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Hello,   Thank you to all who attended the meeting and for sharing your great ideas and for your time. We appreciate your continued support! 

We encourage all parents who are able to please join us at the Next Meeting on 4/18 at 5:30 in the Library.

The monthly meeting will also be held on 5/3 at 6:30 in the Library and all parents are encouraged to attend both.

 In Attendance:    Denise V., Trent R., John D., Dina P,, Andrea B., Coach Virga, and several parents

·         Denise requested update from Andrea for names of people nominated for next season’s Booster Board Members.

Andrea reported only 1 person had been nominated prior to meeting by two different people both nominating Mark Fritz for President and during meeting  one person nominated Dina Pacheco for Treasurer and one person nominated Mary Fritz for Secretary

·         Denise discussed that we need new ideas on how to get more parents involved with Booster Club   prior to start of next season              

·         Trent reported the balance in Booster Club bank account $3181.00

·         Denise and others reported a preference to have $ 2,000 minimum in account when season ends

·         Andrea to request that Library be reserved for meeting to be held on 4/18 at 5:30


·         Coach Virga requested $ 850.00 towards funding Camp at Willow Canyon in May 2016

·         Vote was taken and it was agreed upon to reimburse Coach Virga $850.00 already paid towards camp total expense

·         Each player that participates will be charged $ 25.00 to offset balance of total cost

·         Seniors are welcome to attend this Camp


·         Date / Location:   Held on 5/5 from 6:00 – 8:30 pm in CHS Gym – Denise to create Invitation Flyer and email out

·         Check in Process for arrival at Banquet:   Volunteers are needed.  Please call Andrea Balderaz at 480-658-3921 if you are available or text contact information please

·         Charge Per Person:    Coaches and Players to attend free of charge and all others pay $ 10.00 to attend

·         Caterer:    Voted and agreed that “Artistic Touch Catering “would cater event after completed review of a minimum of 3 bids. (Mark Fritz to inform this Caterer that a minimum numbers of plates served would be 100 and Mark will request a date at which a final number is needed by Caterer)

·         Additional Beverages / Dessert:    Fitzgerald Family to donate cases of water bottles and Mary Fritz will make and donate 144 cupcakes, thank you!

·         Servers:    Mary Fritz to email Principal to ask that students possibly help serve dinner at banquet

·         Table Layout:   Voted and agreed on Denise’s proposed layout for food service and player and general seating

·         Centerpieces:   Denise will be making the centerpieces for each table

·         Slide Show:    Charissa and/or Terrie Macy to create a slide show

·         Sound System / Projector:    Coach Virga to ensure these are ready for use prior to banquet starting time

·         Senior Gifts:    Voted and agreed upon

·         Player Awards:   Voted and agreed to spend $ 120.00 total for 5 trophies.   4 @ $20.00 each and 1 MVP trophy at $40.00

·         Team Recognition:   Voted and agreed upon gift for returning players.   Estimated number needed is 30 and estimated cost to Booster Club is $7.00 – 8.00 each

·         Coaches Gifts:    Voted and agreed upon Booster Club

·         Raffle:  To be held at end of banquet

Need baskets and items to raffle – Denise knows one person that will volunteer a basket

Discussed other ideas such as gift cards, scratch tickets, or any items one can donate

Trent to check with Diamondbacks Rep about possibility of donating an item for our raffle

Voted and agreed each item will have a mason jar in front of it for people to drop tickets into and Mary Fritz volunteered to provide mason jars for use and to also label them.

Please inform Denise V. if you are able to donate a basket, gift card, or item for this event.   

Plaques for SPONSORS 

·         Voted and agreed to spend $ 30.00 each for 5 Sponsors that purchased a Banner and / or Media Guide Ad

·         Mary Fritz to send a Team Picture to Denise V.

 Booster Club Expenses

 ·         Upon completion of funding Banquet we are happy to report that all current Baseball program needs will have been funded and next anticipated funding need is not until November 2016 for a tournament.

PLEASE JOIN US for BOTH Meetings below as your help is needed to ensure the Banquet is a success and to ensure that someone is voted in for each of the 5 Executive positions for next season’s Booster Club. 

          4/18 at 5:30 pm in Library


     5/3 at 6:30 pm in Library


 Andrea Balderaz

Hello,   Thank you to all who attended the meeting and for sharing your great ideas.  We appreciate your continued support!  We encourage all parents who are able to please join us at the next meeting on 4/5 in the Library at 6:30 pm.

In Attendance:    Denise, John, Trent, Dina, and several parents


·         Library has been reserved for 3/24 at 6:30 pm


·         Guides are now available and Coach Virga will be distributing


·         The first order was fulfilled.  Please contact Denise Venturelli directly if you would like to order shirts.


·         We have white hats on sale for $ 20.00


·         Baseball Booster Club has been added to their April Charitable Menu


·         This is a central location to view photos taken from many different people.  Discussed the need for only 2-3 people to have access to add and / or delete to ensure photos posted are appropriate. 


·         Discussed continued use vs. using IScore – more discussion will take place


·         Creation of a master inventory list is being worked on


·         We currently need gatorade ( prefer 16 - 20 oz. ), sunflower seeds, cornuts, and candy ( favorites:  sour punch straws, airhead extremes, red vines ) but any donations are accepted, thank you !   


·         We need your help please, If you can work even one game it helps a lot and we need JV Parents to volunteer in order to be able to keep the snackbar open.  Please call Andrea Balderaz at 480-658-3921 if you can work snackbar for a JV game on  3/22,  3/29,   3/31,   4/1,   4/8,   4/13,   4/19,  or  4/20.     Note:  In order to be ready when game starts, please arrive 45 minutes before game starts if possible.

·         The sales from snackbar can be a great contributor towards fundraising.  If it’s not possible to volunteer working snackbar, please consider donating food and drink items; your support is greatly appreciated


·         We need sponsors so please prepare your Personal Ad request if interested and solicit business sponsors as well if possible.  Prices are very reasonable:    50.00 for business card size,  75.00 for ¼ page,   125.00 for ½ page  

·         We welcome you sending us your action shots and team pictures from games or practices to add to program book


·         It was suggested by Mark F.  and decided it’s a good idea to ask parents to help maintain field once per week after each home game.   Time needed shouldn’t exceed 20-30 minutes if we have enough volunteers

·         If you can help after home games only once per week it would be greatly appreciated.  If you have equipment for this purpose and are willing, please bring with you. 

·         Mark F. to discuss with school board members what equipment is needed to maintain the field repairs Booster funded


·         We discussed types of gifts and amount to be spent on each gift and that further discussion with Coach Virga was needed to coordinate Senior Night normally held at last home game.


·         A parent volunteered to look into cost for a plaque to be given to each sponsor


·         Will be held on 5/5 in school Cafeteria.

·         Discussion included a few parents and board members soliciting smaller businesses for quotes to cater and decision that players will attend free of charge and family members will purchase a ticket

·         2 parents volunteered to start working on or prepare to create a slide show

·         More details to be provided at next general Booster meeting on 4/5 at 6:30 pm


·         We discussed types of gifts and amount to be spent on each gift and that further discussion with Coach Virga was needed to coordinate Senior Night normally held at last home game.


·         A parent volunteered to look into cost for a plaque to be given to each business sponsor 


·         4/5 at 6:30 pm in Library 



Andrea Balderaz

02/02/2016 Booster Meeting Minutes

Hello,   Thank you to all members and parents for attending this meeting, we appreciate your support and ideas and look forward to season starting very quickly!


In Attendance:    Denise, John, Andrea, Trent, Dina, Coach Virga, and parents


1/26 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

  • Denise reviewed minutes from the Executive Board Meeting held 1/26

  • A parent volunteered to buy hamburgers, hotdogs, and buns for Barbecue on 2/13

  • 3/11 is the deadline for Ads to be purchased for Program Book and Program Book should be available the week of 3/21

  • Another Team Rep is needed for JV Team

  • Season Packets – Coach has one to hand out on 2/13 and Booster hands out a different packet to all parents

  • Hats are in and for sale for $ 20.00

  • Orders are being accepted for Baseball Apparel and payment needs submitted at time order is placed

  • Booster sold a minimum of four Banners to be displayed at games – 2 sizes were available to see during meeting

  • Incoming Freshman Night on 2/10 at 6:15 pm - John D. and Mark F. to man table for purpose of providing baseball info to new students. Coach to send email with information to Mark F.



  • Poker Night  -  Denise to confirm that Gus can hold in March

  • Bunco  -  Denise to host in April

  • Casino Night  -  Dina to collect more information

  • Restaurant fundraisers  -  more discussion will occur

  • Snap Raise  -  Coach to inquire with snap raise coordinator about attending barbecue and speaking to parents and players

  • Car Wash  -  Discussed as a possibility on 5/7 but only if team is not involved in a tournament ( 8 – 11 am if we have it )



  • Flyers for upcoming events ( i.e. Barbeque ) – being worked on

  • Create an inventory list of Apparel and any Property of Booster – being worked on

  • Create a Parent / Player information sheet – being worked on

  • Sign-up sheet for snack bar  -  A parent volunteered during meeting to create this signup sheet



  • Need further discussion to decide sale price of books and also whether to sell at snack bar or a merchandise table with apparel?

  • 3/11 is the deadline for Ads ( personal and business ) to be purchased for Program Book; Book should be available week of 3/21



  • Tryouts are 2/8 – 2/10

    Mon. – Showcase Style, Tues.  -  Situational, Wed.  -  Live

    Teams to be announced on 2/11

  • 2/13 at 11 am  -  ANNUAL Parent / Player Meeting and BARBEQUE

    If you volunteered to bring items for barbecue, please remember to bring those, thanks!


We hope to see you this Saturday at the field, 2/13 at 11 am!   Thank you for your continued support! 


Andrea Balderaz


01/05/2016 Booster Meeting Minutes

Fundraiser Update from “Canes Chicken”:  $41.83 

Treasurer Update: $2956.73 

Upcoming estimated expenses:

·         Sound System         -800.00 (estimate)

·         Barbeque in Feb       -500.00 (estimate)

·         Media Guides           -1080.00 

It’s not too late to place an Ad in our Media guides the cut-off date is 2/12/16. For more information email: 

We’ve sold 4 Banners to be hung along side of the fence during the season. If you or know someone that would like to purchase a Banner for advertisement please email: banner prices are $200.00 and $250.00. 

Cactus Baseball Important dates

·         Practice starts Jan 11th for two weeks M-F

·         Try-outs Feb 8th – 10th

·         Team Announcements Feb 11th

·         Parent/Player barbeque Feb 13th at 11:00 

The Coach still needs a Freshmen Coach – Please contact that the Coach if you or anyone you know might be interested. 

We are so excited to announce that the necessary items we discuss at the beginning of the year have been fulfilled.  Such as “Field Improvements” are now completed.   

The Cactus Baseball Program received a $1000.00 grant from the AZ Diamond Backs! Now that we know the process, we’ll be applying for a $10,000.00 grant for next year’s program. 

Update on needing a Photographer: We have a parent who has volunteered to take pictures through-out the season. Thank you Charissa Kobyluck! 

Booster will be purchasing a PA system and one the Booster Parents has generously donated a Dell Laptop. A BIG thank you - to the Fitzgerald Family. 

Booster will be ordering apparel and it will be available for sale as well as hats at our next General Booster Meeting 2/2/16 and at the Barbeque. 

Gatorade will be donating a Pallet of drinks – Thank you again John Dunaway and Kenny Fitzgerald will be picking it up. 

Booster is in the process of preparing the paperwork for Coca Cola donations. 

Next Meeting is Scheduled for February 2nd!

12/01/2015 General Booster Meeting


·         Lori Wyse attended at start of meeting and brought shirts for men and women with different fabrics and styles and also brought 1-2 hoodies

·         Lori suggested selecting a variety of sizes and styles

·         Minimum order quantity for a variety of sizes and styles is only 12 shirts IF same logo is used among each group of 12 ordered

·         Discussed and it was decided to use the school’s version of the Cobra logo with “ Cactus “  above the Cobra logo and “ Baseball “ below it in the tail

·         Discussed ordering between 36 – 48 shirts ( different styles of men and women ) to have available for Kick Off Meeting 


·         Current balance is $ 4,498.00

·         Ending balance will be $ 1,814.90 as a result of estimating incoming and outgoing 


·         Important Dates:     

2 week camp ( 1/11 – 1/23/2016 )

Tryouts start Jan. 11th

·         10 more dozen baseballs are needed but possibly will be provided by the school 


·         White hats with Cobra logo are available for sale now for $ 20.00 each 


·         Trent will talk to someone at school about finding a student interested in taking photos at games and events

·         A parent has volunteered to take action photos 


·         12/3  -  Canes Chicken  - please bring flyer, show on phone, or mention it when ordering

·         Will be announced at school and posted on Facebook 

·         A parent suggested considering an Amazon fundraiser for which $ 1.00 is earned for every gift wrapped 


·         Vote was taken and it was agreed a sound system with estimated cost of $ 800.00 will be purchased 


·         Discussion about whether one or both are needed in order to maintain field repair