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Brief History

Hudson Youth Football and Cheer Inc. was incorporated in the State of New Hampshire in 1981 as a non-profit organization with the intent of developing a program dedicated to providing an opportunity for the youth of our community to participate in an athletic program that focuses on teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, commitment and leadership in both the classroom and on the playing field. 

HLYFC  is an athletic organization serving the Hudson and Litchfield communities. Youth from surrounding areas are welcome to participate provided they follow the State guidelines for gaining approval from their respective draw areas.   

 The program is comprised of 100% volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts to ensure children have the opportunity to participate in Cheerleading and Football. Please respect the time and dedication that all the volunteers provide. Without the volunteers (coaches, team parents, & board members) we would not have a program.

Home Field-Hudson Memorial School

      The HudsonSchool District provides a great deal of support to our program by providing the use of their facilities.  HLYFC home field for the 2017 season is HudsonMemorialMiddle School located at 1 Memorial Drive in Hudson.  We must abide by all of their rules in order to keep this privilege.  We would ask you please to remember the following:

      NO DRUG SCHOOL ZONES - There is absolutely no smoking no vaping or drinking of alcoholic beverages on school property.

     NO VAPING ON SCHOOL PROPERTY - this includes all practices, home games and away games

      PARKING REQUIREMENTS - Parking should be in designated legal parking spots only. Please abide by all No Parking Signs and keep Fire Lanes clear at all times.
        We ask that you leave your pets at home since the school district does not allow ANY PETS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY!


Memorial Field is located off Central Street at 1 Memorial Drive, Hudson.  Please reference the directions link for detailed directions to our home field. 

HLYFC Governance

The HLYFC organization is comprised of volunteers banded together to administer a youth football and cheerleading league.  It is the first level of administration charged with the responsibility of overseeing Board member selection/voting, fundraising, selection of equipment, coaching staffs, and managers and general overall operations. The organization is run per the approved By-Laws.  The By-Laws are reviewed annually and filed with the New Hampshire State Football & Cheer.

Parents and participants are members of the association and by joining the association agree to the rules and guidelines that have been handed down, agreed upon or voted.  The rules for each season can be found on the National, State, and HLYFC websites.   

Volunteer and participation requirements - 

HLYFC is a non-profit organization that is run and managed by volunteers. As with any program like Football, it takes the work of many people to make the season a success both “on” and “off” the field.  So many parents want to make a contribution and support the program but often didn’t know how to help or who to contact.  Our Participation Coordinator in conjunction with the Team Mom or Team Dad, will be seeking out all parents and asking for their help in running the program.

Your participation is the single most important element of a successful season.  This is no understatement, without your participation; there would not be a football or cheerleading program, plain and simple!

Thank you for making a difference!


Fund Raising activities are critical to the on-going success and financial viability of our program.  We will be designing many programs this year that will require your support and effort.  The fund raising activities have evolved based on history and  previous success.   We encourage all parents and participants to get involved.  Successful fund raising will allow us to replace equipment and uniforms as required, procure more advanced training equipment, and establish a fund to cover unexpected costs to the program as well as a travel fund.   Please get involved and do your fair share.

Coaching Staffs

The HLYFC coaching staffs are all volunteers who are dedicated to provide your children with an enjoyable learning experience.  A Head Coach that has been interviewed and selected by sitting Board of Directors manages each team.  The Head Coach assignment is for one year only and requires that anyone interested in the position for subsequent season complete the Coaching application form and attend an interview session with the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will vote on each Head Coach position and notify candidates selected for the positions.

The Head Coach has the responsibility of selecting his/her coaching staff from the pool of applications and then submits his recommendations to the respective Coordinators and the Board of Directors for approval.

Anyone interested in a Head Coaches Position or Assistant Coaching Position for the next season is encouraged to submit an application by January 31st following the end of the current season, (see pdf file label “Coaches Application”).  Candidates wishing to be considered for coaching positions must complete the application and a background check.


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