2019/2020 Club Tryouts

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Below you will find all the details and instructions for this years (2019-2020) Tryouts.


10/11/12s -- October 27th -- TBD
13s -- October 27th --TBD
14s -- 
October 27th -- TBD


15s -- November 10th -- TBD
16s -- November 10th -- TBD
17s/18s -- November 10th -- TBD

***Please Read***
We have had many emails and phone calls regarding Tryout Make-Ups and overlapping times etc... It happens every year, and we do our best to accommodate, but at some point we can only do so much and maybe you need to ask other clubs to accommodate. We may add a Make-Up still for the Mondays after but won't make that determination until Sunday.  We are more than happy to allow you to tryout with another age group, however that means you will not get see the others athletes that may be on your team and that often is a question asked. 
I would prioritize your club preferences and go off of that when trying to plan. 

First and for most you need to make sure you registered with USA Volleyball through the OVR. 

To do so, head to https://www.ovr.org/juniors/tryouts/index.php

There you click on Female Junior Player and follow the instructions from there based on whether you are renewing or starting from scratch.  You have the option to obtain only a TRYOUT membership ($10) at this time or a full membership...either way we need to see your OVR Card the day of tryouts. 
Make sure your obtain your OVR Number from this step.

Next, please confirm what age you/your daughter should be trying out for:
If you have any questions regarding age, please call Corey and he will lead you in the right direction. 

FInal step...click on the link below to pre-register for tryouts (STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!)
Please be sure all fields are filled out accurately as this form goes directly into our data base.



Tryouts do cost $20 per athlete, with a $30 max per family. 
Please be sure to arrive early so we can get everyone registered and start the trout on time.  Please  come properly dressed for tryouts along with a water bottle.  Be sure to have all your paperwork filled out or already turned in.  Tryout fee does include a T-Shirt for participating. Tryout fees can be paid in cash or check (NOVA Juniors) the day of tryouts. 

We will have a brief informational meeting towards the end of each tryout that the parents and athletes are both encouraged to attend. 

Please contact coachverchio@gmail.com with any questions.