Indoor Practice Schedule

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This indoor practice schedule is subject to change and may not be immediately updated.  

School closing and cancellations will result in cancellation of practice for that day. 

Please adhere to the Rules and Regulations for School Facility Use when utilizing school gymnasiums and areas. 

All school activities/teams take priority over this schedule and last minute changes or cancellations can occur.  If a school team is practicing or utilizing the gym at your scheduled time, please allow them to finish before entering the area.

Do not throw or roll balls in the hallways of the schools.  Please adhere to the rules for entry to the practice areas and remain in those areas only.  These practice times and areas are for players only.

Be respectful of other coaches / teams and promptly begin and end practices at your set times.

For updates or changes to this schedule, contact our League Scheduler, Brad Katcher 412-974-2236

If there are any issues or problems, please contact a member of our Board. It is a PRIVILEGE for our youth teams to be alotted areas to practice at the school, not a RIGHT so PLEASE help us continue have this opportunity by following the few simple rules that the school asks us to follow.