Hempen Jewellers

Want to Advertise with MORSL? Let other players know what you can do for them!
Interested in putting your banner here on our web site or advertise in our MORSL Program guide.

MORSL Program Biz card size ad - $25 (Note: Must be in early as we go to print April 6)
Web Banner ad - $25
Special - Web banner & Program Guide $50 (Deal - limited time)

Note: Not for profit - the money is put towards offsetting the fees for printing the program guide and cost for the web hosting.

What to do:
Program ads - bring a biz card to Draft Day or see one of the executives before April 5.

Web Banner Ads
Contact Info@morsl.com and we can discuss further details.

How do web banners work you ask.
Ads will appear randomly at the top of each page. When someone clicks on the ad, they will be taken directly to the advertisers website or email so the person can get more information.

For more details - contact us at info@morsl.com

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