2016 MLFN HOF Inductees





Larry Waldon offensive tackle for the Detroit Seminoles played for Ohio State. He then went on to play Minor League football for 13 seasons (1999 to 2011) in 4 different leagues for the Seminoles in the Michigan Football League, Mid-Continental League, Mid States League and Elite MCFL). He played on 7 league champions, 3 National Champions. He was named 1st Team "All League" 12 times, 1st Team "All Mid West" 3 times and 1st Team "All American. Nominated by: Norris Jackson (2004-HOF member)-Nominated by: Norris Jackson, Class of 2004.

Justin Manning played MLB/DE for the Waco Regulators starting in 2006, and was the Team Captain, with 12 sacks and 40 plus tackles and most sacks in his league. He went on to play for the Austin Gamebreakers until 2010 winning many awards for them.  In 2011 he played for the Austin Vipers, helping them to Conference and National Championships. 2013 saw him play for the Cypress Gators of the Texas United Football Association adding fullback to his ability and had 11 sacks, 6 interceptions and 38 tackles as the league Defensive MVP.  2014 he moved on to the Houston Ducks of the TUFA, and was their team captain. His career ended in 2015 with the Ducks, leading to the first round of the playoffs and made the league All Star Team. Nominated by: Mark Nomura, HOF Class of 2016. 

Kendalle J. Delaney Sr. He played running back at MalcomX College and Millikin University, where he helped them to a Championship his freshman year. He then moved on to play minor league football in 2002 where he helped them to win the 2002 Chicago Metro League Championship and repeated in 2003 with the Chicago Falcons. He then started his own team that was named the Chicago Cardinals and then the Illinois Seahawks. Both teams won championships in 2007. The Seahawks won the Northwest Indiana League while the the Chicago Cardinals won the Great Midwest league title. Kendell is unique in that he also owns a pro basketball team in the American Basketball Association called the Chicago Fury, which has owned and coached for the past ten years.  Nominated by: Mike Howard, Class of 2006.

Fred Robinson played minor league football from 1997 to 2008 as a defensive lineman as well as receivier and defensive lineman.. He played for the St.Louis Bulldogs from 1997-2008. During his career he had 126 career sacks, 4 career interceptions for 3 touchdowns that included 500  receiving yards with 8 touchdowns. In 2004 he was voted "MLFN Defensive lineman of the Year. He played in two of our Minor League Football all star games in 97 and 02. He was a 6 time All NAFL and MLFN All American. All Midwest Tournament 1st Team tight end in 97. He was inducted into the American Football Association in 2009. He currently lives in Gilbert,Arizona.

Anthony Barnes is a Father, a Brother, and is Family Oriented and a Christian man. He began his minor league career in 1987. He had the chance to try out for the Dallas Cowboys and the World League. At the World League, he beat out 189 players and made it to the final 15. In 1988, Anthony Barnes had the opportunity to start playing in the United State Football  League Association with the Katy, Texas Cowboys. He played two years with them as a LB/DE. Between 1990 to 1995, Anthony Barnes played with the Minor League Texas Side Winders, then in 1996, he went to play for the Minor League Association Total Impact. He played one year for Texas Marauders.  Nominated by: Evon Boykins, Class of 2015.

Mark Coons was a sports writer for the Scranton Times from 2005 until his sudden passing in 2011 at the age of 42. He was a devoted writer who cared about local sports teams more than anyone. But his true love was semi pro football.  Scranton football. He was a beat writer for 3 teams,  the Scranton Eagles, the NEPA Miners and the Electric City Chargers. He game all 3 teams equal coverage  He covered all the players, coaches and staff like they were in the NFL.  He would travel to a press conference in 3 feet of snow to cover a team that would get 50 people at a game, to tell the story. He wore jerseys of sports teams to work. He carried binders with him at all times with information about local sports that dates back to  the 70's. He was a true sports historian and most of all, a historian of Scranton semi pro football. He was a true sports writer. A true gentleman. A true friend. Nominated by:Mark Coons, Hall of Fame Member.

Lasaro Avila is 42 years old and just ended his semi pro football career as a running back with the Phoenix Outlaws of the Arizona Gridiron Football League. He played college football at Southern Oregon University, then moved to Tempe,Arizona where he started his minor league career in 1995. He has never had a season of rushing for under 500 yards in his career.  He has had over 800 carries for over 4,000 yards in his career. He has received many awards during his career.  Nominated by: James Fisher.

Jason Cook (TE) started his minor league career in 2003 when he joined the newly formed Rockton Rush. Over the next 11 years Cook was the go to receiver when the Rush need to attack the middle of the field. Cook racked up 525 catches, and 4,375 yards with 30 touchdowns for the Rush. Jason Cook played from 2003-2014 for the Rush, During his career he has won 3 league championships.  Nominated by: Rob Feltner, HOF Member.

Dustin King began him minor league career playing for the Glendale (Az) Bulldogs in 2000, and the following year with the Arrowhead Lunatics until 2002. He than began his career as a coach with the Peoria Punishers. He has also coached with the Southwest Stampede as defensive coordinator before becoming the head coach. He then moved on to the Casa Grande Wolfpack as an assistant coach working as the defensive coordinator and offensive line coach. His next stop was back with the Southwest Stampede as Head Coach He finished his coaching career with a total of 71-17, Nominated by: James Fisher.

Keith "Gata" McCoy played at Tyler Junior College as a running back and then transferred to Sam Houston State where he played running back. After college he played Minor League football with the Bayou City Gators where he was team captain and changed positions to linebacker and never looked back. He moved on to play for one of the best teams in Houston, Texas the Houston Wolverines from 2001-2011. He was a four time team MVP, 4 time League Defensive player of the year in the GCFA, 1 GCFA League MVP, a 9 time GCFA All Star while helping win 5 GCFA Championships, and 2 Championship Game MVP awards. He is currently coaching for the 6A Division 1 Texas State-North Shore High in Houston. Nominated by: John Melina,Class of 2015.

Shawn Spaulding Sr. is a 28 year veteran player, head coach and league administrator and owner at the Minor League level of our sport. He was a player/owner in 1992-2015, with the Central Valley/Modesto Raiders, in 2016 Shawn founded and is owner of the Las Vegas Raiders of the Rocky Mountain Football League. In 1992 Shawn founded the Central Valley Raiders and the team competed in several football leagues. In 2002-2003 the Raiders won back-to-back (NFC) Division Championships, as well as a (NFC) Conference Championship. In 2015 Shawn relocated to Las Vegas and founded the Las Vegas Raiders. Shawn has been involved in every aspect from his High School Days at Modesto High in Modesto as well He has also mentored youth athletes and served as a youth coach. Nominated by: Tim Mendoza.(Class of 2015).

Darryll Lamar "SUPER" Dave was a quarterback in High School along with his identical twin brother, Darrin. He received the Fina Academic All State Football Team Award in recognition of his academic achievements in 1986-1987. He played 12th Man football for Texas A& M from 1987-1990. Darryll Lamar "SUPER Dave #14 quarterbacked with the Boykins Youth Foundations, Inc. He played for seven different teams in the Houston area, which included the BFFL-Texas Lonestars, BYF Houston Cardinals, NRFFL-Texas, Houston Firewalkers, and three AllStar games in 2010, 2012 and 2015. He was a member of the BFFL-Texas Lonestars from 2013-2015. Darryll passed away from Lymphoma Cancer in January 2016. Nominated by: Chris Boykins (HOF Class of 2014).

Uriah Brown began his career in 2001 as a player for the Houston Gunners where he played until 2006.He recorded over 40 tackles, 15 interceptions,and 4 TDs. He played for the Houston Cardinals from 2007-2010 where he recorded over 30 tackles and 10 interceptions.  He then became the team's defensive back coach where he served from 2009-2011.  He them became the Head Coach of the Texas Lonestars, members of the new Dynamic Texas Football Association. He took 2015 off to help run the new league as Assistant Commissioner under Christopher Boykins.  Nominated by: Chris Boykins (Class of 2014)

Andre Kelly is what Minor League football should be all about. He had the opportunity to play at a very high level at one of the most storied community college programs in the country, City College of San Francisco as a top receiver. Over the next several years he played for the 49ers of Redwood City. He was the league's best receiver in his first year. Over the next several years with the 49ers, South Bay Bucs, DalyCity Renegades, Contra Costa Razorbacks and Pacifica Islanders, Andre was the "go to Guy" in crunch time amassing 55 touchdown receptions in his first 5 seasons. In his 11 year career he gained over 6000 yards receiving and 85 Touchdown receptions.  He was instrumental in forming one of the Nation's elite Organizations, the Pacifica Islanders. He was a member of the 2005 AFA National Championship Daly City Renegades and the 2008 National Champion Pacifica Islanders. He amazed 6954 total yards and 90 touchdowns.  He is now coaching receivers at City College of San Francisco and he has assumed the Offensive Coordinator duties for the Pacifica Islanders. Nominated by: Thomas Piccolotti, HOF Class of 2004.

Eduardo Numo was a Offensive Lineman who began his career in 1989 with the San Mateo (California) County Outlaws. He played every position on the offensive line, primarily offensive tackle for his entire career that spanned four decades He was named League MVP twice. He was the Captain of the Pacifica Outlaws from 1989 until they disbanded in 1995 having won 33 straight games and 3 straight Northern California titles. He was the team's MVP several times. He then played for the Sacramento Stray Dogs for 3 seasons, two seasons with the Northern California Lawmen, 3 seasons with the Daly City Renegades,where he was part of an AFA National Championship team in 2005. He became a coach in 2013.He has also coached Offensive line at City College of San Francisco since 1996. He played college football at the U. Pacifica, starting at offensive line for three seasons. He is the epitome of a Minor League Football Hall of Famer. Nominated by Thomas PIccolotti, Class of 2004.

Darryl Green Sr played for the Detroit Seminoles from 1988 to 2004 as a Defensive Tackle. In his 25 year career in our sport he played on 4 National championships, 9 league championship, selected 9 years all league defensive end, 7 years as a All American defensive end, also played offensive line for 4 year. Green is the best two way player in Detroit Seminoles history. Nominated by: Norris Jackson (Hall of Fame member).

David Boler has been coaching Semi Pro Football for a total of 14 years. During that time he has lead his team to 9 Conference Championships and 5 Championships. It all began in 2002 when he started coaching the Houston Wolverines as a running back coach. He then became a Assistant Head Coach in 2003 and helped them win a championship. In 2004 he became the Head Coach and took his team to a Championship. His team won back-to-back GCFA Championships,and was awarded the "Coach of the Year".  In 2008 he lead the team to a perfect record of 13-0, and another Championship and received "Coach of the Year" again. In 2009 he took over the ownership of the team. He again won the Championship. In 2011 they were playing in the Texas United League where he team went 12-1, but lost in the championship game. In 2013 he moved his team to the Dynamic Texas Football Alliance until 2015. He is currently in the rebuilding stage of his team and career. Nominated by: Chris Boykins (Class of 2015).

Mark Nomura played college football at Southwest Texas State University 97-98 as a FB,ILB. He began a career in minor league football in 2000 with the Austin Gamebreakers for four years in 2000-2001-2003-2008. Austin Rattlers in 2002 on the DL, Austin Rockers (Spring), San Antonio Rush (Spring), Austin Vipers 2009-2011, Texas Xtreme (Spring). He has been an All Star in 2007-2008-2012 and 2013 with four different teams. He played on the 2000 NAFL Conference Champs, 2006 NAFLII National Champions, 2008 World League Conference Champs, 2011 STAF Champs and 2014 TUFA League Champs.  Nominated by: David (Sam)Samaniego (Class of 2015).

Gregory Bryan got involved in our sport in 2002 when he was invited through a friend to tryout for a team out of Brenham, Texas of the Gulf Coast Football Association  for the Texas Express where he played linebacker. He received recognition for his play with them and within the league. After that he was asked and introduced to coach Chris Boykins who owned and coached a team in Houston in the Texas/Louisiana Southwest Football Association. He played linebacker and played 2004 to 2010 with the Houston Cardinals. He played in two league Super Bowls winning one and received recognition for his play with them. In 2015 he was invited to play in the "Hall of Fame"game in Las Vegas where he played linebacker. Nominated by: Chris Boyins (Class of 2015)

Jeff Magnia is a 7 year veteran online journalist and play-b-play announcer at the Minor League level of Adult Amateur American football.  Since 2009,he has worked doing internet radio and live stream play-b-play announcing for Adult Amateur American football teams and leagues at the Minor League level in the state of Texas. From 2011-2013, Jeff worked with the Victoria Texans of Crossroads Amateur  Football League as their Chief Editor and team website Designer, as well as their play-by play announcer.  He did the same thing in the same years for the Xclusive Football League in Texas.. He is currently working for the Texas United Football Association as their Chief Editor and team website Designers, as well as their play-by-play announcer. Since 2013, Jeff has been a news contributor to Amateur Football Digest, an online and social media publication dedicated to the news and events of Adult Amateur American football at the Minor League level of the sport. He is currently assigned as the Southwest Bureau Chief covering the states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana.  Nominated by: Mark K. Trueblood (Class of 2015)

Michael Hirn is a Journalist/Broadcaster who worked his trade from 2009-2014 for the Lima Warriors Semi Pro team in Ohio. He did play by play for online broadcast at limawarriors.com. He was Interactive Communications Director and lead writer for website as a Board member. He worked with other board members to help team get recognize in community as well as organization of community nights and events on game nights. Helped organize Youth Football Camp to name just a few things he did for the team. He is presently involved with the Northeast Ohio Predators Semi Pro Team (Cleveland) where he does play by play for online broadcast at neopredators.com. He had done exclusive online broadcast of 2014 & 2015 OFL & PAFL Championships. Also broadcast each league's All Star Games the past two sesons. 2014 to present he is a Writer for American Football Digest and a News contributor to AFD to promote Semi-Pro on their website and social media. Nomnated by: Mark K. Trueblood (Class of 2015)

Anthony Smith, Sr. is a 13 year veteran player, head coach and league administrator at the Minor League level of Adult Amateur American Football. He was a player in 2004-2013, 2016 with the Orange County Falcons, 2004-2009 the Oscola Rattlers, 2010-2011 and the Orlando Rattlers, 2012-2013, 2016. Coach: 2003-2014, 2016 with the Orlando Generals, 2003 (Asst  Head Coach) the Orange County Falcons 2004-2009 (Head Coach) the Osceola Rattler, 2010-2011 (Head Coach) and Orlando Rattlers, 2012-2013, 2016 (Head -54-1-Coach). He also served as a League Administrator from 2004 to 2012, 2015-2016. Southeast Football League, 2004(Vice President)-Southeast Football League, 2005-2011 (Vice President), the Southern Amateur Football Association, 2012 (President) and Florida Football Alliance, 2015-2016 (Vice President). Coach Smith has an overall win-loss record of 85-54-1 (.607) that includes a post-season mark of, 9-9.  He led his Orange County Falcons to an SEFL Championship,and has guided his teas to the post-season for 10 consecutive years from 2004-2013.  He has been hired as the head coach of a newly formed Minor League team, the Orlando Colts, for the Winter/Spring season. Nominated by: Mark K. Tueblood (Class of 2015)

Don Wadewitz is a 13 year veteran online journalist and play-b-play announcer at the Minor League level of Adult Amateur American football. He was the Media Relations Director of the North American Football League in 2008. He had developed websites for several Adult Amateur teams, including: Roscoe Rush, Milwaukee Venom and Racine Threat. He has broadcast Adult Amateur football games on Time Warnr Cable in Southeastern Wisconsin. He was voted the Minor League Football New Public Relations Director of the Year-Central Division in 2004, 2005, and 2006.  Nominated by: Mark K. Trueblood (Class of 2015)

Terry May played two years of college football at Grambling State University. He then moved on to play 3 years of semi pro football starting in 2006 with the North Texas Stampede he joined the coaching staff of the Stampede as Defensive Coordinator, and helped them win the Texas United Football League Championship with a 13-3 overall record. He helped them win the Martin Luther King Bowl game championship 4 times in Fort Worth, and one time in Miami, Florida. He has 6 division championships. His defense was in the the top ten every year since 2006.  He is currently coaching the DeSoto Tarantuals as the Defensive Coordinator, the current undefeated and Nationally ranked team in the Minor League Football News Rankings.

Johnny Wayfer aka "Mayhem"
Football Career 1992-2015
Jersey numbers worn: 32, 20, 7
College: Solano Community College. Upper Iowa University.
As a player:  FS/RB/QB/WR/LB
As a coach: DC/HC/Assistant OC
2 Time League Champion (GCFL '08 & NCFL '09)
4 Time FASCO All Stars and 3 Time Honolulu Bowl All Star.
League Administrator: Co-founder of the Northern California Football League (NCFL) 2009. West Coast Football Association: Owner/Commissioner (WCFA)

Johnny Wayfer was known as one of the hardest hitting defensive players to play in semi pro football, college and professional. For many season's, the slant, post and in-routes were avoided whenever Wayfer was in town. He was a relentless, punishing type of player, both on defense and on offense.

Wayfer began playing semi-pro football in 1992 in Fairfield when he joined the Solano County Chiefs. Wayfer played for the Chiefs for 11 seasons before moving into another phase of his football career. During those 11 years, Wayfer helped redevelop the Chiefs defense with the approval of Coach Ed Semechin. From 1993 to 1998, the Solano County Chiefs defense was ranked #1, #2 in 1999-'00, and #1 in 2001-'03. In 1997, Wayfer recorded 131 tackles(14 for a loss), 6 sacks, and 9 interceptions (5 returned for TD's), and 4 fumble recoveries (2 returned for TD's). In all, Wayfer finished his career with the Chiefs with over 1500 tackles.

In 2002, Wayfer was signed to the Fresno Frenzy AF2 team.

After one season the Frenzy folded. Wayfer returned to the Chiefs for one final season in 2003. In 2004, Wayfer was signed to the Hawaiian Islanders AF2 team. He played for one season due to the Hawaiian Islanders ceasing operation in 2005.

In 2007, Wayfer tried out for the Ottawa Renegades and was signed. Unfortunately, the Renegades folded operations for the 2008 season.

Wayfer returned to California and played with the Northbay Rattlers of Santa Rosa, California. With the Rattlers, he played the role of player and coach on defense. Once again, helping to elevate the level of play on defense, the Rattlers were the #1 defense in all categories. Wayfer also was the Defensive Coordinator for the Rattlers for 2 seasons.

Wayfer returned to Hawaii and was drafted to the Hawaii Professional Football League's  (HPFL) Honolulu Volcanoes in 2011 where he played for 2 seasons.

Wayfer retired from playing in 2013 and became owner and commissioner of the WCFA, (West Coast Football Association.)

The WCFA made its return in 2016 and is thriving. Wayfer still owns the WCFA but doesn't manage the league as Commissioner. Nominated By: Dick Suess, Wardy "Wood" Joubert

Eric Butler started playing semi-pro/minor league football in 1998, and ended in 2012 as a defensive tackle. He played from 1998 to 1999 with the Las Angeles Falcons. He then moved on to the West Coast Sharks in 2000, and the Covina Impact 2001-2002, then the undefeted San Gabriel Valley Rhino in 2003 and 2004 when they won the California Football Association title that year. He was voted the 2004 CFA Co-Defensive MVP.  2005 he was selected to the Minor League Football News 2nd team All American team. 2007 played for the undefeated Foothill Firehawks the MLFN National Championship team. He led his teams to league championship games 7 times. He had 96 sacks from 2002 to 2012 with his most productive year in 2005 with 15 sacks with the SoCal Steelers. He currently coaches the SoCal Eagles and youth football teams.

Morris "Mo" Bell Junior has spent 26 years as a football official at all levels from Pop Warner to Minor
League never missing an assignment in those years. In his rookie season, he took on a semi pro game one week and from that point forward has provided crews for games in the Kansas City area, as well as other areas at the same times. There are five minor league teams in the greater Kansas City area and he works on a regular basis with 4 of the 5 teams. He has worked 2 Semi Pro Ngueational Championships; CFL Championship in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2002 as a side judge; AFL Championship in Little Rock, Arkansas in 2010 as a Referee: MFA Championship games in both 2014 and 2015 and numerous All Star games. Nominated by: Duane Brock.

Kristopher Hamlet began playing semi pro football in 1994 with the Aurora, Colorado Panthers and ended with the Denver Titans in 2007. During his career he played linebacker, punter, plce kicker, and offensive line. He played in several Colorado Football Conference "All Star Games",and has won won "Player of the week" plus four Championships with the Denver Titans.  Nominated by: Darren Magpie, HOF Co-Director.

Ken Blowers started his relationship with semi pro football as a "hobby" with the Clovis Wolves of the San.  With the Joaquin Valley (Central California) Wolves as a player/coach. He quickly decided this was going to be way more than a weekend hobby his love and passion for the game lead him to concentrate on coaching. He lead the Wolves to a CVFL championship in 2007. He was nominated into the CVFL Wall of Fame in 2008.  After a short retirement he was drawn back to a new team the Valley Vortex which had already earned a championship as an offensive line coach, which developed into head coach and led them to a second championship.With the help of a new staff, some new players and changing the name of the team went on to be the head coach of the Clovis Titans. They won the league championship. He also has also had the privilege of being head coach for the San Joaquin Valley Football League All Star game. Nominated by: Mark Fugate, Class of 2015.

Dimitrius Burelson started a semi pro career in football for the Texas Red Raiders. He then moved on to play with two teams that would rewrite the books on the level of football in the state of Texas and the National level for years to come. He then moved on to play for the Fort Worth Avengers of the Texas United Football League from 2001-2009. He helped the team to a 104-20 record and 1 Championship.  Yearning for more knowledge of the game and to become a better player he met and played for the legendary Coach J.Portwood of the Dallas Diesel. Demitrius helped the Diesel win back to back national title games in 2007-2008.  Winning the whole thing in 07.  Dee has been named a five time all star on defense during his career and played in several National all star games.  He went on to play with a torn achilles tendon in 2010.  He moved on to play for the Collin County Rattlers and helped them win 2 championships. He retired and became a Defensive Coordinator for the Dallas Anarchy and in their first year with his help came within one game shy of going to the National Title game for the Gridiron Developmental Football League.  Nominated by: Dewayne Gordon of Deep End Media Network.

William "Tiger" Townes was a outstanding high school player winning first team all state linebacker and first team All American his Senior year. He then played at Navarro Junior College in Texas from 1990-1993, where he was named 1st team all conference, and 2nd team All American. From there he went to play at the U.Nevada Las Vegas where he was named 2nd team All-Big West. He played in the annual Blue-Gray All Star game in Mobile, Alabama. He then signed as a Free Agent with the NY Giants. He signed and played with the Ottawa Rough Riders of the Canadian League. He played one season in the Arena Football League. He completed his football career with the Dallas Diesels from 1995 to 2003 where he won several awards before retiring. He now spends his free time coaching youth football for the past 15 years. Nominated by: Jewell Portwood, Hall of Fame member.

Cory Bennett is a native of Dallas, Texas. Some of his playing accomplishments include winning a Texas High School Football State Championship, a 2-time All District Class 3A player and being named to the Texas All Area Football Team. He went on to play NAIA Division 2 football as a defensive back where he was voted MVP of the NAIA National Championship game, and was a 2 time College Football All American. He then moved on after graduation to play semi pro football for the National Champion Dallas Diesel. He was selected to play in three Minor League Football All Star games: Casino Bowl-Las Vegas, and games in Augusta and Glens Falls, New York. He has coached high school football for 3 years at St.Mark''''s High. He was blessed with the opportunity to go to camp as a Free Agent with the Kansas City Chiefs after college. He played three years of Arena League Football with three different teams. Nominated by: Jewell Portwood, HOF member.

Dick Barnes played semi pro football in the Northwest (Seattle area) as a offensive lineman for three decades. He was a 6''''1-212 tough guy that played for 50 plus years interupted only by the Korean War and one game to attend his high school 50 year reunion. He was an active fighter pilot during the Korean war.  He played for the legendary Red Grange at the U.Illinois for 2 seasons. He then move on to the Colorado School of Mines to play and get a degree. He also was a kicker and in 1972 he helped his team win the league championship.  Barnes also played Rugby for 20 season and never missed a game. His football career included playing for the Seattle Cavaliers, Tacoma Tyees, Seattle Rambler and Burien Flyers. He died in 1992 of cancer. Nominated by: Leon McKinzie.

Jackie R. Bridges was born in Gulfport, Mississippi where he played high school football before joining the Upper Iowa University in the fall of 1989. He was a four year letter man as a receiver, and a two time preseason Intercollegiate All American. He was inducted into the school''''s Athletic Hall of Fame upon graduation. He continued his football career after college by playing for the Carrolton Jaguars of the Texas Football League from 1995 to 1997. From 1997-2007, he played for the Dallas Diesels. The Diesels were part of the International Football League & North American Football League. He was the team''''s all time leading Receiver. He currently holds 7 receiving records for the Diesel. In 2006 the Diesel honored Jackie by retiring his #8 jersey in which the Diesel were crowned National Champions of the NAFL. He is a 9 time NAFL All Star selection. When his playing days were over he became a Assistant Head Coach to the legendary Joel Portwood. In 2009 he became the interim head coach where he lead the Diesel to a 14-1 record and an appearance in the WFL National Championship game. He then became the Assistant Head Coach and Receiver Coach for the Diesel. Jackie is currently the receiver coach for the Dallas Trojans of the MPFL. Nominated by HOF member Jewell Portwood.

Larry Stovall-Moody started his semi pro career with the Snohomish County Vikings (Washington)as a kicker/ punter high school where set a record for the longest field goal (56-yards) as a senior, and it still stands today. He also hold the semi-pro record for the longest field goal of 60 yards. He has played for a number of successful teams in Western Washington on both the semi pro and pro indoor team levels in Washington during his 17 year career. He has had tryouts with the Denver Broncos, Arena 2 League teams and the British Columbia Lions of the Canadian League. He has played and helped many teams  he played for to numerous championships. He also served as the Commissioner of the Northwest 8 man league and Cascade Football League.  Nominated by: Dick Suess. 

James Everett "J" as he is called, became a member of the Colorado Springs Flames Football Club in 2007 while stationed at Fort Carson Military base in Colorado Springs.  He originated from Miami, Florida, where he began his football life. He played played for the Flames until 2013.  During his seven years with the Flames James was noted as one one of the most outstanding athletes in the Colorado Football Conference history As a QB he led his teams to five CFC Championships, winning four, ad two Far West appearances, winning one. He was nominated the CFC''''s MVP three times and the CFC QB four times. He also participated in 7 CFC all star gams. In 2015 he was nominated into the CFC HOF. He now coaches high school  football in Denver.  Nominated by: Fred W. Reese, Class of 2008. 

Olando Mason was born and raised in Birmingham Alabama, where he was a 3 sport athlete. He was recruited by Ole Miss, Orlando then attended Taft College in northern California. He won his first  championship as a LB at Taft and helped them obtain a #1 junior college ranking in the state and #2 in the nation. After spending 3 years in the Army he then went to two pro camps with the Canadian and Arena League. He played for the Vancouver Posse in 2007. He then move to Denver as a defensive end, where he averaged 20 sacks his first two years and was a all star player each year with the Denver Pirates.  He was nominated for man of the year in 2008, and 2009, with the Wildcats, 2010-2011 Denver Titans, who won the CFC Championship in 2010 and was voted a league all star both years, 2012 Colorado Lightning of he indoor football league. After a injury in 2013, Orlando played his 2014-2015 seasons with the back-to-back Colorado Greyhawks. Nominated by: Rob Esquibell, Class of 2014.

Tim Gray, has retired from the National Champions Dallas Trojans, and is now the host of the Saturday Night League show co-hosted by fellow HOF members DeWayne Gordon and J.C. Kimey (2013. He was one of the fiercest guards in our sport, with a football I.Q. that goes through the roof. A very knowledgeable in every respect, old school type of player. Nominated by David Samaniego, Class of 2015.

Aundre Simms started his career in our sport in 2003 with the Waco Extreme...in his first year passed for over 3,000 yards while rushing for 700 plus yards, In 2004/2005 Lead the Waco Extreme to the Texas United Football League Championship game earning All Stars as well as lead in touchdown passes with 47. Under the guidance of Offensive Coordinator (Andre Maxwell) and Head Coach Dennis Bates. The Extreme had built up a top tier team of the central Texas area...In 2006/2007 a brief stint with the Waco Thunder before moving on to play indoor for Corsicana Thunder of the IIFA...Lead the Thunder to league conference championship before being beat by Kaufman Kounty Krunch...2008/2009 spent time again with the Waco Extreme before moving on to training Camp with the BC Lions of the CFL.  2011/2012...started his own team the Mexia Trojans of the TUFL and was offensive coordinator. 2012/2013...the Mexia Trojans moved to the CRAFL league where Simms started as the teams starting QB and lead the league in total offense and passing. He then moved and his team to Dallas and then entered into the WMLF as the DFW Eagles and lead the team on a 13-0 record and a Championship. Earned league offensive MVP...Championship game MVP...Owner of the Year as well as won every game by a margin of 21 points...He then went on to play for the Anderson County Roughnecks and North Texas Stampede under the ownership of Hall of Fame  member and ownership as both the QB/Offensive Coordinator. Helped Stampede to reach the MPFL Championship game where they fell short to the Austin Vipers.

Gary Kozak was an owner, manager and head coach of one of the most dominating Colorado Football Conference teams over the last two and a half decades. He personally owned and coached the Colorado Wildcats from 1989 to 1997. An overall combined record of 95-5-1. Six championships in the years 1989, 1990, 1991, 1994, & 1996.  He lead the Wildcats to the 1997 national championship game and the team was nationally ranked as high as #2 in the nation and in the top ten for over 4-years in a row. In 1997 he turned his Wildcats into a successful pro indoor team in the start up Professional Indoor Football League. In addition to the Wildcats, he has coached multiple semi pro teams to success in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas.  Teams include the Mile High Eagles, Denver Titans, Broomfield Dawgs and Denco Spiders (which won the 2015 Championship). He donates his time and talents as a personal kicking coach for high school players trying to get into college or college kickers trying to get into the NFL. He was also big in making the CFC successful by stepping in at times to run the league as Interim Commissioner. Nominated by: Rob Esquibell Class of 2004 and Jason Lechuga Class of 2014.

Gene Essman, Jr. started playing for the Rocky Mountain Reapers of the Colorado Football Conference 1995-1996. He went directly into coaching from there and he has been an outstanding coach with 3 different leagues and is looked on by many in Colorado as an outstanding coach in his career. Here is his resume: (CFC) 1997-2000 Rocky Mountain Reapers as Assistant Coach. Head Coach of Reapers in 2001 as members of the North American Football League (15-2) National Quarter Finals. Assistant Coach Rocky Mountain Reapers (NAFL) 2002.  Assistant Head Coach-Southeast Silverbacks (NMFL) 2003. Head Coach of the Mile High Grizzlies (CFC) 2005-2009* (37-13) (2008 CFC Champions/FWFA National Semifinalists Las Vegas).  Assistant Coach-Broomfield Dawgs (CfC) 2010. Assistant Coach-Colorado Cobras (CFC) 2011-2012. Head Coach-Colorado Cobras (CFC) 2013-2015. Offensive Line Coach-Team Colorado All Stars 2014-2015). Overall head coaching record...58-13. Nominated by: Rob Esquibell, Class of 2004

Doug Van Meter started his playing career for North Dakota State University, where he graduated in 1995. He played offensive guard/long snapper at NDSU, where he won a National Championship, and was a 3 year starter, 2 year All Conference, 1st Team All Region, and 3rd Team All American. He continued his career playing for various professional indoor teams and semi-pro teams starting in Minneapolis with the Maulers in 1997.  In 1999, Doug signed with the Duluth Lumberjacks (IPFL Indoor) where he started all 10 games. He then moved to Colorado in October 1999, where he signed with the Casper Cavalry (PIFL) in the spring  of 2000. He then moved to semi pro football and played with the North Colorado Wolfpack. He then joined the Mile High Grizzlies after a move to Denver in 2004 where he would play the next 5 seasons. In 2008, with the Grizzlies, he won the FWFA Mountain West Region Championship, and was named to the CFC Conference All Star team for several years. Nominated by: Rob Esquibell, Class of 2004. 

Enrique "Rick: Estrada played Junior College football in southern California for three seasons at Mt.SAC College as a defensive tackle. For the next six years (1992 to 1998) Rick played with the Southern California Storm semi pro team. He moved to Colorado in 1998 with his family and joined the Denver Pirates. He played for them from 1999 to 2005 and made all stars four times of those years. In 2002 Rick was chosen to play for Team Colorado. He then played in 2006 and 2007 he played for the Denver Titans. With this team they won the CFC championship in both years. He also made the league all star team both years, and in 2006 was named 2nd team all National defensive tackle.  Nominated by: Rob Esquibell, Class of 2004. 

Cornell Washington played QB for the Northern California based Mountain View Flyers/Flying Tigers 1993-1998 and 1995-96-97. He was a All "United States Amateur Football Federation" standout. He led the Flyers/Flying Tigers to Back to Back appearances in the league''''s Amateur Bowl''''s in both 1996-97. In 1996 Cornel threw for 21 touchdowns and 2900 yards during a 10 game schedule. He rushed for 227 yards and 7 touchdowns. He later went on to play at DeAnza Colle. He played in the Arizona Football League for several successful seasons. Nominated by: HOF member James Clarke. 

Robert Derrera began his career in our sport in 1992 after serving in the US Navy serving our country in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. In 1992  he joined the Colorado Bulldogs as a Defensive Tackle/Nose Guard. He became a Colorado Football Conference all star numerous times in five years. He joined the Rocky Mountain Reapers that played in both the Colorado Football Conference/North American Football League during the 1999 to 2002 seasons. He  played in the NAFL All Star team that played in Canton, Ohio. From 2005-2013 he was a member of the Mile High Grizzlies where he was selected as a league All Star numerous times. His team finished the 2008 season as the CFC Champions with an undefeated record.

Gregory Paribello played middle linebacker starting in 2002 with the Washington based Eastside Hawks until 2004 as a fullback and linebacker. He played on their National Championship team. In 2005 he played for the Snohomish County Vikings where he won st Team honors as a middle linebacker, and second team middle linebacker in 2007. In 2008 he joined the Puget Sound Titans, and was a third team MLB, and played on their National Championship team in 2009. He then moved on to play for the Renton Ravens in 2011-2012 helping them to a conference championship. After that it was the Kitsap County Bears winning 3rd team MLB on their conference championship team. His final strop was with the Seattle Stallions (2013-1014) as a 1st team MLB, and led the league in tackles. Nominated by: Guy Gabriel, Class of 2005

Mike Thomas played defensive tackle his entire career in football. He started his career in  high school football in New Mexico where he was named All American, All State, All District, as a defensive player. He attended New Mexico Military Institute where he was Team Captain and 1st Team All Conference and  Juco All American.  He played professional indoor football with the Grand Rapids Rampage, Charlston Swampfoxes, Utah Lyonzz, Utah Warriors,Colorado Venom, Amarillo Dusters and the Colorado Ice. Semi-Pro teams played on the 2000 Wasatch Wildcats,  2003-2004 and 2008 Colorado Football Conference Champions Denver Titans, 2006 Nebraska Pounders (pro indoor), and the Denver Pirates, Sin City Saints, Santa Fe Sting,New Mexico Crush, New Mexico Titans,Curry County Cats, 2004 CFC Champions Colorado Greyhounds, where he was named CFC All Star for numerous years and also in on Team Colorado All-Star 2012, 2013 and 2014. Nominated by Rob Esquibell, Class of 2004.

William Hart Carlen has been both a outstanding player and coach in our sport. He played QB starting in 1988 and then 1999 for the California Showboats leading them to a 12-8 record. He moved on to play for the Sacramento Dogs in 1990 and as both a player and offensive coordinator until 1993. He led the team to a five year undefeated record, 5 championships and a 60-0 record.  1991 to 1992 he was back playing QB, this time for the Pacific Outlaws, where  he led the team to a 33-0 overall record. 1994-1995 played QB for the East Bay Buccaneers and a 14-6 record. 1996-2000 he was both the team QB and QB taking the team to five Championships. 2001-2007 he was playing QB for the Nor Cal Lawmen, guiding them to 2 Championships and a 55-15 over record. He retired playing at the age of 48.  He was back with the Lawmen in 2008-2009 as both their QB/Head Coach winning one Championship. In 2010 he had his first ever losing season with the Solano Ravens (2-8), and 2011 with the East Bay Outlaws as their Offensive Coordinator. He and his family moved to Grants Pass, Oregon and he is now the Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator of the Southern Oregon Renegades of the Pacific Football League (Washington/Oregon)

Patrick Porter was a defensive end with the North Texas Stampede in 2003-2004. In 2005-2006
he was with the Ft.Worth Rage,and lead the team in sacks. He went back to the Stampede as a starter at offensive and defensive line in 2005. He then joined the Mid Cities Rush as a starter on the offensive line.  He was the owner of the Texas Stampede in 2002. In 2003 he participated in three different leagues, the North American Football League, Texas United Football League and MPFL League. He won 4 Conference Championships, 1 League Championship in the MPFL. His team is one of the longest franchises 16 years years consisting and counting.
 Fortunate his team is always first family first.  Nomnated by: David Samaniego, C

J.D. Rodriguez was one of th hardest defensive tackles to block in Texas, rare speed/power combination out of a 290 lb individual. He was voted his team offensive MVP as a offensive linemen, semi pro-1 time MVP, 3 time team defensive MVP, 1 time league championship defensive MVP, 6 time all star, 2 time all state MVP defensive tackle, 1 time league champion, 4 time state champion. Played with the San Angelo Stampede Arena team in 2004-2005.  Played in the WIFL, NMFL, MPFL, CRAFL and MPFL again, participated with 3 teams, San Angelo Calvary, San Angelo Spartans and West Texas Scorpions in a 12 year career. JD is a standard for defensive tackles and surpassed the standard for being a great  role model in his community.  Nominated by: David Samaniego, Jr (HOF 2015). 

Dustin King has been a Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator/Defensive Coordinator. He began his minor league career playing with the Glendale (Arizona) Bulldogs in 2000 and played one more season with the Arrowhead Lunatics in 2002.  He began his minor league coa aching career in 2007 with the Peoria Punishers. He has also coached with the Southwest Stampede as a defensive coordinator before becoming the head coach. His next stop was with the Southwest Stampede, where he served the defensive coordinator and offensive line coach. His next stop was the Casa Grande Wolfpack as an assistant coach working as the defensive coordinator and offensive line coach. His next stop was back with the Southwest Stampede as Head Coach leading them to a 13-0 championship season. Coach King finished his minor league coaching career with a total record of 71-17. Nominated by: Anthony LaBarbera-Class of 2005.

Rico Brown (Washington) played college football at Walla Walla Community College in Washington and them moved on to Central Washington University and played on their 1995 National Championship Team in 1995. In 1996 he was All League as a returner and defensive back and was voted the "Little All Northwest" honors. He then played semi pro football in Washington for the Snohomish County Vikings (Team Offensive MVP 1980 All League Team. His next stop was the Puget Sound Jets (2000 Northwest Football League Champions with 16-0 record). 2003 King County Jaguars (All League Team). Renton Ravens (2004 First Team All League WR. Other teams include the Seattle Blue Devils, Portland Thunderbolts. Played for Renton Ravens in 2004 Northwest Football League All League and was selected as a first team All League performer at WR.  Played Arena Football for West Texas Roughnecks in 2004 and in Europe in 1999 for a team in Hamburg, Germany. Member of the Pacific Northwest Football Hall of Fame. Nominated by: Guy Gabriel, Class of 2005.

Clinton McNaughtan is a former offensive lineman who played his whole career in Washington and
Oregon. After high school and junior college he played played at Portland State. After playing there he continued his career in semi-pro football in 1992 with the Oregon Thunderbolts where he was MVP Offensive Lineman of the year. His next strop was with the Washington based Federal Way Jets and was once again voted MVP Offensive Lineman of the year. He was recruited by the NFL, Canadian League and Arena Leagues for tryouts. He played for the Federal Way Jets again for one season in 1999. The Green Bay Packers offered him a contract the next year as a Free Agent. While traveling to Green Bay by car he suffered a Traumatic Wreck which ended his Career. He is  member of the Pacific Northwest Football Hall of Fame.

Nominated by: Dick Suess.

Trae Ivory is an Indoor/Arena Football free agent who last played fullback for the Albany (Georgia) Panthers in the Professional Indoor Football League in 2013. Ivory was originally signed in 2007 by the Lubbock Renegades (Arena 2 Football). He played college football at Midwestern State University. Ivory played QB/Tailback/Linebacker for the semi pro Lubbock Renegades/Hub City Bulls of the West Texas League. He led the Renegades to the 2006 League Championship. He also played for the West Texas Outlaws/Lubbock Outlaws and Lubbock Rangers of the North American Football League. He is regarded by many as the biggest threat in West Texas semi pro football. His career and accomplishments continued in 2006 leading the Lubbock Renegades to the West Texas Football League Championship. In 2014 playing for the West Texas Scorpions he won another championship with a 22-13 defeat of the South Texas Bonecrushers 22-13.  2015 the Scorpions joined the Minor Professional Football Leaue. Ivory lead a defense that only allowed 38 points.  Ivory played collegiately at Midwestern State University during the 2000 season. Nominated by: David Samaniego, Class of 2015.

Michael Heetland played Middle/Inside Linebacker for the Lea County Lightning 2003-2008 where he started in 70 games. In 2009 he joined the West Texas Drillers and stayed with them until 2014, and had 137 starts. He recorded 1096 tackles for loss, 205 sacks, 64.5, 38 interceptions (5 returned for touchdowns), 19 forced fumbles and 12 fumble recoveries. In 2015 he became the Drillers Defensive Coordinator helping the team fo a 10-2 record. His many Team Defensive MVP Awards include the 2003 to 2007 Team Defensive MVP. 2008/2009 he was selected to the SWFC Conference All Star Team. 2010 MPFL Defensive Player of theYear.  2011  MPFL West All Star Team. 2011/2012 All American LB (National Minor League Football All American 2012 and 2013 PAFL All Star Team and 2014 All Star Team, SAFL Champions.  Nominated by: David Samaniego, Class of 2015.

Daniel Brown was born and raised in Kellyville, Oklahoma. He is a proud member of the Muscogee Creek Nation tribe. He played high school football for 4 years as a Defensive End/Tight End/Punter/Kicker. He then went on to play college football at Haskell Indian Nations Universit 2000-2003 (NAIA) in Lawrence, Kansas as a Linebacker/Punter. He then played for Washington State in 2004. His next stop was the semi pro Washington (Seattle) Cavaliers. In 2009 he joined the Grays Harbor Bearcats (Washington) as a Linebacker/Punter. With them he received All Star recognition and was named as the 2010 National Defensive "Player of the Year" for the North American Football League.

Jeromy Puckett played and owned the Texas Bullets of the Texas United Football League for 8 years as right guard. He played 114 straight games without ever missing a start. Voted Team MVP in 2008 and 2010. TUFL All Star 2008.09,20,11,12,13, 14 and 2015. He helped his team to one TUFL Championship, a National Title runner up in 2014. He had 2 of his player named "Players of the Year" (Justin Willis 2014 and Matt Long 2015). He is the founder of the Bullets Kids Drive for the Center of Hope where he loaded up 2 trailers of clothes, food, water and donated over one $1,000 for the People of the West after the explosion 2 years ago. Nominated by: Davis Samiego, Class of 2015.

JT Kafury is a deaf kicker who kicks straight on. He has played minor league football for 16 years with 7 different teams. He has won 3 straight titles and 2 national championship titles. He has played for the Muskingum Valley Cobras; 2003-2003; 200-2005 Massillon Bengals; 2006-2007- Akron Jags; 2006-2007-  Mid Ohio Jets (3 league Champions and 1 National Champions and 1 National Championship runners-up. 2011 Ohio Eagles League Champions and National Championship) -2012 Cleveland Cobras and 2013-2014 withthe Columbus Fire.    He is a credit to everyone he has played for and with.  I met him as a all star game I sponsored in Cleveland, Ohio in 2007(Dick Suess). Nominated by: Dick Suess, Class of 2004.

Wayne Hill attended college at Virginia State University. He served his country with the United States Air Force. In 1995 he became the co-founder of the Virginia Hornets of the AFL from 1995 to 2000. In 1997-1998 he became a scout/consultant for the Fredericksburg Generals. 2001-2003 Owner/Head Coach/Scout for the Central Virginia Knights. Interim Commissioner of the Millennium Football League in 2003. Majority Owner/Head Coach of the Virginia Fury Wolfpack of the North American Football League from 2004-2007. Northeast Director of Scouting for the Continental Indoor Football League 2008-2009. Northeast Director of Scouting for the Independent Indoor Football Association 2008-2009, Majority Owner of the Virginia Steelkatz of the Indoor Football League, Majority Owner of the Lansing SteelDawgs of the United States Football Alliance, Minority Owner of the Central Virginia Vipers of the North American Football League and Independent Scout of the TIFA Indoor Football Association 2008-2010.Head Coach of the Central Virigina Warriors of the North American Football League in 2009. Co-Commissioner of the Consultant SAFLS OF the Southern American League South 2010-2014 and AFF Consultant/Head Coach of the Virginia Coyotes of the same league. Owner/Head Coach/Scout of the World Developmental Football League 2015-Present.

Kevin Hall started his career in our sport in 1991 with the Columbus Battlestars. He played for them until 1997. He then moved on to be a member of the Columbus Fire, where he played from 1997 ti 2010. In 1994 he was voted to the American Football Association''''s 2nd Team All American as a Corner Back. In 1995 he was a AFA 3rd Team All American as a Strong Safety. 1991-1992 Hearts of Ohio All Star and 1991 to1993 Hearts of Ohio All Star first team. 1996 Midwest Football Tournament  2nd Team All Star and in 1995 he played for the Hampton Roads Sharks. He accomplishments include the Sharks Holiday Bowl "National Champion", player for the Casino Bowl in Las Vegas in 1996,1997 and 2000. He has recorded 973 tackles, 38 interceptions, 5 interceptions for touchdowns, 1 recorded touchdown, a punt return for a touchdown and a 2010 Mid Continental Football League Championship.  Nominated by: Clinton Wallace, Hall of Fame Member.