Cutoff date is age as of January 1st of the year.

Please check with your commissioner or coach about specific bats that are ok to use. By general rule any bat that complies with Amateur Softball Association (ASA) guidelines will be suitable for play.

The season will start in March when weather is good enough to go outside and continue through the end of June.

T-Ball – Boys & Girls 

Ages 5 & 6 as of January 1st of the upcoming season and are currently in Pre K or entering Kindergarten for the coming school year. (60 ft. base paths – Softee Baseball)

This level is a beginner instructional level. Each team will practice 2 times a week once during the week and on Saturday. Soft toss pitching from coaches will be used to pitch to kids so they get accustomed to hitting a live ball.


8U/9U Softball - Coach Pitch 
Ages 6, 7 & 8 which is typically 1st and 2nd Graders (60 ft. base paths - 35 ft. pitching rubber – 11” Softee Ball)

This level continues to instruct the fundamentals introduced in T-Ball while introducing live game play. This is a Coach Pitch level and some minimal local travel will be required. Practice and games are typically played on Wednesday and Saturday.

9U is an in house training level and starts teaching pitching. This level is held if enough players sign up to have several in house teams to play against one another.

10U Softball - Kid Pitch
Ages 8, 9 & 10 which is typically 3rd and 4th Graders (60 ft. base paths - 35 ft. pitching rubber – 11” Hard Softball)
This level introduces competition to the girls by playing teams from other local communities. This is a Kid Pitch level and will require some local travel. Practice and games are typically played on Tuesday and Thursday. There will be an end of the season playoff and the opportunity to play in some nearby weekend tournaments.

12U Softball A & B Level
Ages 10, 11 & 12 which is typically 5th and 6th Graders (60 ft. base paths - 40 ft. pitching rubber – 12” Regulation Softball)
This level steps up the competition as the girls will be divided by ability into an A and B level. The 12U A is very competitive with girls often playing on a club travel team in addition to the SWS Recreation team that participates in the Donegal Rheems Girls Softball League. The 12U B is usually for girls in their first year at 12U who are adjusting to the bigger 12 inch softball and the 40 foot pitching distance. This is a travel level with an end of season playoff.
  Practice and games are typically played on Monday and Wednesday. There will be an end of the season playoff and the opportunity to play in some weekend tournaments in Lancaster County.

14U Softball A & B Level
Ages 12, 13 &14 typically 7th and 8th Grade (60 ft. base paths - 43 ft. rubber)
This level continues to prepare the girls for High School competition as well as providing the recreational environment they are looking for. This is a county wide travel league, with some weekend tournaments and an end of season league playoff.
  Practice and games are typically played on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This season won’t start until May when the High School Season is typically over to allow for girls in high school 9th grade high to play.

18U Softball 
Ages 15-18 typically 9th to 12th Grade (60 ft. base paths - 43 ft. rubber)
This is a county wide travel league where the girls can continue to develop and improve their skills for High School competition. There are several tournaments as well as a league playof
f. Most of the games are played at Garret Park in Willow Street.