Welcome to the home for St. B Little League Softball!  

This tab is dedicated to softball specific news and information at St. B. If you have any questions, or would like additional information about St. B Softball please contact one of the following 2017-2018 board members:

Misty Perras - League Vice President, Softball 
Christy Casillas - Softball Player Agent 
Stan Calhoun - Softball JR/SR Divisions Coordinator
Connie Glover - Softball Majors Division Coordinator
Vinny Guarino - Minors Division Coordinator 
Krinstin Sorenson - Softball Pee-Wee Division Coordinator 
Connie Glover - Softball T-Ball Division Coordinator 
St. B Softball highly recommends the use of face masks on batting helmets at all times.  All league supplied helmets will be equipped with face masks.  Aftermarket alterations to helmets are against Little League regulations.  This means that spray painting and decals that are not applied by the original manufacturer are not allowed and the helmet will be declared unfit for use.  Please make note of these regulations if you decide to purchase a helmet for your child.
Bats must be stamped with a BPF of 1.20 and be in good condition (no dents, warps, cracks, rattles, etc.)  All bats are subject to inspection by the umpires presiding over a game and must be removed from the field and dugout if declared to be unfit for play.  
If you have any questions regarding any pieces of equipment you should contact your coach, coordinator, VP or other Board of Directors member for assistance.