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January 30, 2016

Haltom City Girls Softball Association

Rules of the Game Manual -2016



Players:  Leagues will be as follows: 8U, 11U, 14U and 19U

Cost per player is $80 (Late $90.00)

Girls can only move up in leagues if they are within one physical year in age to do so. (Only those in their last year of eligibility in their current league can move up).

No Jewelry allowed, new ear piercings must be taped.

All batters, base runners and on deck batters must wear batting helmets with face mask from time they leave the dugout till they re-enter dugout. Chin straps are optional.

Catchers must wear protective gear, Head gear w/mask and chest protector. Shin Guards are optional.

PRACTICES: You can hold practices or games on no more than 4 days a week.



Each team consist of 1-Head Coach, up to 3-assistant coaches in the dugouts. All coaches must have a background check done and be Board approved. One of coaches must be female. No exceptions.You can stand outside dugout while your team is playing defense, if the umpire feels it is getting out of hand then you will be asked to return inside the dugout. Only 2 coaches are allowed out of dugout at a time (other than dugout coach retrieving bat).

After your game Head Coaches responsibility to ensure that the dugout and bleachers are cleaned prior to the next team entering the dugout and bleachers. This will include all trash and drink bottles from your game. If your game is the last game played this is still a requirement.


Rules for the Draw of new players

Teams are built first with returning players, then can be added to using the 3 coach’s picks.  This is the starting point used for the blind draw to insure each team has same number of girls by age before the Draw starts. Coaches will draw numbers for selection order of new players.  Remaining girls are separated by age, the Team with the fewest girls will pick first until he is even with the next closest team.  Then based on picking order we continue the draw until all teams are even in girl count and age count.  Once all teams are even then we go by the picking order till all girls are distributed out. There could be variations of age counts based on buddy system, and returning teams.  But we will do our best to build each team equally by age.


Conduct and Reprimand

Coaches shall conduct themselves in a manner to set a proper example for players at all times. All coaches will ensure that they refrain from using or yelling “rude remarks” or foul language toward players, parents, umpires, board members, and fans. All head coaches are responsible for insuring that assistant coaches, players, parents, and fans conduct themselves in such a way as to attain the objective and purposes of the Association. The President, related League Commissioners, umpires or other board members not directly involved in the game can suspend play regardless of score, if a coach fails to control himself, assistant coaches, players, parents, or fans after due warning by commissioner or board member. At least 2 board members must be present during ant discussion or issue pertaining to any conflict or dispute on or off the practice/ playing field. A coach removed from a game shall be suspended for a minimum of one game, up to the rest of the season. Any discipline action taken by the board of directors may include suspension or dismissal. At discretion of the coach, a player may be benched immediately due to unsportsmanlike conduct. Any further disciplinary action will be brought to the league commissioner.  If a Coach or Parent are suspended from a game for disciplinary reasons they will be asked to sit in the Outfield during that game or games.  Outfield is defined by the Yellow Foul Ball Poles, you must be between them.  NO COACHING the team from Bleachers or close proximity will be permitted.


Base Distance

8U bases are 55ft apart and pitcher’s mound is 35ft from corner of home plate nearest the catcher.

11U bases are 60ft apart and pitcher’s mound is 40ft from the corner of home plate nearest the catcher.

14U bases are 65ft apart and pitcher’s mound is 46ft from corner of home plate nearest the catcher.

19U bases are 65ft part and pitcher’s mound is 50ft from corner of home plate and nearest the catcher.


Game Times and Innings and Overtime Rules

Games shall consist of 7 innings with no new innings after 55 minutes for all leagues. In the case of a tie, we will continue playing until a winner is determined, with the exception of the 8U who will only play a maximum of two innings. Overtime games will have 1 pitch & 1 courtesy foul. Unlimited runs and last out is on second base.


Number of Players and Forfeit/Pick up Players

A team must have nine players to begin the game at game time. A game may be played with nine players, but may move up to ten with the tenth player batting in the tenth position. No automatic out.

Game time is forfeit time and a team may pick up enough players to reach a team of 10. The team must have at least 8 of their own players. If the regular team player shows up late, you will lose your picked up player. The picked up player does not have to have a matching uniform, must play an outfield position, starting with right field and then using right center for second pick up player and bat last in the batting order. Players must be from our association and in the same league. Pick up players must be approved by league commissioner prior to game time.



The batting roster for each team shall be as followed:

  1. Each player shall be given a position in the batting order prior to the start of the game.
  2. Before game time, each coach must furnish opposing coach and scorekeeper a complete lineup, including girls name, and number. Positions are not required.
  3. All teams bat thru the batting order, even when player is not playing defense.  Once batting order is turned in it may not be changed except due to injury. In case of injury to a player their batting order will be vacated and no automatic out will be taken. Next batter moves up in batting order. If a girl is pulled for an injury then a Board member must approve her re-entry the game.
  4. All leagues shall then bat through the batting order, even when a player on the batting roster is not in a defensive lineup. Once the batting order is set by the head coach, it may not change, except in the case of injury, in which case all batters move up in the order to fill the gap with no automatic out taken.

Any roster changes made 3 days after draft are subject to board approval and additional uniform fees.


Two-Inning Rule

Each girl must play at least two innings or half a game, unless the girl is injured or for disciplinary reasons.



Scorekeepers will keep the official score for the games. It is up to each team to keep a score book. You have to have a score book to be able to protest a batter, score, or outs.


Third Strike/Foul Balls

8U – get 4 pitches, if the fourth pitch is the third swinging strike and is fouled there will a 5th pitch.

11U, 14U and 19U all batters start with a 1-1 count, 4 balls or 3 strikes. If a batter has a two strikes count then hit's a foul ball there will be one additional called strike/foul ball, before she is called out.


Infield fly, Intentional Walks

No in-field fly rule and no intentional walks in 8U. One intentional walk per player per game in other leagues. Infield Fly happens with runners on at least 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd and 3rd base with less than 2 outs.


8U League Rules

This is an instructional league. Please remember to be a teacher first and a coach second.Official USSSA league softball rules apply with the following exceptions: 

  1. Each team will supply their own pitcher (coach). Each pitch is required to have a 3 foot arch from the point of release and the pitching coach is allowed to talk to batter or signal to batter, but cannot leave the pitcher mound or interrupt the game.
  2. The defensive team will have a fielding pitcher. Player must take position in line with or behind the pitcher mound on either side of the pitching coach.
  3. If, in the judgment of umpire, contact of a batted ball is intentional (by the pitching coach), the ball is dead. The lead runner called out. Batter advances to first base unless the batter is the lead batter. If first base is occupied, runners will advance accordingly. If in the umpire's judgment such contact was intentional, the umpire may remove the coach from the field. If, in judgment of the umpire contact was made unintentionally the ball is live and in play.
  4. After the ball is hit, the pitching coach must move to the opposite path of the batted ball, out of the line of play, before he can encourage player.
  5. Coaches must at all time refrain from obstructing play and view of umpires. The umpires have the option to call a base runner out if it occurs.
  6. Umpire will call swinging strikes only, three strikes is an out. Maximum of five pitches per batter will be given. With exceptions of a foul ball for strike three being the fourth pitch, a fifth pitch will be given.
  7. There will be a line drawn approximately 20 feet from home plate up each base line, coaches must exit the field between that line and the base.


Run Rules

10 run rule after 4 innings or 8 run rule after 5


Appeal Process

If a coach does not agree with the call an umpire has made, and you would like to appeal this call. This must be done before the next pitch. You must first ask for time, and then ask if you can approach the umpire that made the call. You will then let him know that you disagree with the call and if he will talk with the other umpire. After the two umpires have discussed the call they will then decide if the call stands or if it is overturned.  Whatever the outcome is from the umpires you cannot argue with the umpire.



In protesting a game, notify umpire immediately. Coach protesting must notify League/Game commissioner immediately. Coach protesting a game must pay $50.00 protest fee in accordance to USSSA rules to the association for each protest. This fee is due at the time the protest is brought before the Board of Directors. A decision shall be made by a two- thirds vote of the Board of Directors. The protest fee is refunded to the coach for any protest the board of director's votes to accept. Any violation of any of these bylaws will be grounds for protest.


Hurt Player

If a player is unable to take their turn in the batting lineup due to injury that player is removed from the game and cannot re-enter without Game Commissioners approval (this is on a case by case basis).



Determination of League champion shall be determined as follows:

Overall win-loss record, the team with the best overall win-loss record is declared league champion.


Determining Champions with equal win-loss records

If the results of the series involve such teams during regular season play are tied, a one game playoff shall be used to determine the division champion


No time limit shall be imposed if the score is tied at the end of seven innings; the game shall continue as regular play with the exception of 8 and under leagues. 8 and under league has a flat 4 limit per inning.


Three Way Tie

In a three way tie for the league championship, a two game playoff will be initiated. No time limit for these games will be imposed. One of the three teams involves in the playoffs will be selected for a bye. Selection of the bye team will be made as determined by the board of directors. If a tie exists at the end of either playoff game, a winner will be determined as listed above.


All Stars

Coaches and Practice

The number and duration of practice sessions of All Star Teams shall be determined by the coaches.

All of the All Star games will be played in accordance with all rules already in place.

Time limit for All Star games;

8U will play 6 innings or 55 minutes

11U will play 7 innings or 55 minutes

14U will play 7 innings or 55 minutes

19U will play 7 innings or 55 minutes

At the end of seven innings or 55 minutes if a game is tied the game will end as a tie. We will not go into extra innings on All Star games.


* Please keep in mind if there is a need to revise, add, or change a rule during the season is at the discretion of the Board of Directors.