NEUSC Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy

NEUSC strictly adheres to the Canadian Soccer Association Code of Conduct and ethics linked below.



NEUSC Rule of Two Policy

 NEUSC has a Rule of Two policy linked below




NEUSC Child Protection Code of Conduct

 North East United Soccer Club
Child Protection Code of Conduct 

The North East United Soccer Club (NEUSC) has developed the following Child Protection Code of Conduct to guide our employees/volunteers in their interactions with children. The safety, rights and well-being of children we serve are at the core of NEUSC daily programs. The NEUSC nurtures supportive relationships with children while balancing and encouraging appropriate boundaries. 


The NEUSC is committed to ensuring all children are protected and safe. A Code of 

Conduct is an important part of creating safe environments for children. The safety, rights and well- 

being of children participating in our programs is a priority in the daily operations of the NEUSC.


The intent of the Code of Conduct is to guide the Club’s staff and volunteers in developing healthy 

relationships with the children involved in sport programs delivered by NEUSC, and to model appropriate boundaries for children. 


• Treat all children with respect and dignity 

• Establish, respect, and maintain appropriate boundaries with all children and families involved in activities or programs delivered by the organization 


It is important to monitor your own behaviour towards children, and pay close attention to the 

behaviour of your peers to ensure that behaviour is appropriate and respectful, and will be perceived as such by others. 

All of your interactions and activities with children should be: 

- known to NEUSC and the parents of the child 

- tied to your duties, and 

- designed to develop the child’s skills within NEUSC programming 


Always consider the child’s reaction to any activities, conversations, behaviour or other interactions. If at any time you are in doubt about the appropriateness of your own behaviour or the behaviour of others, you should discuss it with the Executive Director of the NEUSC.


NEUSC Anti Bullying Policy


 NEUSC Anti Bullying Policy

Statement of Intent 


NEUSC is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all our members so they can participate in soccer in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated in our club. If bullying does occur, all children and parents should be able to openly communicate the situation and know that any and all incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. We are an open club, this means anyone who knows bullying is suspected or happening is expected to notify the club immediately. 


Objectives of this Policy  


  • Bullying will not be tolerated.

  • All players, parents, coaches and managers of NEUSC should have an understanding of  what bullying is.

  • All managers and coaching staff should know what the clubs policy is on bullying and follow it if bullying is reported.

  • All players and parents should know what the clubs policy is on bullying and what they should do if bullying occurs or is suspected.

  • As a club we take bullying seriously. Players and parents should be assured that they will be supported when bullying is reported.     


What is Bullying


Bullying is the use of aggression with the intention of hurting another person. Bullying results in pain and distress to the victim. Bullying consists of three basic types of abuse - emotional, verbal and physical.


Bullying can be and does include:  

  • Verbal bullying including derogatory comments, lies, false rumours, teasing, ridicule and bad name calling. 

  • Emotional bullying includes being unfriendly, sending hurtful or tormenting messages via any form of social media.

  • Bullying through social exclusion or isolation, being ignored or left out.

  • Physical bullying is any form of physical violence, including and not limited to punching, kicking and pushing.

  • Being attacked because of their religion, race or colour, gender or sexuallity including but not limited to taunts, graffiti and gestures etc.

  • Sexually unwanted physical contact or sexually abusive comments.

  • Misuse of associated technology such as unwanted camera or video usage and social network exposure.            

Signs and Indicators


A player may indicate that they are being bullied by signs or behaviours, adults should be aware of these possible signs and should investigate if a player:

  • Says they are being bullied.

  • Is afraid or unwilling to participate or go to practices or games. 

  • Becomes withdrawn, anxious or lacking in confidence.

  • Feels unwell before practise or games.

  • Is nervous and/or jumpy when receiving a message via any form of social media.

  • Comes home with clothes torn or training equipment damaged. 

  • Has unexplained cuts or bruising.

  • Is frightened to say what is wrong.

  • Gives an improbable excuse or excuses for any of the above.  


In some more severe situations other indicators can include:

  • Crying themselves to sleep at night or nightmares.

  • Becomes aggressive, disruptive or unreasonable.

  • Is bullying other children or siblings.

  • Stops eating.

  • Attempts suicide, runs away and/or self harm.   

These signs and behaviours may indicate other serious issues, but bullying should be considered and investigated.


Why do players sometimes bully other players


Players might bully because:

  • They may have not been taught that any form of bullying is unacceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated by the NEUSC. 

  • They think it's fun or funny.  

  • They are lacking in their own self confidence.

  • They are mimicking what they are seeing and/or experiencing.

  • They are being encouraged to bully by their friends.

  • They are victims themselves of bullying.  


As coach or manager what can you do if you suspect bullying


Possible approaches include: 

  • Ask the player directly.

  • Take any incident of bullying reported seriously.

  • Talk calmly with the player about their experiences.

  • Make notes of what the player said.

  • Reassure the player they have done the right thing by telling you.

  • Contact the NEUSC technical department immediately.



  1. Immediately report the bullying incidents/behavior to the NEUSC technical department.

  2. The club will take every concern seriously, investigate the issue and report back to you in a timely manner.

  3. In serious cases the parents will be asked to come in to discuss the issue.

  4. If necessary and appropriate the police will be consulted.

  5. If bullying is found it will be stopped immediately through communication, a probationary period and if required the removal of the player bullying from the club.

  6. A record will be kept of the incident(s), investigation and action(s) taken by the clubs technical department and executive.

NEUSC Procedure for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse


 NEUSC Procedure for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

NEUSC Adheres to the strict guidelines set out by the Canadian Soccer Association and follows the process linked: 


The Document to be filled out and completed is the NEUSC Serious Occurrence Form.

Once completed, the form is returned to the NEUSC Technical Director and/or an appointed member of the NEUSC executive who will ensure that confidentiality is respected. The NEUSC will immediately involve the proper authorities and do the absolute best to protect the athlete while the complaint is thoroughly and fairly investigated, as outlined in the process guidelines. 


NEUSC is a community Club committed to the safety and wellbeing of all participants.

NEUSC Serious Occurrence Policy

North East United Soccer Club
                                                                                              Serious Occurrence Policy


Policy Statement

The Corner  North East United Soccer Club's (NEUSC) goal is to provide a positive soccer experience for all stakeholders involved

Wiin the Club. Even with a dedicated leadership team, generous volunteers, and hard-working staff

     there are sometimes occurrences of a serious nature that need to addressed formally and promptly by

     the Club.

NEUSC takes situations in which someone is offended, made to feel uncomfortable or intimidated or are

put in a precarious position very seriously, as these situations can often be very upsetting and affect the

relationship between those involved and the Club.

NEUSC is committed to hearing, investigating and ensuring proper action is taken in

the event of a serious occurrence. This policy has been created to outline the serious occurrence

reporting process to address situations where an unwelcome conduct or communication creates an

intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.


Serious Occurrences

A serious occurrence is defined as a situation in which inappropriate behaviour or unwelcome conduct is

Displayed in association with a NEUSC program.

Inappropriate behaviour/unwelcome conduct is defined as follows:

 Comments, conduct, or gestures directed toward an individual or group of individuals which is

insulting, intimidating, humiliating, malicious, degrading and/or offensive in nature.

Criminal Misconduct

Allegations of criminal misconduct or suspected player abuse will be reported to law enforcement.


Every effort will be made to preserve confidentiality and protect the privacy of those involved in the

investigation to the extent the investigative process allows.


Retaliation against any person involved in the complaint process is prohibited by the NEUSC and will result

in disciplinary action. This includes individuals who initiate complaints, persons against whom a

complaint has been filed, players, and witnesses.

      Reporting Procedure

NEUSC has developed and implemented a formal procedure for receiving, 

investigating and resolving complaints. The procedure will include reasonable and prompt time lines. 

The NEUSC Executive Director and the Technical Director are responsible for receiving, investigating and resolving c     omplaints. If the complaint directly involves the NEUSC Executive Director, the complaint must be addressed to the President of the NEUSC Board of Directors. 

Policy Review, Training and Usage Reporting 

This Serious Occurrence Policy will be included in NEUSC staff and volunteer orientations. The Policy and its 

related forms will be made available to all staff, players, parents, referees and volunteers via NEUSC 

website and will be included in all program manuals. 

This policy will be reviewed annually by NEUSC Executive Director, and periodic staff training regarding 

this Policy and reporting procedure will be scheduled throughout the year. The Executive Director will 

give an annual report to the Board of Directors regarding the use and efficacy of the Serious Occurrence 

Policy and Reporting Process and will recommend changes to the program, if applicable, at that time. 


Reporting Procedure 

If a member, parent, volunteer, player or employee believes he/she has been exposed to an 

inappropriate behaviour or an unwelcome conduct, he/she should bring this problem to the immediate 

attention of the Club's Executive Director or the Technical Director by 

completing the Serious Occurrence Report Form. This form should be submitted within 48 hours of the 

incident to ensure clarity and consistency in the report. 

The completed Serious Occurrence Report Form should be submitted via one of the following ways: 

I. In person - Please submit the completed form in a sealed envelope, attention NEUSC Executive 

Director. Should the Serious Occurrence involved NEUSC Executive Director, please address the 

envelope to the President of the Board of Directors, NLSA. 

 II. Via email - Please email a copy of the completed form to the Executive Director of the Corner Brook

Soccer Club. Should the Serious Occurrence involved NEUSC's Executive Director, please email the 

completed form to NEUSC's President of the Board of Directors. 

Please be reminded that retaliation of any kind is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action.


All Serious Occurrence reports will be investigated as soon as reasonably possible and may consist of 

personal interviews with the complainant(s), the alleged perpetrator(s), and witnesses to the alleged 

incident(s). Please reference NEUSC Serious Occurrence Report Review and Resolution Process for 

detailed steps regarding how claims are processed internally. 

Resolution of Claim 

Upon completion of the investigation, NEUSC Executive Director will determine if an inappropriate 

behaviour or an unwelcome conduct did in fact occur and recommend an appropriate resolution for the 

complaint. The complainant will be given a Written Notification of Resolution describing the actions to be 

taken to stop the inappropriate behaviour or an unwelcome conduct.

      The complainant may be advised of ways to resolve the problem on his/her own including, but not 

limited to: 

I. Meeting the individual in person and describe the inappropriate behaviour or unwelcome 

conduct, how it makes him/her feel, and requesting that the behaviour stop.


II. Writing the individual and describe the inappropriate behaviour or unwelcome conduct, how it 

makes him/her feel, and requesting that the behaviour stop. 

III.      Asking the NEUSC Executive Director or the Technical Director to meet the

individual and request the behaviour to stop.

If the complainant(s) find(s) the resolution acceptable, the Executive Director or designee will follow up 

with the complainant to ensure that the problem has in fact been resolved. A confidential copy of the 

complaint and resolution will be filed with NEUSC. 

If the complainant(s) find(s) the resolution unacceptable, the Executive Director or designee will follow up 

with a meeting between the parties to explore potential resolutions to the satisfaction of all parties 

involved and will work with both parties to ensure a reasonable resolution is reached. 

If you have any questions regarding the NEUSC's Serious Occurrence Policy, Reporting 

Form or Review and Resolution Process, please contact NEUSC's Executive Director via email or by phone. 


NEUSC Concussion Code of Conduct

North East United Soccer Club
Concussion Code of Conduct for Coaches, Managers & Team Trainers 


The North East United Soccer Club (NEUSC) Concussion Code of Conduct for Coaches, Managers & Team Trainers has been created to ensure that the safety of the Club’s players is a priority. All team officials are required to adhere to the Club’s Concussion Code of Conduct at all times in accordance to NEUSC policies and Rowan’s Law. 

I can help prevent concussions through my: 

efforts to ensure that my athletes wear the proper equipment and wear it correctly. 

efforts to help my athletes develop their skills and strength so they can participate to the best of their abilities. 

respect for the rules of my sport or activity and efforts to ensure that my athletes do, too. 

commitment to fair play and respect for all (respecting other coaches, team trainers, officials and all participants and ensuring my athletes respect others and play fair). 

I will care for the health and safety of all participants by taking concussions seriously. I understand that: 

a concussion is a brain injury that can have both short- and long-term effects. 

a blow to the head, face, or neck, or a blow to the body may cause the brain to move around inside the skull and result in a concussion. 

a person doesn’t need to lose consciousness to have had a concussion. 

an athlete with a suspected concussion should stop participating in training, practice or competition immediately. 

I have a commitment to concussion recognition and reporting, including self-reporting of possible concussion and reporting to a designated person when an individual suspects that another individual may have sustained a concussion. 

continuing to participate in further training, practice or competition with a suspected 

concussion increases a person’s risk of more severe, longer lasting symptoms, and increases their risk of other injuries or even death. 


I will create an environment where participants feel safe and comfortable speaking up. I will

encourage athletes not to hide their symptoms, but to tell me, an official, parent or another adult they trust if they experience any symptoms of concussion after an impact. 

lead by example. I will tell a fellow coach, official, team trainer and seek medical attention by a physician or nurse practitioner if I am experiencing any concussion symptoms. 

understand and respect that any athlete with a suspected concussion must be removed from sport and not permitted to return until they undergo a medical assessment by a physician or nurse practitioner and have been medically cleared to return to training, practice or competition. 

For Coaches Only: Commit to providing opportunities before and after each training, practice and competition to enable athletes to discuss potential issues related to concussions.

NEUSC Social Media Policies

North East United Soccer Club
                                                                                              Social Media Policies

As a part of the North East United Soccer Club’s (NEUSC) risk management process, the Club has established a social media and E-Mail policy which reflects the needs of all users. 

The NEUSC recognizes the importance of social media as a tool for engaging its supporter base. This policy is designed to protect the interests and reputation of the NEUSC and its stakeholders by ensuring directors,
administrators, staff and players are equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to appropriately use social media. 

The NEUSC includes, but is not limited to, the use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, websites and any other public online forum. This policy applies to full time staff, part time staff, casual staff, directors, contractors and volunteers. The Club is not seeking to restrict your use of social media but to create clear lines between private and Club material and set guidelines where material relates to the Club. 

General Guidelines 


  Only authorized personnel may speak on behalf of the NEUSC. These persons include the Executive Director and the Technical Director. Staff that wish to express or transmit Club material need to seek approval through the Executive Director. 

  Those who wish to express any reference in relation to the NEUSC must also have their social media accounts authorized by the club’s Executive Director. 

  The use of NEUSC E-Mail accounts shall be used for the dissemination of information 

between paid staff (full-time, part-time or contracted) and others within the organization. There shall be no use of NEUSC E-Mail for personal use. 


Specific guidelines for authorized users 


  Club Information must be released through the NEUSC official Club social media accounts before others can publish such information through their individual accounts. 

  Social Media should not be used for the posting or exchanging information that has the potential to embarrass or bring the NEUSC or its related parties into disrepute. 

  Social Media should not be used for communicating confidential or competitively/commercially sensitive information without express permission of the NEUSC. 

  Social Media should not be used for the posting of photos of NEUSC events or individuals (including stakeholders) without the permission of the NEUSC. 

  When using social media and where possible, identify yourself and state that any opinions are yours and do not represent those of the NEUSC..

  The Club has the right to access any data lists you accumulate whilst working at the NEUSC.


General Advice 


  Use common sense and good judgment - your statements could have an impact on you and the NEUSC reputation. Remember that what you post or publish will become public information. 

  If you would not say something to a member of the media, do not publish it on any form of social media.
  You are accountable for your actions and what you communicate via social media.
  Directors, administrators and technical department staff and coaches who are unsure whether or not they are authorized to publish opinions or views of the NEUSC should contact the Executive Director.

 Please Note 

  The policy will be updated and reviewed regularly as new technology and platforms emerge. 

  As part of the induction process, staff can request assistance in setting up social media so that appropriate levels of privacy are activated. 

Players, Coaches & Managers with the North East United Soccer Club 


The use of social media to engage in improper conduct is expressly prohibited by NEUSC.  Any language deemed to be inappropriate which may include but is not limited to: harassment, explicit or threatening language, sexual,
racial or ethnic slurs or any type of cyber bullying directed at another player, coach, manager or parent is expressly prohibited by NEUSC.  The Club has a zero tolerance for any infractions of this policy and actions seen to
violate this policy shall be vigorously enforced.  Should a specific incident occur, the Club will take specific corrective actions which may include a: verbal/written warning, suspension or expulsion from the NEUSC.


Personal Communication Devices 


NEUSC asks that players, coaches and managers to refrain from utilizing personal 

communications devices within dressing rooms located within the NEUSC, facilities and dressing room facilities located in any other location in which NEUSC members are competing.  The Club also asks
that players, coaches and managers refrain from the use of personal communication devices while driving and ask that hands free devices be utilized while in your car or simply pull over to complete any calls which may be


Non compliance 


NEUSC will continue to monitor the use of its information technology system to ensure 

compliance with this policy. Employees who fail to comply with this policy may be the subject of disciplinary action including termination of employment. 

It is the expectation of NEUSC that employees, contractors and volunteers will promptly advise the management of any facts or circumstances which may suggest a breach of the policy. This may include taking prompt action to remove the offending material if possible. 

Volunteers should also be aware that the inappropriate or unlawful use of social media may expose the volunteer to personal legal liability. NEUSC will not be held liable for the acts and omissions of volunteers in breach of this policy. In circumstances where a volunteer fails to comply with this policy, he or she may be asked to discontinue their association with the NEUSC.



NEUSC Jewelry Policy

North East United Soccer Club
                                                                                              Jewelry Policy


As per the FIFA Laws of the Game (Law 4) and North East United Soccer Club (NEUSC) policy, all jewelry must be removed before stepping onto the field. This includes, but is not limited to, bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings/facial piercings (inclusive of studs). The taping of jewelry is not permitted. Medical identification jewelry is permitted but must be secured to the satisfaction of the referee, eyeglasses may be worn but must be secured with a band and hard knee braces are permitted only if protected with an appropriate cover. Religious headgear is permitted, but must be secured appropriately. 

A referee can request the removal of any jewelry/accessories that they deem a safety risk.

Non-compliance with referees can result in your removal from the game and/or disciplinary action. 

NEUSC Staff are not authorized to override any Referee decision regarding
this issue. 


Thank you for your cooperation. 

NEUSC Cancellation Policy


                    North East United Soccer Club                                                                       Cancellation Policy




If there is a cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, an announcement will be made via Facebook and Twitter and when appropriate email. This announcement will be made at least two hours before scheduled game/practice time.


Make-up games/practices will be rescheduled where possible.




NEUSC Refund Policy

 NEUSC Refund Policy

NEUSC is a non-profit sports organization. NEUSC strives to maintain the lowest possible fees for the highest level of soccer programming possible.


NEUSC incurs an administrative cost for each player during registration including, but not limited to: staffing, credit card and debit fees, equipment, field expenditures and uniform expenditures.


The NEUSC refund policy is as follows:


  1. General Refunds:  If the refund request is received up to the day before the start of the program (first session) the registrant will be given a 75% refund.


  1. Medical Issue: If there is a medical issue that means the participant can no longer participate in the program, the registrant will receive a refund of 50% up to half way through the program. A doctor's note must be provided.


  1. Relocation: If a participant moves 25km outside of the Torbay region and cannot continue the program, the registrant will receive a refund of 50% up to half way through the program.


  1. Refund Request Process:

                                      - Please send an email to and 

                                        explain why you are requesting a refund.

                                      - Attach all documents, doctors notes, etc

                                      - The request will be reviewed by the executive.

                                      - If request is accepted the the refund will be administered within                                                       


                                                    four weeks. 


NEUSC Interaction with non member organization Policy


 NEUSC Interaction with non member organizations Policy


NEUSC has a policy of not interacting with non member organizations unless approved by the governing organization(s)

NEUSC Coach Procedures


 NEUSC Coaching Records Procedure

NEUSC Technical Director (overseen by the Vice Chair) have the responsibility of filling out the seasonal coaches forms making sure each coach has completed the essential certificates i.e. Respect in Sport and Background Screening Check etc and has or is working to have the relevant coaching certificates. 

These forms will be updated with the appropriate information as an ongoing procedure as our coaches progress with their development. 


These forms will be kept on our clubs database and hard copy can be produced the Technical Director on request.



NEUSC Inventory Procedure


 NEUSC Inventory Procedure

NEUSC equipment and inventory checklist to be completed before the beginning of the Spring and Fall seasons by the Technical Director and Club Staff. Upon completion the checklist will be shared with the Club Executive.


These checks include:

  • Facilities (Town of Torbay)

  • Equipment (Balls, Nets, Kits, Cones, Etc.)

  • First Aid Kits

  • Signs

  • Coaching/Referee Materials (Clipboards, Pens, Whistles, etc.)

  • Medals, Awards


NEUSC is committed to ensuring all inventory is up-to-date, complete and in good working order.


The NEUSC works with the Town of Torbay who owns the facilities. The facilities provided by the Town of Torbay are subject to their own safety inspections. As a part of our checklist procedure we confirm with the Town of Torbay their facilities are up to code.