fine only four down.
“Once we came back, everybody’s good and pumped back up.”

South Carolina pitcher Jacquez Geter retained the momentum with an efficient bottom of the third, but his team’s offense again was quiet in the fourth. And then the same defensive and pitching issues that hurt South Carolina in Saturday’s 12-2 loss to Virginia re-emerged.
“Geter just petered out,” Ecton said. “He was going the distance. He just looked like he was getting a little tired, and he’d been through the lineup a couple times. They figured it out a little bit.”

Geter left after a walk, RBI double from Jake Rucker, groundout and walk, trailing 5-4. Relief pitchers Jake Benoit and Kyle Ecton then just couldn’t find the plate.

Benoit lasted three batters: a hit batter, walk and error, while Ecton came on and walked his first two batters, with a wild pitch and passed ball in the mix.

Jayson Brown eventually ended it early with a single to left, Tennessee scoring 10 runs on just three hits, aided by six walks.
“Just had problems,” John Ecton said of his bullpen. “Couldn’t find the zone. That’s what happens.”


August 4, 2012
Tennessee Little Leaguers break through against West Virginia  
                                                                       Tennessee second baseman Lorenzo Butler tries to double up West Virginia's Kobie Carpenter during action Saturday





WARNER ROBINS -- Opportunity knocked early and often offensively for Tennessee on Saturday.

The problem was, no one could seemingly unlock the door.


After stranding four runners -- including three in scoring position -- in the first two innings, a combination of players keyed a third-inning rally and Tennessee never looked back, defeating West Virginia 6-0 in Pool A play at the Little League Baseball Southeastern Regional Tournament.


“We finally caught some breaks,” Tennessee manager Joey Hale said. “We hit a few gappers. You have to find some holes to get runs.”


Myers reached on an infield single and scored Tennessee’s first run on third baseman Luke Brown’s triple. Jason Brown’s single drove in Luke Brown before Ryan Lyle reached on a fielder’s choice. Andrew Snyder came on to pinch run for Lyle, and Jonathan Seals reached on a hit before both were plated by catcher Cole Carter’s double for a 4-0 lead.


Luke Brown went 3-for-4, while Carter finished 2-for-2.


West Virginia (0-2) had trouble ending innings. Five of Tennessee’s six runs were scored with two outs.


Tennessee starting pitcher Jacob Rucker earned the victory, throwing 64 pitches. He struck out five, walked none and allowed four hits in 5-1/3 innings. It was the second consecutive strong outing for Tennessee’s pitching staff.


“We work really hard with our rotation,” Hale said. “They say defense wins championships. Well, in baseball, that starts on the mound.”


West Virginia’s Nathanael Thompson picked up the loss. He allowed seven hits, with a strikeout and a walk, in 2-2/3 innings.


Tennessee (1-1) added to its lead in the sixth inning on shortstop Brock Myers’ two-run home run. Myers went 2-for-3.


“We missed a sign,” West Virginia manager Carl Hoskinson said. “We threw him a fastball instead of a curve ball, and we paid for it.”


West Virginia, which managed just four hits in the game, has the least depth of any team in the tournament with just 10 players on the roster.


Shortstop David Akers was hit by a pitch in the lower right leg in the sixth inning and left the game. Hoskinson said Akers suffered a deep bruise and he expects him to return for the team’s next game Monday against Virginia.

August 3,2012

Virginia turns the tables on Tennessee: August 3, 2012



WARNER ROBINS -- Familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt. Sometimes it breeds respect. Sometimes it breeds understanding.
Beaten by Tennessee twice in a 10-11 tournament last summer, Virginia turned the tables at the Little League Baseball Southeastern Regional Tournament on Friday. Kyle Novak hit a pair of two-run home runs and Virginia rallied past Tennessee for a 4-3 win in the tournament opener for both teams.

“Tennessee is a great team,” Virginia manager Ryan Novak said. “We lost to them twice last year. It’s the same team. We knew it was going to be a battle.”

Trailing 3-2 in the bottom of the fifth inning, Kyle Novak batted with one out and Maxwell Trautwein at first base. Earlier, Novak homered on a curveball from Tennessee pitcher Brock Myers. This time, Myers tried to sneak a fastball past Novak, but the result was the same. The blasts were Novak’s 11th and 12th of the all-star season.


Myers retired Novak on a ground out in the first inning, but the left-handed batter had a couple of good swings.

“I learned he had a good curve ball and that he liked to throw it after his fastball,” Novak said. “I hit the first home run off a curve ball.”

The final of the three Virginia pitchers, Novak also earned the win after pitching the final inning and a third. He flagged down a come-backer and threw to first-baseman Colter Carton to end the game.

Tennessee broke a tie at 2 in the top of the fifth inning when Justin Smith delivered a two-out, bases-loaded single that scored Myers. But Luke Brown was thrown out at the plate by Virginia shortstop Jason Volpicelli to end the inning. It was the second Tennessee player Volpicelli gunned down trying for an extra base. In the fourth, Volpicelli made a strong relay throw to cut down Blake Osborne trying to stretch a double into a triple.


“We spend the majority of our practice time working on our defense. Cutoffs. Staying down on the ball,” Volpicelli said.

Both teams played good defense as each team was charged with only one error. Virginia’s led to an unearned run in the first inning. Tennessee’s error did not factor into the scoring. Tennessee second baseman Lorenzo Butler had an assist or putout on the first four outs of the game.

Myers was the tough-luck loser for Tennessee. He yielded just three hits while throwing a rare complete game. He threw 72 pitches.

August 1, 2012

Eleven Year Old Southeast Region Greenville, NC

Goodlettsville 11’s fall to Florida in Finals


The Goodlettsville Eleven year Old All-Stars were defeated by the Plant City, Florida all-stars 4-1 yesterday at Greenville, North Carolina’s Elm Street Park. In the previous contest, Goodlettsville had the better of it winning 5-2 but today was not their day as Florida scored early to take a 3-0 lead and never looked back en route to the championship. The victory for Florida gives Plant City back to back regional titles as they also won the Ten Year old regional last season which would make them one of the favorites heading into their twelve year old year next season. Goodlettsville knows they have what it takes to get to the next level as they were the only team to defeat Florida and will be motivated to be even better next season with a shot at Williamsport, PA on the line.


Jacob Seals wrapped up a stellar tournament getting another hit to finish 10-15 for the tournament while several other players had a strong tournament as well. Congratulations to the elevens on a great all-star season. Stay motivated because next season is the one that counts!

July 31. 2012


Eleven Year Old Southeast Region Greenville, NC


Goodlettsville 11’s Defeat Georgia, Advance to Finals


Hayden Layne took the mound for Goodlettsville in today’s critical semi-final game versus the always tough all-stars from Columbus, GA. Columbus won the Little League World Series a few years back and is known for great baseball so Layne’s task was significant. HT was up for the challenge as he scattered four hits over 5 2/3 innings allowing one run and striking out ten helping lead Goodlettsville to a huge 5-1 victory. The win puts Goodlettsville in the championship game for the second consecutive year. Goodlettsville will face the Plant City all-stars from the Tampa, FL area for a second time in the tournament. Goodlettsville defeated Plant City 5-2 on Sunday.


Offensively the team was led by Jacob Seals and Haven Mangrum who had two hits each. Jacob passed 2011 Goodlettsville all-star Jake Rucker on the all-time hits list for the tournament with his eighth and ninth hits. Rucker finished the 2011 tournament with eight. Also getting hits for Goodlettsville were Drew Robertson, Austin Mays, Christian Dixon and Drake Sanson. Sanson’s hit was a homerun to left center field that gave Goodlettsville their first run of the game.


Goodlettsville and Plant City will square off tomorrow at 6:00est for the title. Good luck to the guys and remember to be three outs better than we were last season. Bring Home The Gold!!!!

July 30, 2012


Eleven Year Old Southeast Region Greenville, NC


Goodlettsville 11’s fall to North Carolina, Advance to Semi-Finals as #3 Seed


Motivation…….Such is the worry for coaches when a team really has nothing to play for but the opposition does. That was the case tonight for Goodlettsville as they were guaranteed of advancing to the semi-finals but their opponent had to win to get in. North Carolina had that extra fire needed as they fought hard to earn a 7-2 victory over Goodlettsville in the final game of pool play. North Carolina will now play Virginia tomorrow morning with the winner advancing to play the #1 seed Florida while Goodlettsville will square off against the Columbus Northern all-stars from Columbus, GA.


Jacob Seals continues to shine for Goodlettsville at the plate gathering two more hits for the tournament to lead the team. Hunter Crawford, Joel Littlepage, Christian Dixon, Drew Robertson and Drake Sanson each had one in a losing effort.


As mentioned earlier, Goodlettsville plays GA at 4:00pm EST with the winner advancing to the finals. Good luck to the guys and bring home the gold!

July 29, 2012


Eleven Year Old Southeast Region Greenville, NC


Goodlettsville 11’s win again!


The Goodlettsville 11’s won another game in the 2012 Southeast Region for eleven year olds defeating the defending 2011 10 year old Southeast Region champions Plant City, FL from the Tampa Florida region, 5-2. Goodlettsville was the home team and took control early as they sent big Hunter Crawford to the mound. Crawford was dominant striking out the first six batters he faced allowing no runners to reach base before leaving the game at 35 pitches. The team took advantage of Crawford’s huge day on the mound scoring two runs in the first and two more in the second. By the time Plant City got their footing in the sixth inning scoring two runs, the score was 5-0 and Goodlettsville was cruising in the Bahamas sipping lemonade. The final score read Goodlettsville 5 Plant City 2 which means that Goodlettsville has reached the two win total needed to guarantee advancement to the semi-finals on Tuesday. Goodlettsville will be the number one seed if it wins its final game tonight and will play the number four seed.


Offensively Goodlettsville was led by Jacob, I’m still celebrating my birthday, Seals with two hits and a homerun and Hayden, I’m glad you had your birthday, Layne who had two hits as well. Alex Dillard and Seth Pentecost rounded out the hit total for Goodlettsville giving them six for the game. Be sure to go to the TOSC Greenville web site to follow the action live and support the guys.

July 28, 2012


Eleven Year Old Southeast Region Greenville, NC


Goodlettsville 11’s open tournament in impressive fashion


The Goodlettsville 11’s kicked things off in the eleven year old South East Regional tournament with a sound win over the Alabama all-stars from Auburn, AL. Goodlettsville fell behind early in the top of the first as Alabama plated two runs off of starter Daylen Powell but the team steadied the ship holding the opposition scoreless in the 2nd and 3rd before exploding for six runs in the bottom half of the third. Alabama responded with two runs in the top of the fourth but it was too little too late as Goodlettsville had found their mojo scoring three more runs over the next two innings to coast home with a 9-5 victory. Goodlettsville ended the game with eleven hits highlighted by birthday boy Jacob Seals three hit day. Joel Littlepage, Drew Robertson and Alex Dillard had two hits while Haven Mangrum and Seth Pentecost had one each. Goodlettsville will play Florida tomorrow at 1:30est which you can follow on the tournament web site.  Google search TOSC Greenville to get the web site address.

July 27, 2012


Twelve Year Old State Tournament Murfreesboro, TN


Goodlettsville 12’s Punch Ticket to Warner Robbins


The Goodlettsville 12’s had easily the most difficult bracket in the 2012 State Tournament having to open play versus Columbia, a big and strong group that dismantled every team in its path in the tournament by scores in the double digits. Then they had to play Karns who was in the championship game versus Goodlettsville last season as eleven year olds. South Nashville and their big 5’10’ 170lb righty was next on the difficult road throwing 70mph cannons balls and to top it off was another date with Columbia in the finals. Columbia sent their solid lefty to the mound with the task of taking Goodlettsville down but the boys handled every challenge sent their way en route to the 2012 State Tournament title. The final score was the closest of any contest as Columbia proved why they deserved to be in the game falling by a score of 4-2. Another weapon Columbia had that no other team could match was a large and vocal contingent of fans that helped urge their team along.


And So It Begins


Columbia was the visitor for the game and had the task of facing Brock Meyers for the second time in the tournament. Meyers proved to be too much in the first inning as he struck out the side in order to give the early momentum edge to Goodlettsville. In the bottom half, Jake Rucker got things going with a lead-off Homerun to left center field followed a few batters later by Luke Brown who hit an opposite field two-run homerun to right center field giving Goodlettsville an early 3-0 cushion, a cushion that would later prove to be enough to claim the title. The second inning went as quickly as the first as Meyers continued to blow through the potent Columbia lineup sitting them down in order for a second time. Columbia would get on the board in the third when J. Shirley launched a fastball some 280 feet into the center field sky closing the gap to 3-1 and igniting the Columbia faithful but one run would be all they would get as Meyers retired the final two batters to end the threat. Goodlettsville would respond in the bottom half with one run as Jake Rucker led off with a single. Andrew Snyder reached safely as well allowing Luke Brown to drive Rucker home with a well-placed single up the middle giving Goodlettsville their three-run cushion once more. Columbia would threaten again in the fourth as the lead-off batter was hit by a pitch followed by a single a few batters later to put runners at first and second but Meyers settled down and struck out the final two batters to end the threat. No runs would cross home in the fourth and fifth innings for either team so the game would come down to one final inning with Meyers inching ever closer to the dreaded pitch count limit. Columbia would lead-off the inning with a single followed by a fielder’s choice that would end Meyers’ time on the mound at 85 pitches. Luke Brown entered the game in relief with a man on first and one out. Two precious outs away from a second consecutive state crown. Brown got the second important out on the first batter giving the Goodlettsville fans reason to expect the game was almost in hand but Columbia had other ideas. Dodson hit a 0-1 breaking ball into left field scoring Columbia’s second run and once more the Columbia fans were in a frenzy. Never to be shaken by the noise, Brown calmly fired fastball after fastball striking out the final batter in four pitches to seal the game giving Goodlettsville the 2012 state championship.

Offensively the team was led by Jake Rucker and Luke Brown who had two hits each and a homerun while Brock Meyers had one for the game.


Up Next


With the win Goodlettsville moves on to Warner Robbins, GA to take on the state champions from the Southeast Region. First on the plate, Friday, will be another foe from last season, the Great Falls Virginia all-stars from the Washington, D.C. area. Great Falls and Goodlettsville played two incredible games last season in the 2011 eleven year old Southeast Region with Goodlettsville winning both games 4-3 and 8-7. This will be yet another tough test for Goodlettsville in their journey as Great Falls will have some payback on their minds in that game. On Saturday, Goodlettsville faces the state champions from West Virginia and finish up pool play on Monday against the state champs from Irmo, South Carolina which was also in the eleven year old southeast region a year ago.


Respect due


Goodlettsville would also like to thank the Columbia coaches and fans for the kind words after the game. You guys were the loudest most respectful fans at the tournament and had one heck of a team to root for. Having to play seven games in seven days and making it to the finals is a testament to the talent your team possessed. We hope to have many more great battles against you guys in the future.
Seven Year Old World Series Southaven, MS
Goodlettsville Seven Year Old All-Stars Finish Fourth
The Goodlettsville seven year old all-stars finished fourth in the seven year old World Series. Great job to the guys on a great post season!
13-14 State Tournament Clarksville, TN
Goodlettsville 13-14 All-Stars Eliminated from State Tournament
The Goodlettsville 13-14 year old all-stars were eliminated from State Tournament play by the Spring Hill all-stars. Spring Hill was the 11-12 state champions two years ago while the Goodlettsville all-stars were made up of primarily the 11-12 state championship team from last season. The Spring Hill fourteen year olds won out over the thirteens and will move on. Congratulations to the Goodlettsville 13-14 all-stars for a great run and good luck next season as you guys should be the favorites to win the state with the entire team returning except big John Pentecost.

July 26, 2012


Seven Year Old World Series Southaven, MS


Goodlettsville Seven Year Old All-Stars Advance to Final Four


The Goodlettsville seven year old all-stars advanced to the semi-finals after defeating the Gardendale Maroon 8-7 yesterday morning. The team then fell to the Canton Sting to fall to the third place game of the tournament. The team’s final game will be at 10:00 this morning. Congratulations to the team on a great run this all-star season.


Twelve Year Old State Tournament Murfreesboro, TN


Goodlettsville 12’s One Step Closer to Repeat Championship


The Goodlettsville Twelve Year Old All-Stars are one step closer to another state championship after defeating South Nashville 6-2 last night at Barfield-Crescent Park. Goodlettsville defeated another tough opponent in as many games as the gauntlet (toughest tournament draw) was laid before them to start the tournament and the gauntlet they have run. Tonight’s opponent, South Nashville, hails from district seven as well and normally wouldn’t be in the tournament due to its runner-up finish to Goodlettsville in the district finals but because district seven is hosting the state this year two teams advanced to the state level with both teams representing district seven proudly as the two remaining teams undefeated.


Goodlettsville was the home team and sent another strong pitcher to the mound in as many games. This time Justin Smith got the starting nod and was dominant through 4 1/3 innings before giving way to Ryan Lyle. Lyle came on and was just as dominant holding the opponents scoreless the rest of the way giving Goodlettsville the win by striking out the side in the final inning. Goodlettsville was steady on offense the entire game scoring at least one run in each inning steadily pulling away with each passing frame the end result a 6-2 victory.


With the win Goodlettsville gets a day off the see who will be their opponent in the championship game on Friday at 7:00. Both participants, Columbia and South Nashville, are teams Goodlettsville has previously defeated in the tournament as no other team has been able to repeat Goodlettsville’s feat and take down these two well coached teams.

13-14 Year Old State Tournament Clarksville, TN


Goodlettsville Falls to Greenville


The Goodlettsville 13-14 all-stars fell to Greenville 7-3 Tuesday night in state tournament action. Chase Waller led the team with two hits but it wasn’t enough as Greenville got the win. Goodlettsville turns its attention to the Johnson City All-Stars in a loser’s bracket game Wednesday.


13-14 Year Old State Tournament Clarksville, TN


Goodlettsville bounces back versus Johnson City 11-1


The Goodlettsville 13-14 All-Stars bounced back in impressive fashion last night defeating the Johnson City All-Stars 11-1 behind two big innings. Goodlettsville jumped out strong in the first with five big runs and followed that up in the fourth with six more to put the game out of reach. Terran Smith and Dalton Hall led the charge with two hits each keeping Goodlettsville in the running for the state crown.

July 24,2012

Seven Year Old World Series Southaven, MS

Goodlettsville 7's All-Stars Advance to Elite Eight
The Goodlettsville seven year old all-stars defeated the Rome Rivercats this morning 7-6 to advance to the elite eight of the 2012 World Series. The Elite Eight game begin tomorrow morning at 10:00am.

July 23, 2012

12 Year Old State Tournament Murfreesboro, TN


Goodlettsville 12’s Defeat Karns to Stay Unbeaten


Goodlettsville and Karns are beginning to start a healthy rivalry in state tournament play. Last season, as eleven year olds, these two teams met twice on the field and played two close games and this season they met again and another close game was the result.


Karns and Goodlettsville battled toe to toe for three and one half innings before anyone blinked. That team was Karns as Goodlettsville squeezed across one precious run in the bottom half of the third to take a 1-0 lead. The fourth inning was even better for Goodlettsville as four more runs crossed home highlighted by two blasts off the center field fence from Blake Osborne and Justin Smith. Jake Rucker and Brock Meyers also had big hits in the four run rally.


On the defensive side of the ball, Jake Rucker was steady holding the Karns batters off balance through five innings of work. Rucker finished his tour on the mound allowing two hits and striking out ten while allowing only one runner to reach third base. Justin Smith finished the sixth on the mound striking out the side giving Goodlettsville another huge win 6-0.


Offensively Blake Osborne had his second consecutive big game gathering two hits in as many at-bats while Jake Rucker, Brock Meyers, Jayson Brown, Luke Brown and Jonathan Seals had one.


The team now has tomorrow off and will play South Nashville Wednesday night at 8:00 in the winner’s bracket final. Both teams represent district 7 with Goodlettsville defeating South Nashville 8-0 in the district finals in early July but as has been the case, Goodlettsville expects a strong effort from South Nashville as they have handled themselves well in the tournament to date defeating three teams to earn the other winner’s bracket final spot.

8 Year Old World Series Southaven, MS
Goodlettsville Blue Fall In Finals
The Goodlettsville 8 Blue fell today in the finals of the consolation bracket to the St Johns Warriors 14-9 finished runner-up. Earlier in the day the Blue defeated Ackerman Aftershock to reach the finals. Congratulations to the guys on a great all-star season!
7 Year Old World Series Southaven, MS
Goodlettsville Sevens Still Going Strong
The Goodlettsville seven year old all-stars won this morning 19-4 over the Grenada Sting and will play again tomorrow at 10:00am versus the Rome Rivercats with the winner advancing to the elite eight.
July 22, 2012
13-14 State tournament Clarksville, TN
Goodlettsville 13-14 All Stars Stay Perfect in State Play
The Goodlettsville 13-14 all-stars won another contest in the state tournament this time the by a score of 10-0 over Granger County. The team combined for nine hits while holding the opposition to one for the game. The team now has a day off before taking on Greenville on Tuesday.

12 Year Old State Tournament Murfreesboro, TN


Goodlettsville 12’s Survive Test from Columbia


A few weeks back Columbia and Goodlettsville squared off in the championship game of the South Nashville pre all-star tournament which went in favor of Goodlettsville 11-1 in four innings. Today, things were much different as Columbia was well prepared for what was to come. Trailing 3-0 entering the bottom of the third, Columbia’s bats awakened as the first two batters reached with singles followed by a hit batter loading the bases with no outs. Columbia took full advantage of the opening as their #3 batter belted a grand slam homerun to center field giving Columbia a 4-3 lead igniting the pro Columbia crowd. The smash put Goodlettsville in a position never experienced in post season play, a trailing position, after three innings but the boys responded as they did last season tying the score in the top half of the fourth. Blake Osborne reached with a single and Cole Carter reached on an error allowing Osborne to move to third setting up Seth Marlin’s huge first pitch single up the middle to tie the score at 4 apiece. Luke Brown took the mound in relief in the fourth and held the big Columbia hitters scoreless the final three innings. Goodlettsville finally got the bats going in the top of the sixth, scoring five runs off two homeruns giving Brown a 9-4 cushion to work the final half inning. Brown responded again sitting down the opposition in order to earn the win.


With the win, Goodlettsville moves on to play Karns tomorrow at 8:00. These two played in the eleven year old state championship game last season so emotions will be high in this one as well. Offensively Goodlettsville was led by Lorenzo Butler, Seth Marlin and Blake Osborne who each had two hits while Jake Rucker, Brock Meyers, Luke Brown and Cole Carter had one for a team total of ten.


On the mound Meyers and Brown combined to limit Columbia to six hits and ten strikeouts.

11 Year Old State Tournament Lexington, TN


Goodlettsville 11’s Claim Second Straight State Title


When all-star play began, there were big expectations for the Goodlettsville 11 all-stars. Those expectations included a return trip to Greenville, NC and the awesome Elm Street Park. Expectations met! Goodlettsville took on the Karns all-stars in a rematch and the result was the same with Goodlettsville pounding the ball en route to an impressive 14-1 victory. Hunter Crawford and Daylen Powell combined on the mound shutting down a very strong Karns team which allowed the bats to do the rest.

Big Things Come in Little Packages


I’ve heard that phrase once or twice and today that phrase fit Jacob Seals to perfection. Jacob Seals is one of the smaller players on the team but today came away with the biggest blast, a momentum grabbing grand slam homerun to propelled Goodlettsville to victory.  After the blast, the rest of the team decided that homeruns are cool so Hayden Layne got in the act as well belting a three-run homerun, his second in as many games. By then it was all academic as the team rolled to a 14-1 victory.


Offensively the team was led by Haven Mangrum, Joel Littlepage and Daylen Powell who each had two hits for the game. Hayden Layne, Jacob Seals, Hunter Crawford and Drew Robertson each had one for a team total of ten.


Greenville Here We Come!


Elm Street Park

Next on the list is a trip to Greenville, NC and Elm Street Park which is, in my opinion, one of the nicest fields the guys will ever play on as well as the nicest group of people to play a tournament at. I was informed this afternoon by the tournament director Brian Weingartz that Goodlettsville is the first repeat entry in the tournaments history. Nice job guys and this year strive to be three outs better than we were last season.  Bring Home The Gold Medals!!

8 Year Old World Series Southaven, MS
Goodlettsville Gold Eliminated from Championship Bracket Play
The Goodlettsville Gold lost again this morning to the Sandy Valley Cougars 9-2 and were eliminated from tournament competetion. The team finished 17th out of 50 teams.
Goodlettsville Blue Moves On
The Goodlettsville Blue are 2-0 in the consolation bracket defeating the Matheson majors 17-9 and the Bradley North Heat 13-10 to move into the semi-finals at 10:00am tomorrow morning. A win and the Blue will be one win away from a consolation bracket championship. Good luck to the guys.
Seven Year Old World Series Southaven, MS
Goodlettsville 7's All-Stars 3-0 in Pool Play
The Goodlettsville 7's All-Stars completed pool play with a perfect 3-0 record and move on to the championship bracket as the #4 seed. The team plays the Grenada Sting tomorrow morning at 10:00am in their first championship bracket game. Good Luck to the guys!
July 21, 2012

Eight Year Old World Series Southaven, MS


Goodlettsville Gold finish the first day in the championship bracket 1-1


The Goodlettsville Gold all-stars defeated the Hobgood Heat 7-2 in their first championship bracket game but fell to the Northport Nationals 11-10 in the second game. The Gold now has to defeat the Sandy Plains Cougars in order to have a second chance at Northport. Tomorrow’s game is at 11:30AM with a 1:00 game if they win the first.


Seven Year Old World Series Southaven, MS


Goodlettsville Super Sevens Win first Game in World Series Action


The Goodlettsville Sevens won their first game in pool play defeating the Cedartown Core 15-7. Next up is a date versus the Sandy Plains Cougar Blue tomorrow at 11:30AM and then their final pool play game will be at 4:00PM versus the Northport Americans. The top sixteen advance to the championship bracket. Good luck guys! Keep up the good work.


9-10 State Tournament Bristol, TN


Goodlettsville 9-10 American All-Stars fall to Karns


The Goodlettsville 9-10 American All-Stars were defeated today by the Karns all-stars 7-2 to end their quest for a second straight state championship. The guys had a great run through the tournament and the Goodlettsville family is extremely proud of the guys on their great post-season play.


13-14 State Tournament Clarksville, TN


Goodlettsville 13-14 All-Stars open state play strong


The Goodlettsville 13-14 all-stars started their journey through the state tournament against the Montgomery Central All-Stars. The guys couldn’t have looked better shutting down Central 19-0 in five innings. Terran Smith, Steven Biggerstaff and Ty Sutley combined on the mound for the win limiting Central to three hits. On the offensive side Chase Waller had the hot bat going 3-4 while pretty much the entire team had one giving the team a total of eleven for the game.


11 Year Old State Lexington, TN


The Goodlettsville 11’s played the Karns all-stars in the winner’s bracket finals last night with a trip to the tournament finals on the line. Karns and Goodlettsville met in the same game last year and were the final two competitors for the 2011 state championship as well so it was no surprise to see the other team in gold and blue opposite our guys on the field. Karns, from west Knoxville, is known for great baseball so today’s game was expected to be intense and the boys were ready, claiming the win, 11-6.


 Hayden Layne, Haven Mangrum and Hunter Crawford shared the mound for the game and were strong again helping lead the Goodlettsville charge. On the offensive side, Hayden Layne led the team with three hits highlighted by a solo homerun while Hunter Crawford had a two-run homerun as well to go along with two hits. Joel Littlepage continues to shine at the plate collecting two hits while Haven Mangrum, Drake Sanson, Seth Pentecost and Austin Mays each had one for the game to give Goodlettsville eleven as a team, the best outing to date in the tournament. With the offensive outburst, the Goodlettsville bats are beginning waken which is a good sign going forward.
Expect to see the same Karns team again on Sunday as I anticipate them defeating a good Spring Hill team today to get another shot at our guys. Good luck and bring home the hardware!
July 20, 2012
9-10 State Tournament Bristol, TN
Goodlettsville American All-Stars fall to St Bethlehem
The Goodlettsville American 9-10 all-stars lost their first game of the state tournament 7-3 to a sturdy St Bethlehem team from Clarksville, TN. Both teams fought to a draw for all but one out as St B scored four runs with two outs in the sixth to break a 3-3 tie. With the win, St B moves into the championship game while Goodlettsville will have to play tomorrow against the Karns/ Tullahoma winner to get another shot.

Eight Year Old World Series Southaven, MS


The Goodlettsville Gold and Blue continued their quest in Southaven, MS last night and this morning with the Gold finishing pool play 3-0 while the Blue had a tougher time of it going 1-2. The Blue lost to the Acworth Warrior Orange 20-14 and the Eastside Titans 15-0 while the gold swept through their pool defeating the Northport Gray 16-7 and the Chelsea Nationals 7-6. Seeding for the championship bracket will be set tonight with the top 32 teams advancing. Runs allowed will be the first tie breaker for the undefeated teams which puts the gold in good position for a high seed with 13 runs allowed.

The championship bracket begins tomorrow after seeding has been determined.

July 19,2012

8 Year Old World Series Southhaven, MS


Goodlettsville Gold and Blue open pool play with victories


The Goodlettsville Gold and Blue opened World Series play in Southhaven, Mississippi with pool play wins. The Gold defeated the Acworth Warriors White all-stars 14-0 while the Blue took down the Mathison Majors All-Stars 22-7. The Blue plays today at 4:00 versus the Acworth Warriors Orange All-Stars while the Gold plays tomorrow morning at 10:00AM versus the Northport Gray All-Stars. Good luck to the guys as they continue through pool play tomorrow.

11 Year Old State Tournament Lexington, TN


Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’


Three games in and three shutouts; The Goodlettsville 11 all-stars continue to dominate on the mound recording their third straight shutout of the tournament this time at the expense of the Clarksville National all-stars, 7-0. Christian Dixon, Hunter Crawford, Haven Mangrum and Hayden Layne combined on the mound holding the strong Clarksville National team to one hit over six innings of play. On the offensive side, the Goodlettsville bats are finally beginning to show some fire as Joel Littlepage led the way with a near miss grand slam that slammed against the top of the fence only to fall back in play. The hit resulted in a two-run double but served notice that the bats are coming to life. Littlepage finished the day with two hits while Alex Dillard followed suit with two of his own. Jacob Seals continues to play well gathering another hit in as many games while Drew Robertson had one as well.


Next on the menu will be a date with the Karns all-stars in the winner’s bracket final July 19 at 8:00PM. Karns has played well to date and should be a tough challenge.



Goodlettsville American 9-10 All Stars Win Again


Who said this was a down year? The Goodlettsville American All-Stars continue to roll in the state tournament defeating Tullahoma 16-6. The win puts Goodlettsville in the winner’s bracket finals versus St Bethlehem from Clarksville, TN who won 14-4 over Greenville American. The winner advances to the state finals. Good luck guys and keep up the good work.


Powell, Dixon and Mays Propel 11’s


Daylen Powell, Christian Dixon and Austin Mays combined on the mound to defeat the Lexington All-Stars 14-0.
Offensively the team was led by Jacob Seals who had three hits. Haven Mangrum and Drake Sanson each had two while Alex Dillard, Joel Littlepage, Hunter Crawford and Daylen Powell each had one.
Goodlettsville has yet to surrender a run in the tournament outscoring the opposition 21-0 in two games. Next up is a date, tonight, versus the Clarksville National All-Stars at 8:00. The winner moves into the winner’s bracket finals on Thursday versus the Karns/Spring Hill winner.
Goodlettsville American 9-10 All-Stars Defeat Lawrenceburg in State Opener
The 9-10 American League All-Stars defeated Lawrenceburg 4-2 in their first game of the state tournament Saturday July 14. The team gets two days off before taking the field again on Tuesday against the Tullahoma/ Johnson City National winner. No news except the score was reported.

Goodlettsville 11’s Open State Tournament with Win


The Goodlettsville 11’s looked a little rusty to start their state tournament run versus Carter County but came alive late to claim their first victory, 7-0. Haven Mangrum got the nod on the mound for Goodlettsville and was superb, holding the big Carter County bats silent for four innings before leaving the game at 35 pitches. Yes, that’s correct, 35 pitches in four innings. Like I said, Mangrum was superb! Hunter Crawford relieved and shut down the opposition for 20 pitches before Hayden Layne did the rest overpowering the Carter County bats to close out the game.


Offensively, the Goodlettsville bats were quieter than usual as the rust from the layoff from district to state was evident. Hayden Layne and Jacob Seals led the offense with two hits each while several players had one hit apiece.


The Squad plays Lexington today at 6:00 in Lexington, TN.


Goodlettsville American 8’s Claim State Crown


The Goodlettsville American 8 year old all-stars won the State Championship this week in Harrison, TN. The team had a great run through the tournament going 6-0-1 scoring 93 runs and allowing 44. The championship game was kind of sweet revenge for the Goodlettsville coaching staff as the team defeated Middle Valley 2-1. Middle Valley defeated Goodlettsville twice last season as seven year olds to win the seven year old state. The team now advances to the World Series in Southaven, MS July 19 with another trophy on their minds.


 Tanner Jones and Jo Jo Brown hit homeruns in the first contest while Braden Kelly showed off some fine defensive skills in the same game. Tyler Jones got into the defensive act in the tournament as well throwing two guys out at home from left field while making a diving catch on another play, topping it off with an over the shoulder catch at the fence as well. Tyler Robertson was clutch, making a game saving catch in right with the bases loaded in one game.  Another defensive wizard was Andy Miller who was money at third snuffing out several hard hit balls which included a double play with men on 2nd and 3rd and no outs foiling the competitions hopes for a big inning.  


As a whole, the team showed off incredible defensive skill throughout the entire tournament which aided the team’s journey to the crown. Good luck guys as you prepare for the next test in “M-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-crooked letter-crooked letter-I-hump back- hump back-I.” That spells M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i for the little ones. J

7/3 2012


Goodlettsville 13-14’s Roll Over Madison


The Goodlettsville 13-14 year old all-stars just keep on winning. The latest victim was the Madison all-stars who fell 14-2 to the boys in blue. Terron Smith, Dalton Hall, Ty Sutley and Keaton Allison did the damage as each had two hits for the game accounting for eight of Goodlettsville’s thirteen hits. Terron Smith and Dalton Hall combined on the mound to hold Madison to two runs for the game. Goodlettsville has one more win to go to advance to the state tournament in Clarksville, TN.


July 6, 2012


Goodlettsville 13-14 year old All-Stars Claim District Title with 15-0 Win over Madison


The hits weren’t as plentiful but the result was the same as Goodlettsville defeated Madison again to claim the district crown. Terron Smith went the distance on the mound holding the Madison All-Stars scoreless on nine hits while CJ Laws scored two runs and drove in four in leading the team on offense. Dalton Hall had two hits for the game to continue his hot hitting while Chase Waller, Dylan Kelly and Steven Biggerstaff each had one. Next up is a trip to Clarksville, TN for the state tournament.

July 6, 2012
9-10 year old Districy 7 Championship 
The District 7 championship was an all Goodlettsville affair and ended up being one of the closest of the four meetings. Alex Smith pitched a great game for the National League holding the American League to one run until leaving the mound due to the pitch count rule.
With the score tied 1-1, Jacob Smith untied things with a two-run blast that gave the American League a 3-1 advantage, a lead they would not surrender as the American League hung on to win the championship 3-2.
The American League now moves on to the state tournament in Bristol, TN. Good luck to the boys in gold as they prepare for the next challenge.
July 5, 2012
Goodlettsville 12's District Finals
                                                                1      2      3      4      5      6            R      H
                              Goodlettsville          3      2      1      0      0      2            8      9   
                              South Nashville      0      0      0      0      0      0           0      1
Meyers One-Hitter Propels Goodlettsville 12’s


Brock Meyers took the mound for the Goodlettsville 12’s with a trip to the 2012 state tournament on the line. All Meyers did was limit a strong South Nashville team to one hit over six innings of work with 12 strike-outs. His teammates did the rest scattering nine hits over the course of the game which accounted for Goodlettsville’s 8-0 victory. Jake Rucker led the offensive charge going 3-4 while Brock Meyers and Jayson Brown went 2-3 with Meyers going deep in the first giving Goodlettsville the early lead. Luke Brown and Lorenzo Butler also had hits to finish off Goodlettsville’s total for the day.


The win advances Goodlettsville to the 2012 state tournament at Murfreesboro’s Barfield-Crescent Park July 21st where they will be making another run at the state championship. They won the state as eleven year olds the previous year finishing runner-up in the eleven year old southeast region in Greenville, NC.


South Nashville now moves into a play in game for the second spot in the state versus a scrappy Parkwood team, who defeated Mt Juliet for a shot at South Nashville in the loser’s bracket final. District 7 hosts the state which allows for two teams to advance to the tournament.
July 4, 2012
Goodlettsville 7's State Finals
The Goodlettsville sevens finished off a great run at the state tournament winning the championship 18-3. The sevens advance to the seven year old world series in Mississippi later this month. Congratulations to the guys on a fine week of play.
July 3, 2012
Goodlettsville 11’s District Finals
                                                                 1              2              3              4              5              6                              R             H
                                                 Gold       0              1              0              0              2              0                              3              8             
                                                  Blue       0              5              4              1              1              X                             11           16


Dixon Blast ignites Blue fireworks.


The District 7 championship was an all Goodlettsville affair again this season. Both teams played well throughout the tournament and were looking to advance to the state tournament in Lexington, TN but only one team would get the invitation so something had to give.


In the first, both teams would hold firm as the defenses kept each team off the board but the second inning would be a much different story as both teams broke through. The Gold would be the first to score as the visitors pushed across a run from a Chance Merithew infield hit giving the Gold the early 1-0 lead. This would be their only lead as the Blue exploded in the second inning. With the bases loaded and two out, Hayden Layne opened the run gates with a hard liner off the short stops foot for a double scoring two runs. Christian Dixon would follow Layne’s blast with a mammoth three-run homerun over the left center field fence estimated at 260 feet giving the Blue a 5-1 advantage after two.


The Gold, still reeling from the Dixon blast, would go quietly in the third allowing the Blue, surging from the momentum, to add another four runs to the score extending their lead to 9-1. Daylen Powell, Drew Robertson, Alex Dillard and Christian Dixon all had hits in the inning giving the Blue a sense that the game may be in hand.


Trailing 10-1 entering the top of the fifth, the Gold rallied for two runs as Chance Merithew and Rex Warren would get hard hits followed by a Reid Nelson liner to third that drew a bad throw home scoring both runs bringing the score to 10-3. The Blue would answer once again in the bottom half with one run allowing Hayden Layne to take the mound in the bottom half of the sixth to close out the game.


 The Blue now advance to the state tournament in Lexington, TN with a trip to the Southeast Regional tournament in Greenville, NC on the line. Goodlettsville was the runner-up in the Regional tournament last season so a return trip and unfinished business are on their minds.


Offensively the Blue was led by Christian Dixon and Alex Dillard who both went 3-4. Hayden Layne, Joel Littlepage and Drew Robertson each had two hits while Haven Mangrum, Daylen Powell, Hunter Crawford and Drake Sanson each had one. The Gold was led by Andrew Waters and Chance Merithew who both went 2-3 while Rex Warren, Grey Phillips, Hunter Scurlock and Stone Norton each had one.

9-10 Division
Goodlettsville National vs Goodlettsville American
The third matchup between these two was highly anticipated. Round one went to the National League in impressive fashion when the teams met to determine who would stay home for the district tournament. Round two went to the American League at the South Nashville pre-all star tournament when the American League battled back to win in the final moments. Round three promised to be a close contest and for the first half of the game it was all you could ask as both teams battled to a 3-3 tie. The American league owned the game from that point forward as they took the lead and never looked back winning the game 16-5 in five innings. The win puts the American League in the driver's seat as they move to the championship game. The National League has to defeat a good Murfreesboro team that knocked out their brothers, the other Murfreesboro team, 19-5 in an earlier match. The winner will face the Goodlettsville American League having to win twice to advance to the state tournament.
July 2, 2012
Goodlettsville 7's
The Goodlettsville 7's continue to roll through the state tournament riding an impressive 12 game winning streak. The team is down to one game for the crown as they play in the championship game Wednesday morning at 9:00am in Dayton, TN. Good luck guys! Go get the title!
Goodlettsville 12's
The Goodlettsville 12's took the field for their second game of the district versus the Murfreesboro American League at Moss Wright Park. Goodlettsville was the visitor and wasted no time getting on the board scoring five runs highlighted by Jayson Brown's two-run homerun. Goodlettsville would add eight more runs in the second after Jake Rucker went deep to push the lead to 13-1 entering the bottom of the second. Murfreesboro would score two in the second to close the score to 13-3 but that would be as close as they would get as Goodlettsville scored five runs over the final two innings to close out the game with an 18-3 victory.
Goodlettsville was led offensively by Brock Meyers who went 3-3 for the game while Jake Rucker, Lorenzo Butler and Luke Brown each had two. Goodlettsville next plays on Thursday in Murfreesboro versus the winner of the Murfreesboro bracket with the winner advancing to the state. The loser will play the winner of the loser's bracket to determine who the second district seven state participant will be.
July 1, 2012
Goodlettsville 13-14's
The Goodlettsville 13-14 all stars improved to 2-0 in district play defeating Jess Neely 12-2. Ty Sutley led Goodlettsville's nine hit attack with three hits while Chase Waller had two.
Goodlettsville 11's
The Goodlettsville 11 Gold defeted Mt juliet 13-3 in the opener of the district. The Goodlettsville 11 Blue defeated Madison 28-0 in their opener. Both teams met last night in the winner's bracket final with the Goodlettsville Blue winning7-1 to advance to the finals. The Gold will meet Mt juliet in a rematch tonight with the winner facing the Goodlettsville Blue in the finals.
Goodlettsville American 9-10's in Murfreesboro Bracket
The Goodlettsville American League defeated Murfreesboro American 17-9 last night to advance as the top team in the Murfreesboro bracket. They will play the Goodlettsville National League Thursday in the winner's bracket final at Moss Wright Park. The winner advances to the district final.
Goodlettsville National 9-10's
The Goodlettsville National League knotched their second win of the District defeating McCabe Park 10-0 to move into the winner's bracket final versus the undefeated team from the Murfreesboro bracket on Thursday at Moss Wright Park.
Goodlettsville 12's
The Goodlettsville 12's opened their 2012 all-star campaign with a 24-0, four inning victory over McCabe Park tonight. Ryan Lyle and Justin Smith combined for a no-hitter striking out every batter but one who reached in the first with a walk. Jayson Brown was the big stick on the block hitting two home-runs, the second a bases clearing grand slam. Luke Brown also went deep with a homerun before taking the rest of the game off. The team as a whole had 19 hits in 29 plate appearances. Next up is a date with the Murfreesboro American League in the winner's bracket final in the Goodlettsville bracket. The winner will play again on Thursday versus the winner of the Murfreesboro bracket in Murfreesboro.
June 30 2012
Goodlettsville National 9-10's
The Goodlettsville National 9-10's opened district play versus the Murfreesboro Nationals. Goodlettsville played a great game defeating Murfreesboro 10-6 to advance to play McCabe Park, a 15-11 winner over Madison, tonight at 8:00.
Goodlettsville 7's
The Goodlettsville 7's continue to roll in the state going 4-0 in pool play. They won their first bracket game yesterday and are looking like a strong contender to win it all.
Goodlettsville 13-14 All-Stars
The Goodlettsville 13-14 all-stars got off to a good start to the district overpowering the Mt Juliet all-stars 15-3 limiting Mt Juliet to 2 hits for the game. Dylan Kelly led the Goodlettsville attack with three hits while Terron Smith and Chase Waller each had two.
 The Goodlettsville 7's won the 2012 Goodlettsville Round Robin this past weekend. The team was on fire at the plate scoring 20+ runs in 6 out of 7 games. The team is really shaping up and looking forward to the State Tournament this coming weekend in Dayton, Tn.
June 24, 2012
Congratulations to the Goodlettsville 9-10 American all-stars for their come form behind win over the Goodlettsville National in the South Nashville Pre All Star tournament. FINAL 9-8.
Congratulations to the Goodlettsville Major All-Stars for winning the South Nashville Pre All-Star tournament over the Columbia 12's 11-1 in four innings.
The Goodlettsville 11's also had a great run finishing as the #2 seed after round robin play. The 11's fell 8-4 to the Columbia 12's in the semi-finals.
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