Welcome Chicopee Braves Cheer!


 Things to know for the 2019 Season

    The goal of our cheer program is to learn age and skill level appropriate cheerleading fundamentals, to support our Chicopee Braves football teams, and to have fun!

    The league will provide each female cheerleader with a shell, skirt and cropped bodysuit. Males will have a male variation of the uniform. These must be returned at the end of the season in GOOD condition.

    We will also provide bloomers, 1 pair of socks for Competitions and a bow. These are yours to keep.

Plain white ankle socks should be worn at every game. We do not provide these.

   Each cheerleader will be REQUIRED to purchase cheer sneakers selected by the cheer staff. More information will follow as it becomes available. Cheerleaders will need to have CLEAN cheer sneakers for competition.

   Practice and games are MANDATORY throughout the entire season. “Taking a day off” from practice not only puts your cheerleader behind, but also hurts the squad. Without a full team, they are unable to practice their competition routine, stunting, etc.

   If a cheerleader has more than 1 unexcused absence from practice, they will NOT be able to participate in that weekend’s game. They are still expected to attend the game and support their team.

   If your cheerleader is sick, please be sure to contact your coach to let them know they will not be at practice or a game.

  We practice and play in the rain, snow, cold, etc… If a practice/game is cancelled, you will receive a call/text from your coach. If you do not receive a call, the cheerleader is expected to be at the practice/game and dressed appropriately.

   All cheerleaders are expected to be at the playing field for all games 1 hour prior to game time in full uniform. This includes game bows, socks and shoes. If they are not in proper uniform, they will be required to sit the 1st quarter. This is for both home and away games.

   There typically are 2 scheduled competitions

   Comp – Additional information will follow as it becomes available. All squads will perform, however Tiny Mites & Mighty Mites are not competitive divisions so they will not be judged and/or scored.

   Central Mass Local Comp –Additional information will follow as it becomes available. All squads will perform, however Tiny Mites & Mighty Mites are not competitive divisions so they will not be judged and/or scored. Those teams placing 1st or 2nd in their division will advance to the Regional Competition that is typically held in November.

   Spectator fees, lodging and travel costs are the responsibility of each family. The cost of tickets for Local Comp is typically around $25. Fun Comp is typically around $15. Should a team advance to the qualifiers, hotel arrangements will be made by the Cheer Director.


   We are always looking for volunteers – team parents, assistant coaches, parents to run concessions, etc.

   If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions please direct them to our Cheer Director- Crystal Dunn at:  ChicopeeBravesCheer@yahoo.com  or (413) 626-3401


Most importantly, we’re glad you’re here –

Let’s have a great season!! GO BRAVES!


Central Mass Pop Warner Cheerleading Safety List

    Coaches will check at beginning of every practice and game. If your child is not dressed appropriately, they will need to sit out for their safety and the safety of the squad.

 Practice Apparel NOT allowed

Tops with:                              Bottoms with:                                   Bottoms that are:

   • Pockets                                • Pockets                                         • Baggy/loose

   • Buttons                               • Buttons                                          • Slick (soccer shorts)

   • Zippers                                • Zippers

   • Strings                                 • Strings

   • Spaghetti straps

   • Hoods

                   The following is NEVER allowed

                                                • Jeans

                                                • Sandals/Flip flops

                                                • Decorations on shoes

 NO Jewelry

          NO •earrings •necklaces •bracelets •anklets •watches •rings •pins •body piercings

·         Medical medals must be secure to the body without a chain.

  Best Practice Apparel

·         T-shirt or sweatshirt

·         Elastic waist cotton shorts or pants

·         Socks and sneakers (preferably not high tops)


·         Must be pulled back away from face and off of shoulders

·         Bobby pins and metal gymnastic clips are permitted

·         NO beads or hair wraps


·          Should be cut short, at finger tip level

·         NO fake nails allowed

·          NO polish, clear or otherwise on fingers and toes

 Eye Glasses

     ·        Must be secured with a non-adjustable sports strap (no metal)