I.C.B.A. Playing Rules

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Inter County Playing Rules 2019

The 2019 Playing Rules have been uploaded to the website and are available for download by clicking on the link below.  Please ensure you familiarize your team of any changes that have been added to our existing rules.  For more information please contact your Division convener or ICBA Rep.


2019 Inter County Playing Rules


Information regarding Mosquito Bat rule:    Click the link below for information regarding mosquito bat weight allowed in OBA play.


Mosquito Bat information

Inter County Playing Rules for 2017

The Inter County Playing rules for the coming season will be released soon.  If you have changes or amendments to our current rules we are still accepting those changes.  Please submit those changes through your local ICBA rep or to the Inter County Secretary.  A copy of the 2017 rules is available for viewing or downloading by clicking on the link below:

ICBA Playing Rules 2017


For issues not covered off by the ICBA playing rules  are then referred to the Ontario Baseball Playing rules.  A copy of those rules are available at Baseball Ontario.  You may reach those rules by clicking on the link below:

Baseball Ontario Rules 


For a copy of the Official Baseball Rules please click below:

MLB Baseball Rules


For a copy of the Baseball Canada Rules please click the link below:

Baseball Canada Rules

2017 Pitching Rules

OBA Pitching Rule P2-10

The ICBA uses the Ontario Baseball rules governing all pitching within the Inter County.  It is imperative that coaches and managers are familiar with the rules governing their division they are currently playing. The rule is available by clicking the link above for more information.

Thunder & Lightening Rule Governing Play in the Inter County

The Inter County follows the Ontario Baseball Guidelines with regards to Thunder and Lightening.  Please become familiar with the directions below.


When thunder roars, GO INDOORS!

If you can hear thunder, you can get hit by lightning. Take shelter immediately. If you cannot find a sturdy, fully enclosed building with wiring and plumbing, get into a metal-roofed vehicle. Stay inside for 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder.

Direct strikes are responsible for only 5% of lightning-related deaths and injuries. Two other types of hazardous phenomena are caused by lightning. Ground current and side flash account for 60 to 80% of lightning-related injuries and deaths. A ground current is set up when lightning hits the ground, spreads out and sends a current through a victim. Side splash occurs when lightning hits a tall object, travels partly down the object and then jumps to a nearby victim.

The link below is available for viewing or downloading by clicking on it:

Lightning Safety and Preparedness Fact Sheet

The link below provides a short video on how to prepare prior to a game starting in storm conditions:

Video: Lightning Safety on the Field


The following link provides information around lightening and Lightening Safety



Player/Coach Ejection Guidelines

Ejection Guidelines for Coaches
This guideline handles expectations for teams with regards to ejections both player and coaches.

How Many Innings Constitutes A Game?

All Inter County games are 7 innings except Midget Tier 1 which is 9 innings. Games are also under time limits and those times may be revealed in the ICBA Playing rules of 2017.  Games 7 innings in length will be considered a complete game if 4 innings have been played or 3 1/2 innings played if the home team is ahead and the game is called either for weather or darkness.  Only 9 inning games will use major league baseballs rule of 5 complete innings or 4 1/2 if the home team is ahead.