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Mat Stats meet every Monday right after school.  Marsha and Liz Duff will advise.  Please recruit new young ladies to particpate in this GREAT winter sport.  Mat Stats make a difference in North Canton Wrestling!

Seniors (Class of 2015)

Alicia Bosnakovic   3xLetterLady
Alicia Cassidy   3xLetterLady
Amanda Demuesy   3xLetterLady
Brittany Huffman   3xLetterLady   2012-2013 Co-Captain
Lauren Lintner  2xLetterLady
(Name - Special Recognitions)

Juniors (Class of 2016)

Diamond Howell   2xLetterLady
(Name - Special Recognitions)

Sophomores (Class of 2017)

(Name - Special Recognitions)